Edd adjusted his tie nervously as he stood in the elevator with his friend Eddy. "Nervous, Double D?" Eddy would ask him as the elevator continued upward. "Well, who wouldn't feel nervous? Meeting one of the best defense attorneys in the world!" He'd respond, sweating heavily. "Eh, too bad Lumpy couldn't be here." Eddy would say, leaning against the elevator wall as they continued upward. "Mhm, Ed would have loved to meet someone who solved real crimes!" Edd would exclaim giddily, looking like he was about to burst from the 'excitement'. "Yeah, 'excitement'. Sure..." Eddy would say in a deadpan tone as they continued upward.

"Maya, where's my files on the next case?" Asked the 'expert' defense attorney as he went through all the drawers on his filing cabinet. "It's on your desk, Nick." Maya told him. Phoenix hit his head on the inside of the filing cabinet that he was going through. "OWCH!" He'd exclaim in pain, pulling his head out slowly. "You alright, Nick?" She asked in concern. "Yeah, yeah... I'm fine, where's the file?" He'd respond, rubbing the back of his head. "On your desk." Maya said, guiding him over to his desk and handing him a ice pack to numb the pain. "Ah... Thanks, Maya. I'd honestly be lost without you." He'd tell her, sitting down in his chair. She'd smiled happily from the complement. "Aww! Thanks, Nick!" She'd respond.

The elevator soon arrived on floor 23, the elevator dinged. "Well, Eddy! We're here!" Edd would exclaim excitedly, clapping his hands together. Eddy would wake up, falling down. "Ugh...let's just get this over with." Eddy mumbled as he slicked his hair back with his spit. "Hey, your fly is down." He'd tell him, Edd would look down feeling shocked from that acknowledgment. Before Edd see if it was really down Eddy would flick his nose. "Gotcha!" Eddy would exclaim before laughing, Double D would rub his nose. "Hardy harr harr, Eddy." Edd would grumble as they left the elevator, Eddy continued giggling from that practical joke. A sudden gunshot rang out, Eddy quickly pulled Edd near a corner. "What was that?!" Edd would shout in fear. "A gunshot, Sockhead!" Eddy would respond, peaking around the corner. "A gunshot!?" he'd would shout in fear, Eddy quickly covered Edd's mouth. "SHH! The gunman(or woman) could be on this same floor, Sockhead!" Eddy warned him, Eddy peaked around the corner again nervously. "Alright, I think it's safe to move along." He'd tell him, Eddy moved along but Edd stood shaking in his place. Eddy would grab him by the arm and pull him along and to the source of the sound. They could hear someone crying inside a room with a ajar door that leads into a office that had a plaque. "Phoenix Wright." Edd read out in a quiet voice, Eddy turned to him. "Eddy, something bad must of happened!" He'd exclaim, turning to stare at the door. "Right, I got a plan. We open the door slowly and then we jump the gunman(or woman), got me?" Eddy told him, Edd nodded nervously. The two slowly pushed the door open a bit more before charging in while arming themselves with their pens.

"NO PLEASE!" Cried the voice of a woman, a woman was cowering near a motionless man who was laying on the floor. "We mean no harm, what happened?" Edd would tell crouching down and taking the terrified woman by the hand. "Th-They shot him!" She'd cry out, pointing towards the body of Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this crossover I have started, I hope you all enjoy what's next! :)