Red Skies

Main Characters: Tommy, Jason, Kimberly

Secondary Characters: Andros, T.J, Rocky, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric, Cole, Aurico (basically all the Red Rangers from times gone by lol) and maybe some cameos from previous team-mates and series regulars etc.

Rating: PG-13, could slide into an R so discretion is advised if you're of a sensitive nature.

Summary: Set a few months after Forever Red, someone is targeting and attacking the Red Rangers one by one, it's up to the rest to figure out who is behind the attacks and stop them before they too become targets. Who wants to destroy the Red Ranger dynasty once and for all? A fallen evil wanting revenge, or is it a plot more sinister, and closer to home?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything affiliated with the Power Rangers, Saban, BVS and the TV executive bigwigs do (though what I'd give for an hour in the hottub with Tommy and Andros ;) ) and I am getting no monetary gain from this work of fiction, I'm just borrowing the characters for a while. Don't take any offence as it is all fanfiction and if you gotta problem with it just email me and we'll talk it out lol.

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Status: WIP (will be updated once a week unless I get snowed under with schoolwork)

Notes: I will admit I stopped watching Power Rangers after Power Rangers in Space, so if I'm rusty on the details of Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue and Timeforce especially, forgive me for I know not what I am doing. So therefore if people are out of character or don't have big parts you'll know why ^.^  Oh and things in bold are thoughts, italics are things with extra emphasis or dream sequences/flashbacks, and bold italics are telepathic thoughts etc. This is my first PR fic so forgive my crappyness! Thanks for coming to read, it may start off a little shaky but bear with me it will get better (I hope).

 I hope you enjoy!


Chapter One: Dark Day

On the forest world of Mirinoi light-years and a portal away from the planet known as Earth, Leo Corbett- the former Red Galaxy Ranger- stood in a clearing now very familiar to him. He liked to come to the tranquillity of the glade to train and keep himself fit, he may not have been the Red Ranger anymore, but that was no reason not to stay in excellent shape. After all- as the Red Ranger reunion a few months previously had evidenced- there might still be need for him in the future.

He glanced behind him and smiled, seeing the five Quasar Sabres embedded steadfast in a stone slab, as if waiting patiently for the time when they would be wielded again. Leo stepped up the natural stairs that the tiered rock presented and reached the topmost tier, placing his hand on the hilt of his Quasar Sabre longingly.

With a sigh he turned away and hopped down with ease, beginning the trek back to the city where he and the other former Galaxy Rangers now resided. The light was fading as he made his way through the woods, but Leo did not feel afraid or even cautious. Mirinoi was a place he felt very secure on, but nevertheless he jumped as he heard the leaves and twigs on the forest floor crack behind him. His reflexes were instantly alert and he spun round in a fighting stance, his every muscle tensed and his eyes scanning the darkening trees.

"Show yourself! I know there's someone out there!" He demanded, his voice strong and threatening.

As if out of nowhere, three beings- robed in a black shroud that seemed to be made up of the darkness itself- materialised in front of him, he turned back towards the city path but there were two more blocking his course. He was surrounded. The beings rushed towards him, confidence in their every move.

Leo tried to get a hit in on them, but their moves were faster than lightning and they dodged every blow he sent at them. He finally managed to get a punch on one but it had no effect, it felt like his hand had passed through ice cold water and out the other side.

Frowning in disbelief Leo tried to step back but the cloaked beings were everywhere, blocking every exit. He had nowhere to run as they closed in on him from all sides, blocking out the waning light and his cries for help.


Tommy Oliver landed on the ground with a thud, he had to shake his head to dispel the stars he was seeing before his eyes.

"Wow, I'm sorry Tommy, did I hurt ya?" Justin Stewart looked down at the former Ranger with concern in his ever inquisitive eyes.

Rocky DeSantos sniggered as Justin offered Tommy a hand to help him up.

"Tommy Oliver, pulverized by a kid, way to go champ." Rocky quipped as Tommy pushed himself to his feet.

