060. Walk



Being an international superstar who is bestest friends with an older, cooler international superstar rocks, Shuichi tells himself, barely containing his high-pitched squealing. He doesn't why he still gets nervous asking Ryuichi for autographs…

Skipping his way over to Ryuichi's trailer, Shuichi considers knocking first to announce his presence and then shrugs, jiggling open the door-knob.

There's nobody in the living room portion. Shuichi is about to scream-sing the opening lyrics to Sleepless Beauty, expecting his idol to pop up and sing with him enthusiastically when he hears two, loud grunts and wet smacks from the hallway.

Following the suspicious noises, Shuichi discovers Ryuichi's bedroom door ajar, and the man himself straddling Yuki's brother.


Shuichi's fingers jam over his mouth, preventing a delighted gasp from escaping. What fantastic news! He's been watching these two dance around in circles each other for too long!

Now that Tatsuha has the actual Ryuichi Sakuma, he won't want Shuichi as a replacement—

"Ryuichi, wait…"

A strangled, whining breath. Tatsuha flails underneath Ryuichi's body, cringing.

Shuichi's gut somersaults when the other man uses his weight to hold Tatsuha down, ripping a frustrated, helpless cry out of Tatsuha. "No," Ryuichi exhales, with a mischievous, lustful glint in his teal-colored eyes. "You're all mine, Tatsuha-chan."

Ryuichi thrusts his hips down on him, licking his tongue from Tatsuha's neck to underneath his ear.

"Aah, fuck—stop, okay, not like this—"

Within mere seconds, Shuichi races out from the hallway. He gives a war-screech and karate-chops Ryuichi right on the top of his head.

"OWWW!" Ryuichi sobs, miniaturizing into his chibi-form with tear-filled eyes on the carpet.

Tatsuha stares in complete outrage, his jeans unbuttoned and his erection quickly flagging. "Hey, asshole!" he yells at Shuichi. "Don't ever touch Ryuichi again or I'll kill you! You hearin' me—!"

Shuichi glances between them, deeply confused. "B-But thought you were—" he mumbles, growing indignant. "You said NO and I thought—!"

"It's called roleplay, you moron—GET OUT!"

Tatsuha climbs off the bed, chasing a distraught, now also sobbing Shuichi out of the trailer, followed by a sobbing, frantic Ryuichi demanding that Tatsuha leave Shuichi alone! he's my friend!

Lesson? Always knock first.



Gravitation isn't mine. I don't think I've been back in this fandom since 2009? Maybe before that? WILD. I hope there are a few Gravitation fans hanging around still! I'm having some major nostalgia and come scream at me if you still love these dorks. Thanks very much for reading! Thoughts/comments welcome!