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Chapter Three- Deception

About two hours after the former Red Rangers had been unleashed on the Megaship's video and scanning equipment, the necessary calls had been made and answers were being awaited. Some rangers- such as the Time Force Rangers- had been harder to contact- quite simply because it's rather hard to contact the future, though attempts had been made.

Billy was on his way back from Aquitar and would arrive within the hour, it turned out Zack had gone to visit Trini in Brazil so they were making arrangements to leave the trek through the rainforest that the two had embarked upon and would teleport up in a few hours, and Aisha was still in Africa and staying at a nature reserve helping to rehabilitate injured animals. She had excused herself for now, but promised to check in with everyone soon and see how the investigations were going. Adam had too made apologies as he was in the middle of a movie shoot as a stunt man, but said he would join them when the shoot wrapped- if the problem persisted that long- Rocky had been disappointed but had grudgingly let his best friend off the hook. Katherine was currently in Los Angeles at an environmental symposium and said she wouldn't be able to make it. Rocky and Jason briefly wondered if she was uncomfortable with seeing Tommy again, but didn't press the issue. Tanya was pursuing a career as a singer, but was currently not busy so she too was making arrangements and agreed to be teleported up in a few hours. Tommy had telephoned Justin's father and told him to keep Justin with him, and if there was any incident then to call Tommy on his cell phone- the Red Zeo ranger was still wary about involving Justin in the fight unless it was absolutely necessary.

The Space Rangers had wanted to talk to Andros privately before coming on board, so the Red Astro Ranger had teleported to earth to meet with them, and Karone and Zhane were on their way back from KO-35.

The Galaxy Rangers had been contacted by Andros as had the Lightspeed Rangers, and both wanted to stay with their leaders until the Red Rangers' conditions stabilized, once they had word they would contact the Megaship, and perhaps make arrangements to arrive.

The Time Force Rangers were still being waited on, Wes was optimistic, while Eric…wasn't.

The Wild Force Rangers were already on board, enthusiastic to have a group adventure, especially after what Cole had told them about the thrill of the last Red Ranger Reunion on the moon. Jason -and to a lesser extent Rocky- were enjoying the chance to call the new guys Rookies and regaling them with stories of their glory days. Tommy was definitely not quite so cheerful since the subject of Kim had been bought up and had spent his time at the scanner, searching the galaxy for her, almost treating it as a test of his leadership skills to try and find the former Pink Ranger. He was almost obsessive about it and had been at the desk for hours now. Jason was just about to go and snap him out of it when Tommy cried out and almost fell backwards from the scanner.

"I've found her." He said hoarsely, and Jason and Rocky dashed for the screen. There- sure enough- was a little pink dot flashing on the screen, the location showed up as Angel Grove beach.

"Are you sure?" Rocky gawped. "She was in AG all this time?"

"That's what it says, I don't know how accurate it is, but if Andros trusts it." Tommy shrugged. "I'm going to get her." He said decisively.

"What if she doesn't want to be got? What if she's just…chilling…tanning, y'know?" Rocky suggested. "Are you sure you could handle that and just be on your way again?"

"Yeah, why not?" Tommy frowned.

"Because she was the love of your life and 'tore out your heart and painted her walls with it?'" Jason suggested.

"I was exaggerating." Tommy glared.

"No you weren't bro. Maybe I should just go-"

"I'm going!" Tommy insisted, getting slightly annoyed.

"Alright, but don't say we didn't warn you when you turn into a gibbering quivering mass of hormones, stutter, stammer, trip over something and then run off." Rocky shrugged.

Tommy shot him a dark look and then teleported out in a flash of red.

"Wow, what's up his ass?" Rocky quipped.


Andros walked through Angel Grove Park warily, trying to find the area where he was supposed to meet his team mates. He had been slightly confused when Ashley had contacted him at the last moment and changed the plans, asking Andros to meet she, Cassie and Carlos in the park rather than going up to the Megaship as was first suggested, but Ashley had expressed some concerns over meeting all the other teams and had asked Andros to clear up some things before they all met. And Andros was never one to refuse Ashley.

"Andros, over here!" Andros saw Ashley waving wildly at him from by the picnic tables, where Carlos and Cassie were also seated, eating fries and drinking soda. He made his way over with a smile.

"Ashley, how are you?" he asked as she leapt towards him and enveloped him in a big bear hug. After a moment, Andros felt rather squished as Carlos had leapt over and jokingly hugged them both too. Cassie watched with amusement as she finished off her fries and sauntered over to join them.

"Oh fine, fine." Ashley chirped as she pushed Andros towards the picnic table and plonked him down, Carlos tossing a sandwich wrapped in Clingfilm down in front of him.

