Once again I find myself fighting the urge to slam my head down onto the bar counter. Instead I took another sip of my whiskey and coke, surveying the floor once more. Nothing but drunk guys trying to get with drunk girls who simply play hard to get when we all know they'll be going home with him. Off to the corner I catch two attractive women making out as they ground into each other, I could practically scent their arousal from here, and the place was full of arousal. However, it was what was past the two women that caught my undivided attention, she stood at the door clearly unsure if she should walk in further. And she was in a word, breathtaking. Long chocolate hair cascading in curls past her shoulders slightly damp from the mist, there was a red tint to it as the light hit just the right angle. Her wide eyes so doe like, a beautiful brown surveying the room. She wore a baggy sweatshirt that fell to her mid-thigh, dark blue jeans tight enough to show her oh so perfect legs before they led down into brown leather boots. As beautiful as she looked that wasn't what had my complete attention, it was the look in her eyes, she was broken. And broken was something I know to well. I felt the familiar heat flare up inside of me at the thought that someone had hurt this girl, this innocent, tempting angel. Finishing my drink, I slide from my stool as she leans from foot to foot, I walk slowly through the crowd never taking my eyes off her. She never even saw me approach until I was standing before her, "You look a little lost hun." I purred out, on accident of course. Her eyes widen even more as she takes me in and my sudden appearance, "huh? Oh yah, kind of, my friends bailed on me." Her voice. Oh so lovely and soft, what I would give to hear her speak my name. Wait what? Shaking the thought from my head I process her words with a frown, "Bailed on you? Then they are no friends my dear." I watch delighted at the little shiver when my accent slips out. "come, let me buy you something hot to drink, it must be freezing out there." I couldn't stop myself from grasping her soft hand, ecstatic that it fit in mine perfectly. What the hell is going on with me. "oh, ok thanks but you don't have to do that." "But I would love to, here." I led her to a booth in the back and ordered two coffees. Now that she sat in a little light I could tell she must have been around 18 at the oldest. "Thank you-" "Catt, my name is Catt. And what might yours be by dear?" I smirk as I watch the blood flow into her face creating an adorable little blush. And then I smell it, her blood, so tantalizing, so tempting, so- "im sorry?" "Bella, my name is Bella." Shaking off my earlier thoughts I send her a smile "a most fitting name foe such a beautiful creature indeed." I couldn't stop myself from inhaling as her blush came back tenfold. "Thank you." She murmured looking down at her hands and I reach across the table and lift her chin with my index finger "do not be afraid to look me in the eyes my dear, tis how you know I speak the truth." Just as she was going to respond the lights flashed and the power went out plunging us into complete darkness, I heard her heartbeat pick up drastically as her hand clamped around the one I had on her chin. Squeezing her hand I slide from my seat bringing her into my side with my lips close to her ear, "come, I live not far from here, you can get dried off and il drive you home."

My garage was maybe four blocks down so normally it wouldn't have been a problem dragging the girl there. However tonight there was a little obstacle, not for me but for her. It was almost pitch black out to her eyes, rain was falling from the sky mercilessly, and it was not falling alone as hail was crashing on to the cars and ground continuously. So throwing my leather jacket over the girl with my arm around her we practically ran for the garage and studio apartment. Once inside the elevator she removed her soaking hood, from the look on her face she noticed that my white tank top was soaked through to my green lace bra. Once she shook herself from staring she spoke, "oh my god you must be freezing." "Not really I run a little hotter than normal so don't worry. Here the bathroom is through here and I'm sure these should fit you." Handing her a pair of sweats and t-shirt I go to crank up the heat before changing myself. Fuck its going to be hot in here now. I was in the middle of pulling my t-shirt on when I felt her eyes on me.