"Heyyy less of the kid thing Rocko, I am sixteen now, and I can kick total butt." Justin grinned as Rocky rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I always forget. But you'll still always be the little dorky kid who was my blue power protégé." Rocky teased quietly so only the three of them could hear, as he ruffled Justin's brown mop of hair.

"And you'll still be the big dork who's never been able to kick my butt in a fight hehe." Justin smirked.

"Only 'cause you were so small. You wanna go now little buddy, we'll see who kicks whose butt!" Rocky bounced lightly on the balls of his feet.

"Not that it wouldn't be oh so entertaining to see Justin beat your sorry butt Rocko, but may I remind you we've still got a class to teach?" Tommy smiled good naturedly as he stepped jokingly between the pair.

"You are sooo lucky Tommy was here to stop me little dude." Rocky said, mock threateningly.

Tommy looked round to see his intermediate class of karate students waiting in anticipation of what they thought would be a most entertaining spectacle.

"Ahem, thank you Justin for helping demonstrate that throw, which just shows that no matter how big or small your opponent is you can use size to your advantage. That concludes today's lesson, we'll see you all next week okay?" Tommy bowed to the class who did likewise, and then began to file out of the training hall, chattering amongst themselves about who the likely victor in a Justin/Rocky grudge match would be.

"You're no fun Tommy." Rocky whined, showing that although his age had matured, he hadn't.

"Dude, when I agreed you could help coach some of my classes, I did expect you to be slightly more mature than the kids are." Tommy quipped and raised a brow waiting for a no doubt excellent excuse.

"I was provoked." Rocky pouted, and Justin and Tommy laughed. Tommy grabbed a towel and dried the sheen of sweat that had materialised on his handsome face.

"You're doing really good Justin, you'll be teaching your own class in no time at the rate you're going." The former Red Zeo Ranger patted Justin on the back and then walked off to the side of the hall to get a drink, his mind already elsewhere.

"Uh oh, looks like our almighty leader has gone to his happy place again." Rocky commented. For a while now, it seemed that the former Green/White/Red Ranger couldn't keep his mind in one place for very long, and he constantly wandered off to think or reflect or something to that degree, which Rocky didn't really do a lot of.

Tommy had started up his Karate school about a year and a half after retiring from active Power Ranger duty when he had managed to get the money together for a gym, it had always been his dream to teach Karate and it was the only real thing that seemed to thrill him anymore. He had sought out Rocky to help with classes because he knew his former team-mate was still hanging around Angel Grove and was a very skilled martial artist himself. The school had been visited by many of their other former team mates in the past, Zack had even dropped by once or twice to help with teaching some classes the basics of hip hop kido which everyone had had a lot of fun trying- and even more fun watching Tommy attempting, due to the fact he made Barney the Dinosaur look like the lord of the dance in comparison. Zack had commented that Tommy "May kick butt with the smooth karate moves, but I've never been able to show you the rhythm dude." Tommy had agreed that he was pretty much a lost cause in the dancing stakes.

One person who had never stopped by for a visit was the first Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart, a fact that had not escaped Rocky, and he knew it sure as hell knew it hadn't escaped Tommy. The name wasn't spoken much around the laid back Mr. Oliver, but when it was, he simply laughed it off and sighed, insisting the two were on good terms and did on occasion still speak. But afterwards Rocky could notice his eyes mist over somewhat, and Tommy seemed to visit the aforementioned 'happy place' with increased frequency.

He had considered calling she-who-must-not-be-named for a little reunion, but another former Red Ranger and Tommy's best friend- Jason Lee Scott- had recommended against it, insisting that if Kim or Tommy had a desire to speak he was sure one of them would take the initiative and pick up a phone. Rocky found this highly unlikely, but humoured the legendary first Red Ranger, especially as it was known that Jason himself talked to Kim on occasion so he obviously knew a little better.

Rocky supposed it was none of his business anyway, Tommy had not exactly been forthcoming with glee when it came to matters concerning  Kim these days, but the history was there, whether either would openly admit it or not.

