Disclaimer: I don't own DragonballZ

Author's Note: This is a sad little poem in four/five year old Goten's POV about his daddy. It's kind of based on the whole "Goku's like a angel" idea in the dubbed versions, and I happen to think that it's kind of sweet.

Angel of Earth

Mama told me 'bout an angel

Who fell down from the stars above.

He was as strong as a bear

But his heart was as pure as a dove.

My brother said he chased away bad guys,

Making the earth a peaceful place.

Gohan looked sad when he told me

I have the angel's face.

He gave me to Mama

And then he flew away.

But Gohan keeps saying

I'll see him someday.

Angel of Earth, why did you leave?

Everyone misses you so.

Mama keeps crying when people say

That you'll never see me grow.

Angel of Earth, can you hear me?

I have a wish for you:

Instead of being only an angel

Be an angel and my daddy too.