"Ah, I've already eaten, thanks." Andros wrinkled his nose at the slightly squelchy looking tuna and cucumber sandwich and pushed it back towards Carlos, who shrugged, ripped off the wrapper and shoved it into his mouth.

"So what did you want to talk to me about that couldn't be said on the ship?" Andros frowned, getting up and starting to pace slightly, definitely feeling the tension that hung about the four while T.J was up on the Megaship, injured.

Ashley sighed and got up too, grabbing Andros' arm to cease his pacing and then walking behind him and beginning to massage his shoulders.

"You're so tense. You really shouldn't worry so much about this big bad evil that's trying to destroy us all."

"Of course I should worry! This thing is dangerous, like you said it's trying to destroy us all! I don't want anything to happen to you all... I couldn't bear it…" Andros trailed off, closing his eyes and enjoying Ashley's comforting massage.

"No, I mean, you shouldn't worry because it's really not going to be any of your concern very soon Red Ranger." The massaging ceased and Andros' eyes snapped open in confusion. He pulled away from Ashley and turned round, now seeing a being cloaked in black and surrounded by wisps of smoke standing in her place.

"Whoah, Cassie, Carlos, stay back, it's one of them!" Andros got into a defensive stance.

"We know." Andros back turned to face the two and two more black clad beings stood behind him in their place.

"Who are you? What do you want? What have you done to my friends?" Andros demanded, backing away from the three and keeping all of them in his sight.

"They are safer than you are, Red Ranger." The one who had formerly been Cassie spoke, in an unearthly voice that seemed harsh as a bitter wind.

"You will not ask questions." The Carlos impostor added.

"Only deliver our message." The former Ashley finished.

The three leapt towards him faster than lightning, but Andros was ready and kicked off the ground, into the air, Morphing in the process.

"Galaxy Glider, hang ten!" he called, and his Galaxy Glider swooped down and retrieved him- mid leap.

One of the attackers in black leapt also, disappearing in mid air and reappearing next to Andros- floating in the air beside him- and aiming a flying kick at his head the being toppled the Red Astro Ranger from his Glider and down to the ground below. He landed with a thud but was back up quickly, his suit shielding him from the fall. He aimed a punch at one but it disappeared and reappeared behind him, kicking him in the back and knocking him forward. Andros ducked into a roll.

"This is a fight you will not win Ranger." One of the beings said harshly. The voice assaulted Andros' senses and seemed louder than the roar of a tornado and more painful inside his skull. Andros clutched his helmet trying to clear his head of this assault, but failed miserably. One of the dark beings grabbed his arm and bent it back behind his body, punching his wrist so his morpher flew off and the startled Space Ranger demorphed, revealing Andros and leaving him in a very vulnerable position once more.

"No!" Andros cried in frustration, wincing as his arm was bent further behind his back.

"There's our boy!" the one behind him- who he guessed had been disguised as Ashley- chimed perkily, sounding very strange with it's dark and raspy voice trying to be cheerful.

Andros' breathing was laboured and fast as the other two circled around him like vicious animals waiting for the kill.

"What do you want?" Andros growled.

"We want you to deliver a message for us." The Cassie impostor said, disappearing from view and reappearing right next to his face, startling the Astro Ranger.

"What message?" Andros gritted his teeth as he thought his arm might snap behind him.

"Oh my dear boy, it has to be seen to be believed." The misty being behind him chirped. "But don't worry, you'll die soon enough, by the end of this, you'll all be begging for your deaths. Goodbye Red Ranger."

Then the world began to blur as punches rained down on Andros from all sides, and the darkness claimed him.


Tommy teleported down to Angel Grove beach, near where Kimberly's signal had been. That way, Tommy reasoned, if she was sunbathing and busy he could just teleport back up to the ship and leave her be, and she would never be any the wiser.

He walked over the sand, running a hand through his spiked hair and planning what he would say to Kim after all this time. After years of being leader of the Power Rangers and a legend in his own rights, one would have thought Tommy would never have a problem taking control and being mature and brave. But, when it came to Kimberly Hart, he was still that gawky, shy introverted teenager who she'd made an effort to get to know, introduce to all her friends, and open her heart and soul to him- in turn encouraging him to do the same.

He was still chanting his chosen script in his head as he came over a sand dune, then all thoughts of what to say went out of his head as he caught sight of Kim, sprawled on the sand, unconscious. For one terrifying moment, Tommy thought she was dead until she saw her chest rise and fall very softly. She was still gorgeous, but then, Tommy wasn't surprised, just because she wasn't his Beautiful anymore didn't mean that she wasn't still beautiful.

Her hair was now highlighted with light blonde streaks and was a little shorter maybe, but she was still Kimberly. He lost himself staring at her for a moment then snapped himself out of it and ran to her side. She was breathing okay but she didn't wake up when he tapped her.