"Whoah, Rocky, come in Zeo Ranger 3 your time is up." Rocky shook his head and looked down, refocusing on a slightly confused looking Justin.

"Did you join Tommy in the happy place? I thought we'd lost you there for a while."

"Naw, don't sweat little buddy, I was just thinking about old times, a lot sure has changed huh?"

"Yeah, but sometimes I think Tommy really needed to be a Ranger, he seems a little lost now without his Zords and a reason to fight."

"We still have a reason Justin, there'll always be a big bad somewhere that needs dispatching, its just not our responsibility anymore. Plus it was pretty stressful as a job goes, and the pay sucked. It was fun while it lasted, but it was good it was over before we started resenting it, 'cause that's when you know it's going wrong. We wouldn't have been any help to anyone if we started hating what we were doing and wanted to do something else. Tommy said there's a new team out there somewhere now, and that they're doing just fine. It must've been cool to meet up with all the other Red Rangers who came after us…Look at us, heads stuck in the past, let's snap Mr Happy over there outta his daze and go grab some pizza, what dya say?"

"Yeah!" Justin grinned, rushing over to grab Tommy, who looked down at the ever effervescent Justin and nodded his agreement to the thought of crusty deep pan Italian goods.

Tommy ran a hand through his now spiked short hair and picked up his bags wearily. Rocky shot him a concerned look on the way out but Tommy shook his head and smiled in reassurance. He wondered briefly what exactly Rocky and Justin thought he thought about when he stood collecting his thoughts on his own, he also knew they thought he didn't listen, when really he heard every word that was said.

"Yeah…It was fun while it lasted." Tommy murmured wistfully as he closed and locked the door to the gym behind them.

And I'd still love to do it all over again.


"Andros. Andros? Andros!"

"Huh?" The Red Astro Ranger's eyes snapped open and he forced his head up from the table he had evidently fallen asleep on, a stray piece of paper sticking to his forehead. Looking around and trying to discern where the voice was emanating from, he identified the communicator on his wrist as the source, ripped off the paper and pressed the button to answer.


"Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you for half an hour."

"I'm sorry, I just…lost track of time." Andros ran a hand through his two toned hair and rubbed his eyes, looking around the interior of the second Megaship. After he and the other Red Rangers had faced the Machine Empire a few months earlier, he had taken to spending more time back in space and on board the ship, especially when Karone and Zhane had started frequenting KO-35 to help the Karovan rebels rebuild their home planet, Andros thought it a good idea to have a base in between.

"So you haven't heard." It was a statement not a question, and Karone's voice sounded exhausted and full of worry.

"What's wrong?" Andros was instantly alert.

"I got a call from Kendrix on Mirinoi earlier. She said that Leo hadn't come back from his workout in the forest and when they went to look for him they found him unconscious and badly hurt, all alone out there. They searched everywhere for clues but no-one could find out anything to tell us who attacked him. He's in pretty bad shape."

"That's awful Karone, do they think he'll be okay?"

"It's hard to say. But that's not the only thing."

"It isn't?" Andros asked, even more concerned.

"No, Dana Mitchell- y'know, the pink Lightspeed Ranger? - Well she called Kendrix too, when Carter Grayson was found in Mariner Bay Park. When she heard that something had happened to Leo too she got in contact. He'd been attacked and left out there too, she said he's in a coma Andros, it's really serious."

"Two Red Rangers in one day." Andros said quietly, his logical mind working all avenues of possibility.

"That would be a pretty big coincidence huh?" Karone said seriously, wanting very much for her brother to reassure her, because she knew when Andros was afraid, it was time to start being scared. She had been very worried when he hadn't answered the first hundred calls she had attempted to reach him with, in case something had happened to him too. She was only slightly relieved, in case something could still attack the Red Ranger.

"Unless it's not a coincidence… I need to make a call."


Okay what'd you think, crappy or not? It may be a little choppy and uneven now but it'll be better when I get everyone together, this was just a bit of an establishing point. Thanks for reading this far, don't be too harsh and please review, I need to know whether to continue and what to tweak etc, etc.