Chapter 1: The Hurricane

I was laying on the deck, sunbathing with my sister beside me, her music blasting in the headphones. "Looks like a storm is coming, Amaya." I blinked and shielded my eyes to see my mother coming over, holding her hat on her head. "I think we should all head inside. The Captain also says that it will be for the best." I nodded and began to gather our stuff up, seeing that everyone else had already gotten inside. We were waiting in the room, swaying as the ship was rocked with the waves, just letting us know how powerful the storm was. "Oh no, I forgot my necklace." I mumbled to myself, knowing if my mom knew, she would never let me go get it.

I knew I couldn't leave it to be forever lost and ducked out while my sister was looking out the window and my mom was in the bathroom. I had to hold onto the bar to keep from falling over as I made my way back to the deck where we were laying. I opened the door and saw the raging storm, the crew had secured everything and I saw our chairs and took off running, feeling the rain pound my face and arms. It was like needles as I continued to make my way. I slipped and slid to the railing, grabbing hold. "Damnit." I finally got to my chair and the table was empty. "Oh no. I can't have lost it. Where is it?" I spoke to myself, my eyes searching for the necklace.

I caught a flash of lightning light up the deck and I saw my necklace sliding toward the side, about to go over and truly be lost. I shouted as I dove at it, closing my hand around it right before it went off. I grabbed the guard at the last second, happy that I kept up with my training and had the strength to keep my grip and not go over myself. I heard shouts and turned to see crew members waving and my mom trying to get to me. "I'm coming!" I shouted back and got up, feeling my legs push my body forward as I stumbled my way back to the doors. My mom embraced me and then scolded me for going out in a storm like this. "How could you be so stupid? What could be so important?"

I held up the necklace and she sighed and shook her head. "Amaya, I understand how much you care about your father, but this is too far. You could've been killed. Please don't act so reckless again." they took me back to our room and I fastened my necklace back on, swearing to never take it off again. We stayed for hours, the storm was getting worse and I was beginning to get a bit scared for us. "This is the Captain, we are getting caught up in a bad storm, please remain in your rooms and bare with us as we continue. I will let you know when it is safe to leave."

I felt like the ship was going to flip over as we rocked hard back and forth. I looked out of the window and my eyes went wide as I saw it wasn't a storm…it was a hurricane. I began to breathe quickly as I sank to the floor, what were we going to do now? A hurricane so much different and worse from a storm. There was a jolt as the ship crashed into something and I rolled forward, gripping the wall. "Mom? Bianca?" I called out, trying to make sure they were alright. The door swung open and they fell in, both knocked out.

"Oh god, I'm coming!" I said and let go to try to get to them and another jolt sent me sliding into the hall, crashing into the wall and sending a sharp pain down my spine. "Fuck!" I groaned and tried to get back to the room, but the ship rolled me down and away from my family. I slammed into a window, breaking it and slicing my arm, crying out in pain. I felt a suction pulling me toward the window, the force I couldn't stop as I was jerked out the broken window and into the storm. I hit the water hard and sank into the depths, unable to swim back to the surface.

I tried to swim, I fought with everything I had, yet I lost my breathe and my vision blurred as I lost conciseness. **She doesn't know this is happening, she is passed out** As I sank my necklace lit up in a light so bright and I wasn't aware of what was happening. There was a vortex appearing as my necklace began to pull me down to it. Within a second there was another flash of lightning and the water pulled me into the vortex at last and I was transported to a different world.

*Will's POV*

I still held the letter tight in my hands, unable to see what really had happened to Elizabeth and myself. The love was so true, seemed so real, how could she leave me for Jack?

"Dear Will,

Forgive me for this but there is no easy way to break this to you. You have been gone for ten years and I was alone, Jack was there for me, comforted me. I didn't even realize that I had fallen for him until it was too late. He makes me feel so special and I see that we weren't meant to be as we thought. He is the only one for me and I hope you don't hold it against us as we didn't plan this. I do hope you find your soul mate as I have found mine. Goodbye forever Will,

Elizabeth Swan-Sparrow."

I growled and tore it into tiny pieces, letting the wind blow it away in my fury. I couldn't bare to stay in the house where Elizabeth and I had planned to spend our lives together, where she probably lived with Jack until they ran away together. I ran out and down to the beach, seeing the Dutchman floating in the sunlight, my one day on land for the next ten years. There was truly nothing left on the land for me, only the sea was there for me. I started for the long boat that I rowed over in when I heard a splash. I glanced to the side and saw something floating just off shore.

I realized it was a woman and took off running, diving into the water to save her. She was oddly dressed as I grabbed her arm and began to pull her to shore. She wasn't breathing as I laid her on the beach, her long dark hair covering her face. I pushed it out of the way and paused for a moment, seeing a beautiful face, as if she was sleeping. I shook myself and placed my ear to her chest and when I couldn't hear a heartbeat, I began to press on her, trying to force the water from her lungs. After a moment, she coughed and rolled over, allowing the water to escape.

*Amaya POV*

I felt life back into my body as pressure was applied to my chest, forcing the water from my body as I gagged and coughed, rolling onto my side. I blinked and gasped for air, feeling so relieved that I was still alive. "Are you alright?" I realized I wasn't alone and I looked for the owner of the voice, seeing a strangely dressed man soaking wet hovering over me. "W-what…" I began, but couldn't get passed his clothing, he looked like he came from a costume party…he was dressed exactly like a pirate. "What is your name?" he asked and his voice was soft and gentle, he was also taking me in careful, his eyes giving away that he was surprised by my own clothing.

"I'm Amaya…" I breathed out and sat up, making him sit back on his knees and giving me a little space. "Amaya…that's beautiful." he smiled and I blinked, unsure of what to think of this man staring at me. "Who are you?" I asked and he shook his head, apologizing for not introducing himself. "I'm Will Turner." he assisted me in stand up as I tried to get the sand off my outfit. "Where are you from?" he asked and I saw a huge pirate ship in the distance, but not the ship I came from. "Uh…where's my family?" I asked and he looked around, realizing that I was completely alone. "Let's get you dry and we will figure that out…alright?" he offered his hand and I took it, feeling so unsure of this place and what was going to happen.