Lazytown's new superhero part five

Disclaimer: I don't own Lazytown I only own the new superhero and any new inventions robbie rotten uses.

Previously on Lazytown's new superhero…

"From now on, I'll be known as Officer Rottenman, the strictest policeman Lazytown has ever seen!"

"Then you should be thankful that I arrived before it could happen! Flipping is no longer allowed in Lazytown, and anyone who endangers the public by breaking that law will have to leave town forever!" Robbie responded.

"Well for that great performance you can have some of these sportscandy for free." the market person said winking when they said sportscandy and put some in a bag for him and gave it to him. "Can I maybe also get a shell keychain or necklace for a friend of mine?" Jordan asked with a smile.

(Cue:Lazytown theme) {Lazytown's new superhero edition}

(Jordan is flying his blimp through the clouds revealing the lazy town logo behind the clouds.)

Welcome to lazytown a place where you want to stay

(Jordan flies his blimp down to lazytown)

You'll meet Robbie with his rotten plan

(Robbie is digging a hole and Jordan comes over and Robbie covers it up)

And Jordan saving the day

(Jordan lands and poses before jumping away and spinning)

Stephanie was new in town, and soon she and Ziggy were friends

(Scene shows Stephanie coming over carrying her bags and Ziggy comes over and offers her a lollipop from the original intro)

With Pixel, Stingy, and Trixie and Sportacus too

(We see Pixel at his computer, then Stingy petting his piggy bank, then Trixie drawing a moustache on the mayor poster, then Sportacus doing flips)

They're gonna have a blast together

(Jordan flips and lands next to all of them)

Go, go, go get up lazytown it's the start of a brand new day

(They all pump their fists in the air then Sportacus and Jordan flip off screen)

Things are upside down here in lazytown

(Jordan and Sportacus get close to Robbie while he stands deviously and they flip over his trap he dug)

Adventure's just a moment away

(Robbie runs after them and falls in his trap then Jordan and Sportacus jump in the air and spread their legs)

(We see Lazytown from the sky and the lazytown logo before it fades and the title of the episode comes on screen)

"Surprise for Stephanie part three!" Jordan said reading the title.

(back in lazytown with robbie and sportacus)

It's the next day and Sportacus is about to eat a sportscandy when Robbie comes running up to him blowing his whistle. "What now officer?" Sportacus asked. "Sportscandies are a safety hazard you can choke on a seed." Robbie said and took the sportscandy. "If i can't have sportscandy how can i get my energy?" Sportacus asked. "You will find a way." Robbie said and left. "Now it's time to set up some trouble so he is forced to break the no flipping rule and be banished from lazytown forever."

Robbie went back to his lair and watched the kids and waited until they broke a rule. Suddenly he saw they were about to eat some sportscandy so he rushed up and took the sportscandy and told them that they could choke on a seed. "I already made the rule that sportscandy are bad and you go and break it! I know how to deal with kids like you." Robbie said and tied them up in a tree.

Sportacus' and Jordan's crystal started glowing. "Someone's in trouble." they both said at the same time and Jordan looked back at his airship. "In Lazytown. Thank you all for being so kind but i have to go a superheroes work is never done" Jordan said and waved to them and flipped back to his airship and climbed up into it. "Airship fly over Lazytown quickly." "Airship taking off." the airship computer said.

Jordan went to the center of his airship and started singing while his airship was flying to lazytown.

(Cue: Life can be aka Life can be a surprise)

Here's a million things you can do.

To show your friends your friendship is true.

Make something and give it away.

It's suddenly a beautiful day.

Someone you don't know, just say "Hello!"

Or send a letter to a friend in the mail.

A smile, when somebody's down,

Can really turn the sad day around.

Give your friends a surprise, your creation.

The prize, imagination.

Friendly thoughts, they mean a lot,

it's what life's all about.

Feel the music and

Dance, like nobody's watching.

Sing, like nobody's listening.

Days go by and life goes on,

make every moment count,

Life can be a surprise.

Call someone right out of the blue.

They'll be happy to be hearing from you.

Sharing is the best way to live.

It's true that you get back what you give.

Give your friends a surprise, your cre-a-a-tion.

The prize, imagin-a-a-tion.

Friendly thoughts, they mean a lot,

it's what life's all about.

Dance, like nobody's watching.

Sing, like nobody's listening.

Days go by and life goes on,

make every moment count,

Life can be a surprise.

Now let's do the moves together.

Dance! Swing your arms.

Side to side. You're doing great.

Now sing! And wave.

In the air. Great, faster!

Dance, and swing.

Sing, and wave. Perfect!

Dance, like nobody's watching.

Sing, like nobody's listening.

Days go by and life goes on,

make every moment count,

Life can be a surprise.

When he was finished singing the airship was over Lazytown. "Door!" Jordan yelled and the door opened. "I hope this works." Jordan whispered to himself. Jordan ran out the door and dived toward through the air. His little backpack opened up into a little glider and he glided down to Lazytown. Jordan and Sportacus flipped over to the kids and saved them.

When Stephanie saw Jordan she gave him a hug. "Why did you leave?" she asked. "I'll show you later but right now you tied you up there?" Jordan asked. "That would be me they were breaking the no sportscandy rule and as for you two you broke the no flipping rule." Robbie said. "Oh why don't you ever know when to give up you'll never win?" Jordan asked. "What are you talking about?" Robbie asked. "Oh you know what i'm talking about." Jordan said and pulled off the hat. "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" everybody but Jordan said. "How did you know it was me?" Robbie asked. "I've met bunch of police in my day and only someone like you would do this." Jordan said. Robbie Rotten stormed off angry. Stephanie and the others hugged Jordan and then were about to start bing bang. "Hold on guys before we do bing bang I have a surprise for Stephanie." Jordan said and went to his airship grabbed the painting and picture of the sunset and then the bag of sportscandy and the bag with the shell keychain in it and went back down to Lazytown. He handed her the painting and picture and then handed her the shell keychain.

Stephanie suddenly started crying tears of happiness and hugged Jordan. "Thank you, I love it." Stephanie said. Jordan pulled a tissue and gave it to her and she wiped her eyes. "Now it's time for bing bang." Jordan said.

(Cue:Bing bang)

Bing Bang Diggariggadong,

funny words I sing when I am dancing.

Bing Bang Diggariggadong,

Silly words that can mean anything.

Get on up, it's time to dance, yeah!

Stephanie hangs the picture and painting on her wall and puts the keychain on her table.

It's so much fun being up on our feet.

Jordan and Sportacus jump up and spread their legs.

So we go up, up, do the jump,

move around and clap your hands together.

Down, down, turn around,

Jordan and Sportacus wave to Stephanie and the others and head back to their blimp and fly it away.

Having fun is what it's all about.

Later down in Robbie's lair Robbie sat down in his chair. "I really hate Jordaflop." Robbie said and tried to pull off the moustache but it didn't come off. "Ouch! I guess I shouldn't have used superglue to make it stay on."

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