061. Plunge



They don't feed off the innocent. Not anymore.

Kamui waits for his victim to collapse onto his robed, flabby knees, begging for his life — "I am a man of God, please!" — and claws open the monk's throat, spilling his thick and accursed lifeblood into the holy basin.

The monk's accomplice doesn't make it far, pushing aside the terrified, naked whore, before Kamui sinks his fangs into him, draining the last several drops and tossing aside the carcass onto the stone floor.

After regaining his composture, he keeps his arms folded under his velvet, dark cloak, observing the various bruises and whip-marks on the whore's tits and her little bottom. "Speak nothing of this," Kamui mumbles, inlcining his head as she widens her lilac-blue eyes and lets out a delayed, ragged scream, fleeing into the torch-lit corridor without any proper dress.

He thinks perhaps the church's baptismal font should burn him, and finds the lapping, pink-billowing water cools and weakens his rage. More blood darkens the water.

Kamui removes his garb, submerging himself.

"… Brother?" Subaru addresses him, wandering inside from the hidden, spiraling staircase.

He seems lost as to why his vampiric twin willingly bathes in such a holy place, but the questions disappear as Kamui gestures for him with mild impatience, his soft cock going erect.

Subaru's gaze tints yellow-gold, mirroring Kamui's.

As soon as he divests himself of his outerclothes, Subaru emerges into the blood-saturated, warm pool, kissing Kamui's opening lips until they're moaning against each other, kissing his earlobe and his knuckles and his palm, kissing the tip of Kamui's sensitive cock devoutly.



Tsubasa isn't mine. So I overdosed on antibiotics and things are fuzzy right now so I love vampires and these vampire twins if you love them come hug them