Chapter 8: Jack's Compass

Jack's body went tense as Will's voice traveled to us and I looked over to see him coming out of the shadows. "Will, good to see you. How's life been treating you?" Will's eye were almost burning as he glared at Jack, who tried to back up, but I held him against me, no escape. "Love, let go. I need to get back to-" "To who, Jack? Elizabeth perhaps?" Will growled and stepped closer to us. "Listen, Will, let me explain." he pushed me away and went to take off running, but the crew had returned and was blocking the ramp. "No where to run Jack. It's time we talked." Will said and Jack turned to me. "You're a part of this? How?" I shrugged and turned to Will. "Sorry I didn't stick to the plan." "We'll talk later." he snapped and two guys grabbed Jack, taking him into Will's room.

I sighed and sat on a barrel, Mr. Turner joined me. "Why did you run off? Why didn't you just do what we planned?" "Because it would have never worked. Jack knows all of you. Knows your loyalty to Will. He had never seen me, I used my charms to make him think that I was in trouble and needed his help. He is a fool for a woman apparently, and I even got him to come on aboard of his own free will. I think I was a better plan." "But Will didn't want you to have to do any of that." "Will isn't my father and isn't in charge of my life, I can do what I choose. Jack is on board, Elizabeth isn't." "You saw Elizabeth?" he asked and I nodded, telling him what happened. "A son?" "Yes, but Jack said they weren't married, although it could've just been to make me think he was still going to try to have sex with me."

After a while, Will came out with Jack and they both looked tired and frustrated. "Goodbye Jack. I do hope you two are happy together, at the very cost of this." he held up the compass and then told Jack he was free to go. "Cheerio, Will." Jack walked over to me and smiled. "Coming along love?" "I'll pass." I said and went to walk away. His hand grabbed mine, "Hey now, I was promised a few things, remember?" There was a gun at Jack's head in a second and I saw such anger on Will's face as he was ready to pull the trigger. "I do believe your welcome has been overstayed Jack. Best run along." I said and he released me, turning to face Will. "Going to shoot me over a girl?" "She is a member of my crew, I will protect my crew's well being. Get off my ship…or die."

Jack didn't need to be told twice, but he did look between Will and me before smiling and leaving. I looked at the compass that Will still held beside him and he handed it to me when Jack was out of view. "This is what is going to lead us to my father's journal?" "It's more powerful than it looks. You just hold it and think of what you want most, it'll point the way." his voice was stressed and he walked away, slamming the door of his quarters. I took a calming deep breath and opened the compass, thinking of saving my father and needed to know where he journal was. The arrow swung and swung until it stopped directly to the west. "We have our heading, let's set sail boys." Mr. Turner ordered and before long, we were back on our journey.

I stayed at the wheel with Mr. Turner and he kept a watch over me and the compass, making sure we stayed on our course. He noticed I was really quiet, he patted my shoulder. "Amaya, are you alright? Something bothering you?" "Just something Will said." "What do you mean?" "He held up the compass to Jack, saying that the price of this was the happiness of Jack and Elizabeth. I'm not sure what he meant by it, but it has given me a pit in my stomach." I confided in him, explaining my worries for Will. "Will may hate them both, but he has promised to help you, my son is true to his words and will do anything to assist you. Even if that means letting them get away with betraying him."

I sighed and shook my head at him. "Will has given up so much for me already, he used his one day on land to rescue and try to help me just meeting me. He took me to Tia Dalma to get me more information and now has given up on his revenge on his ex-wife and the man who stole her away for me. I feel I am not worthy of asking him for anything else, I shouldn't have even asked for his help to begin with. I fear I have ruined his life." I wasn't really talking to Mr. Turner anymore, more to myself, but he was still listening. He, however, let me speak and didn't comment at all, letting me vent and just kept an eye on me to make sure I didn't get too upset.

