I wrote a silly chapter which I have decided to set aside…. Maybe I will publish it here as a separate one-shot. But for now, here is my continuation of 'The Letter,' and I just want to say that it is a real supplement to what is going on in the show now. This chapter assumes the result of Bill and Liam's confrontation on episodes 226 and 227 (season 31).

My inspiration for this chapter comes partly from the 1995 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Darcy manipulated events to separate his friend Bingley from Jane Bennet, a lady of paltry fortune whom Bingley had fallen in love with. But Darcy had not realized that Bingley and Jane were in love; he was only afraid that Jane and her family were fortune hunters and social climbers. Which of course they were, but Jane and Bingley were truly in love!

Darcy: I can offer no justification. It was an arrogant presumption based on a failure to recognize your true feelings. I should never have interfered. It was very wrong of me and I apologize.

Bingley: You admit that you were in the wrong?

Darcy: Utterly and completely.

Bill's letter to Liam

My dear son,

My heart is broken. You hit a nerve and while it hurts like hell, I'm glad you did. You have opened my eyes and I see more clearly now than ever before. Years ago, when I learned that you were my son, something inside me felt that you would end up being my greatest pain in the ass and yet my greatest blessing too. I love all my boys, but you, you were first. Wyatt is older, but, strange as it sounds, you were the first to be my son and, because of that, I always think of you as my first born. I don't have a favorite. I love my boys equally. And yet… I can't explain it. I love you differently. You said the word absolution. There is no absolution for what I've done to you, but you are my absolution. I see in you what I should be. The man I ought to be. The father I ought to be. The husband I should have been to Katie. My wrongs go back a long way but I see now that I really began my self-destruction when I failed to control myself with regard to Steffy. She was blameless. She was so very young. I knew better. There is no excuse for me. I wanted what I wanted and I went after it in spite of the pain I left in my wake. I knew it was wrong and I pursued her anyway because I was selfish. I have been selfish all my life. My father taught me good business sense, but I never learned good principles. And when people tried to show me good principles (people like Katie, people like you) I paid lip service; I went through the motions, but deep down I still hungered for what wasn't mine. I was human enough to accept that Katie's heart attack was my fault, but again, I just couldn't be honorable. I had to push you to marry Steffy in order to make a line I supposedly would never cross. Except I did cross it, and if that were not atrocious enough! I lost you: My darling son, my absolution, I lost you and so I just let the floodgates roar open. I was determined to have what I wanted, consequences be damned, because you were lost to me, or so I thought, anyway. I can tell you that I'm sorry, and I am, and I mean it, but I know there is no forgiveness that is possible. I'm here for you, for Kelly, for Wyatt, and for Will. Not because you are my family. You are not mine. You're not my possessions to move around the way I wish or need you to do. The wall I tried to make by manipulating you and Steffy together, all that was just me treating you like pawns on a chessboard. You are not mine, but I am yours.

I love you.

Dare I sign this "Father" even though I gave up my right of a father to you a long time ago?

Thoughts? Melodramatic much? What do you think? Is Bill sincere or is he just manipulating Liam's feelings again?