"Oh man, she's really unconscious. Uh, don't worry Kim I'll get you back to the ship, it'll be okay." Tommy realised he was certainly not getting through to Kim, which meant he seemed to be talking to himself, which was not a good sign. With a sigh he put an arm under her legs and the other under her back and lifted her up, pressing his morpher and teleporting back up to the Megaship.

"Little help here people." He called, as he ran through the halls of the ship, trying to remember which corridor led to the Medi-bay.

"Damn my memory." He cursed as he went into the exercise room by mistake,

"DECA, where's the infirmary again?" Tommy called.

"Megadeck 2 Tommy." DECA replied cheerily.

"Great and uh…which Megadeck am I on now?" Tommy sighed as he was -vocally of course- pointed in the right direction, still carrying a limp and unresponsive Kim in his arms.

By the time he'd reached the Infirmary the other Rangers were already crammed in there awaiting him.

"What took you so long dude?" Rocky teased, getting serious when he saw Kim.

Eric, who was nearest, helped Tommy get Kim onto a bed, and Jason rushed forward too, checking she was alright.

"What happened, was it the black misty guys?" T.J suggested, now sitting on his own bed, his leg still in the cast.

"I don't know. I just teleported down there and found her unconscious on the sand. She'll be okay won't she Alpha?" Tommy asked worriedly.

"We'll have to wait and see Tommy." Alpha chirped, his metallic voice sounding worried.

 "Look, she has a bump on her head." Alyssa noted, grabbing a damp sponge and lifting up Kim's hair gently, pointing to a bloody bump on her forehead. She mopped it up quickly and smiled reassuringly at Tommy and Jason, who looked very concerned.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, just a little knock on the head, she was the first Pink Ranger, I'm sure she can handle it."

"If anyone can, it'll be Kim." Rocky nodded as Tommy went and brushed her hair out of her face tenderly.

"Ai-ai-ai, don't worry Rangers Kimberly will be fine, she's a fighter. Go and relax while you can. No point squeezing in here when there's nothing to be done!" Alpha shooed the rest of the Rangers out, letting Rocky, Jason and Tommy remain.

Glancing at each other, Rocky and Jason shot knowing looks to each other, and then at Tommy, who didn't seem to notice. The two Red Morphin Rangers bowed out and disappeared down the corridor to give Tommy a little time, though Jason resolved to go and check up on the girl who in many ways felt like his little sister, as soon as the opportunity arose.


Back on the bridge, Cole was confused.

"Kimberly, that was *the* Kimberly?" He gawped.

"I guess so." Wes nodded.

"She was cute." Max commented lightly.

"Oh I wouldn't go there man, everyone knows about her and Tommy." T.J laughed, hobbling through the door with crutches. "Thank god for the Megalift, all those stairs would have killed me."

"Well I think it was very sweet, did you catch the way he was looking at her? So romantic." Alyssa sighed wistfully.

"Yeah, 'cept she dumped him." T.J said again, liking that in the absence of the first three Red Rangers he was the font of knowledge for the newer generations.

"Really?" Most of the assembled chorused.

"Why?" Danny frowned.

"Y'got me, I've never seen a dude so love sick, he was like a puppy over her." T.J said, although he had never witnessed this firsthand, only gleaned knowledge from the other former Rangers.

"Well, I'd just call that whipped." Eric shook his head. Taylor smacked him on the arm playfully. "What!"

"Looks like he's not the only one dude." Wes grinned as Eric grudgingly put his arm around Taylor, but seemed to enjoy it anyway.

"Shut up Wes or I'll have to kick your ass." The group was then interrupted by three beams of light, one yellow, one pink and one a purple-black landing in the middle of the deck.

Carlos stepped forward a little groggily. "Y'never get used to that."

 "Carlos, Ashley, Cassie!" T.J grinned and the three came over to hug him.

"We heard what happened from Andros, are you okay?" Cassie frowned, glancing at the leg cast.

"I'll live. So what've you done with the boy anyway?" T.J grinned, looking between the three.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ashley cocked her head in question.

"Andros, where is he?"

"Isn't he meant to be here, with the rest of you?" Carlos asked in confusion.

"No, he got a call from you Ashley, asking him to meet you three at the park to discuss some stuff, rather than come here, so he should be with you."

"I didn't make any call." She caught T.J's disbelieving look. "I swear!" Carlos and Cassie nodded in agreement.

"Well then if you didn't call him, who did?" Carlos frowned.

The other Rangers shared a look.

"Uh oh." Danny said, simply.

"We need to get down to the park." Wes said.

The group teleported out in a rainbow flash of colour, all praying they weren't too late.


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