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Kallias was in the throne room Under the Mountain when a strange human girl was dragged in. He did not know her name but was shocked when she made a deal with Amarantha to unwittingly save them, all in the name of her love for Tamelin. Deep down he was touched by the sacrifices she was willing to make for love. He flinched when they beat her into oblivion and more impressed when she came in the next day. He found out her name was Feyre Archeon.

A few days later the first trial took place. It took place in a large arena. Everyone was seated in the stands and Amarantha was seated on a platform above them all. In the middle of the arena was a pit and in the pit was a maze. The ground and walls were made of mud full of pits and traps and in one corner in a cage was the Middengard Worm. it was a huge worm with razor-sharp teeth. Then Feyre entered. She was pushed into the maze by the Attor. She looked like a goner at first, but then she looked like she was thinking really hard. She was starting to gather bones and spread mud over herself in mud to hide her scent from the worm. In the end, she had trapped the worm in a cage of bones. Kallias couldn't help but think of Viviane they seemed very similar they were both very courageous and strong and they both had a fire within them. Kallias was so lost in thought that he didn't notice when nearly everyone had left the arena and only he and a few others were left. When he left he overheard a few lesser faeries were laughing at chores Amarantha was going to force her to do and if she didn't complete the tasks Amarantha had horrible punishments in store for her. Kallias silently wished her luck and then left.

For the rest of the month, Rhysand brought her to parties dressed in very scandalous clothes and painted all over with black symbols. He always had her drink a wine that induced a high, but also that made her forget each night. Subconsciously Kallias knew that deep down Rhysand cared for the human girl though he did not yet know why. No one knew how she passed the second task seeing as she could not read, but she did. Kallias had his suspicions though, looking at the High Lord of the Night Court as Feyre left the throne room with her head held high. He was finally beginning to feel hope that he might see the woman that he loved again. When the third trial came around Kallias was not sure she could do it when she killed the first two faeries, he felt for her. The guilt must have been excruciating, but the final high fae that she would have to kill was Tamelin. Kallias knew that Tamelin had a stone heart, but did she? Feyre did it though. Kallias waited for his powers to return to, but they didn't. Amarantha had found a loophole in the deal and then she started to kill Feyre and Kallias's suspicions about her and Rhysand were confirmed when he threw himself at Amarantha even though it didn't mean much since he was under her power, Kallias though it a sweet gesture. Everyone thought they were all doomed forever when with her dying breath Feyre answered the riddle Amarantha posed to her on the second day. All the High Lords felt their powers return to them, but none made a move toward Amarantha, they all knew it was Tamelin who should get the death blow. All the High Lord and high fae did in help take out her henchmen, that is what they thought was owed to them. Everyone gathered around Feyre after the battle was over. There was not a dry eye in the entire crowd for she had saved them all. Kallias was making to winnow straight to the Winter Court or more specifically Viviane when he heard Rhysand in his head.

"There is a way to save her," Rhysand whispered into each of the High Lords minds, "Gift her a kernel of her power to save her that is all I ask please save her. It's the least you owe her. I love her." Then Helion stepped forward with a kernel of power. With his mind made up, Kallias and Helion stepped forward. Kallias dug deep down and with a tug, at his gut, he pulled a small bit out of his ocean of newly returned power and gave it to Feyre. The moment after it was done he winnowed away to the person who mattered the most to him.

Viviane was in a snow-covered meadow surrounded by forest on a mountain overlooking the city when she felt it. A rumbling tore through the word and at that moment everyone knew that the curse had been broken. The blight had been destroyed at the root. Amarantha was dead. Viviane nearly fell to he knees with shock and happiness. She looked down into what she considered her the city the one she had managed to hold together for fifty years tears pouring down her face. The city was celebrating everyone came out of their houses to join the celebration. She made to head down to join them when she felt a presence behind her.

"Viviane," he said tentatively from behind her. She turned on trembling legs and fell to her knees. He was immediately in front of her also on his knees.

"Kallias," Viviane whispered weakly looking into his hopeful eyes.

Kallias appeared in a snowy meadow atop a mountain. He saw Viviane and his heart stopped. He called her name and she immediately turned around with hope in her gaze. When she dropped to her knees he immediately winnowed a few feet to drop to his knees in front of her emotions clouding his face. They stared at each other a moment more taking each other in when Viviane gently took his face in her hands and kissed him. Kallias froze. He couldn't believe this was happening. Then he pulled her close and kissed her back. It was a gentle kiss that spoke of longing and lost love. Kallias gently pulled back.

"I love you," he said in no uncertain terms.

"I love you too," Viviane murmured gently.

Then they kissed again passionately. Suddenly he took a diamond ring out of his pocket. The band was made of gold with snowflakes etched along the inside and had a diamond set on the ring with sapphires around it. Viviane gasped with surprise.

"Viviane," he said tenderly. "I have loved you ever since we were kids and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

"Kallias, you are the kindest most amazing person in the world and I would love to marry you," Viviane with tears in her eyes said. Kallias slid the ring onto her finger and then they went down to a temple. On the way, Viviane called her younger sister Noel. When they got to the temple Noel was already there waiting with a dress in one hand and makeup in the other.

"You're lucky I had a spare gown in my closet or you would be getting married in what

you're wearing right now and that I'm that I was within reach when you decided to get married an hour ago," Noel exclaimed teasingly looking at the fur-lined tunic and leggings Viviane was wearing when she trekked up the snow-covered mountain.

"Thank you so much for being here," Viviane said hugging her sister. "I wouldn't dream of getting married without you."

"Aww I wouldn't dream of you getting married without me either," Noel smiled hugging Viviane. They all laughed together. "Kallias did you invite anyone?" Just then his mother ran in.

"I am so so happy for you my son," she gushed. "Viviane I can't wait for you to to be my daughter. I am so excited. We have to go get you ready right now." Noel and Kallias's mom ushered Viviane out of the room to get ready.

Then Kallias's best friend Ryker came in with a suit. It was Navy blue with a white shirt and tie and small pin of small white flowers pinned to the breast pocket. Kallias got ready and walked into and white room reserved for weddings. He could tell Noel had gone to town on the room. There were white rose petals spread on the aisle and the alter had a canopy on it and on the top was a crown of flowers. Kallias chuckled to himself. He had known Noel since she was a baby. She was like the little sister he never had. Right then his mother walked in and told him to take his place. Then the music started to play and Viviane walked through the door. Kallias froze she looked like the most beautiful female he had ever or will ever see. She was wearing a white dress with a fitted waist that had a beaded embroidered lace bodice, long sleeves and bateau neckline with lace scalloping and a long flat laying tulle skirt. The crowning jewel was the tiara that was set on her hair it had snowflakes made of wire and diamonds set on it and it sparkled in the light.

"You look beyond beautiful," Kallias whispered as she stood before him.

"I know," Viviane said smiling wickedly.

They both swore the vows they had spoke on the mountain and kissed to seal the bond. Everyone who was there smiled and wished them a happy marriage as they left. Ryker winking as he went.

The newlyweds headed to the palace and later that during the you-know-what the mating bond snapped into place. It felt like a strand of string forever pulling them together and connecting them so that wherever they were in the word they would have a piece of each other with them always.

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