"Amaya, wake up." I didn't realize I had dozed off 'til Mr. Turner was giving me a gentle shake. "The arrow hasn't moved in a while, we are on the right course. You need to get some sleep alright?" I was too tired to argue and let him help me up as my legs were wobbly from being in that position for so long. "Thanks. I hope Will is sleep, I don't want to bother him." I mumbled as he knocked on the door. When Will didn't answer, I went inside and saw he was at the table again, drunk and passed out. "Again…" I breathed off before falling onto the couch as Mr. Turner tended to his son. He placed a blanket over him like I did before and whispered in his ear before sitting on the edge of the couch. "I know he seems bad right now, but his heart is hurting. He is still willing to do whatever it takes to uphold his promise to you. Don't give up on him just yet."

When he left, I thought about what he had said and tried to figure out if he was saying Will cared for me. I turned over and propped up so I could look at Will from the couch, he was sleeping so peacefully that it was a bit cute, his face was free of worry and stress when he was sleeping. I don't know how long I stared at him but I was okay with it, it was nice to just relax and not worry about anything. I pulled the compass out and the arrow was pointing to the west still, but a second later it spun around and pointed directly at Will's sleeping figure. I realized that I let my mind wonder and the compass reacted to it, I shook my head and focused back on the journey and saving my father, making the arrow spin again, back to where it was before.

I let out a shaky breath and gave Will one last glance before flipping back over and staring at the ceiling. I couldn't even think about Will, he was just a friend, helping me save my father. My father was priority number one, nothing was more important to me than saving him. We needed to save him and get back to our time…I thought my thoughts going back to Will, when we saved my father, we need to go back to our time. That meant leaving Will…for good. I realized that I might not want to leave him behind and had to groan and bury my face in the pillow. He wasn't from my time, no way I could bring him with me. I wasn't from here and my family was waiting for me back in my time, I couldn't stay. I tried to clear my mind, but it kept creeping back in and keeping me from sleeping. I tossed and turned before finally getting up and pacing the room.

I kept fidgeting with the compass in my hands as I continued to pace, trying not to think about Will or even look at him, my father was important, I needed to save him. Will had to be the last thing on my mind, I sighed and rubbed my head, beginning to get a headache. "Get a grip Amaya." I said and looked at Will, still sleeping so deep and carefree. "There's no way he would even care for me anyways. It's just pointless." I breathed out and looked away, realizing that I was standing in front of his bed. I looked back at him, if he wasn't going to use it, I might as well. It looks more comfy than the couch. I didn't need much more than that to climb in and settle under the cover. I laid back on the pillow and noticed that it smelled like Will, I sighed, there was no escaping him at this point. I didn't remember falling asleep, but it was nice.

**Will POV**

I was jolted awake when the ship hit a rough wave and realized I had fallen asleep at the table again, another empty bottle in my grip. I rubbed the pain in my head, not used to drinking so much. I saw the couch was empty and saw how late it was, was Amaya really still on deck with the compass. I started to go look when I heard a sigh, I turned and saw her laying in my bed, curled up against a pillow and sleeping soundly. I exhaled, seeing her beautiful face buried against my pillow, making my stomach do a flip as I smiled. I wasn't a good host by making her sleep on the couch this whole time, it was only fair that she took the bed, she was the guest.

I walked over and sat on the side of it, careful not to wake her, she needed sleep. She was smiling in the sleep, I was happy to see it, at least she was dreaming good dreams now, instead of those nightmares. I knew I would like to curl against her and make sure the nightmares stay away, but it wasn't my place. She was counting on me to stay professional and help her save her father, not fall in love with her. "Like she could ever feel the same. I'm cursed…" I breathed out as I leaned over, brushing a stray hair out of her face. Her body seemed to react and she brushed against my fingers, making me caress her cheek a bit. I inhaled sharply, feeling my heart begin to race at the pure beauty of her. I groaned and got up, backing away quietly, wishing that I was in her dreams and her thoughts, hoping I could be a part of her life forever. I blew out my breath, realizing that it was too late anyways, I cared for her already and there was no changing it.