Rule #51

The new 'Viking History museum will be curated by Fishlegs and Hiccup. Otherwise, they will be sad, and I'm not sure if the town will be able to handle that.

Rule #52

Make sure when picking pumpkins that you are actually picking pumpkins, and not bright orange dragon eggs.

((I may or may not be speaking from personal experience.))

Rule #53

Those who take their dragons out for 'test drives' at midnight and decide to take a break on peoples ROOFTOPS, will be held accountable.

Rule #54

While adopting every dragon you see is plausible, it is not efficient.

Rule #55

Reading scary stories about ghost Vikings is not advised. What is also not advised is smacking someone in the face when they walk through the door to your room the next morning and screaming, "GHOST!"

Rule #56

When in doubt, get Astrid an axe for her birthday.

((I'm not even kidding.))

((She has thirty axes and STILL gets excited when she gets one.))

Rule #57

Breaking into somebody's home and pouring forty pounds of fish in their beds is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE thing to do to someone. You will be held accountable and be forced to clean it up.

Rule #58

Writing vague notes in your journal and then telling people to use it as a reference, while a nice gesture, also means we can't read them. Don't do it.

((I mean, at least use punctuation.))


Rule #59

Going flying in the rain is not recommended. You will most likely catch a cold.

((Gothi may or may not have had to deal with seven sick dragon riders.))

Rule #60

Stealing Gobber's left sock is a good prank, but be aware that if he finds out it was you, you will spend two months working the forge.