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Story Start!

"Eat this!"

"No thanks Uncle, find a different person to inherit One for All."

Naruto Uzumaki spoke as he yawned, passing by his uncle as he grabbed a bowl of cereal. He covered his mouth with one hand, other hand grabbing the cereal and pouring it into a bowl on the table. He sat down and grabbed a spoon, pouring milk into the bowl to compliment his breakfast. He was wearing his pajama pants, and nothing else.

He was a boy with an average height, seeing as he was 15 years old, standing at 5'6" in height. He had unruly blond hair, spiked in all directions, and bright blue eyes. His skin was a light peach color, and he bore three whisker marks on each cheek. His body was lean muscled, but not without a small amount of visible bulk to it.

His "Uncle" shared a similar appearance.

They both had spiked blond hair, the same color skin, and similarly colored bright blue eyes. His uncle was a monster of a man though, standing well over 7 feet tall, and his entire body was bulky muscles. He was wearing a tight white shirt, and green pants. He was holding out a golden hair for Naruto, and Naruto waved it off.

"Just like your father, turning down One for All! How is your morning going!?"

Naruto kicked a chair out towards him.

"Uncle Toshinori, take a seat and stop sucking your gut." Naruto told his uncle with an irritated look.

The man in front of him deflated.

His muscles all vanished, leaving him as practically skin and bones, though traces of muscle were visible. His combed back hair became much more spiky, similar to Naruto's own, and his face hallowed out. His clothes were not extremely baggy on him, and he took a seat across from Naruto.

Toshinori Yagi.

"You know young man, most people would kill to have All Might's Quirk. I've raised you since you were this-" Toshinori held his hands close together. "-big, and can't think of anyone else who I could trust with it more." The man continued as he looked at his nephew in all but blood.

Naruto munched.

"I already have a Quirk, and I'll become a hero using my Quirk. Anyway, my Dad turned down One for All when it was offered to him, there is no way I'm going to take something he turned down." Naruto waved off the generous offer. Toshinori nodded his head, though he seemed slightly disappointed that Naruto turned him down once more.

"Your Quirk-"

"Texas Smash!" Naruto gave his uncle a punch in the stomach, getting his uncle to cough up a large amount of blood almost comically. Naruto gave a smirk and raised his fist up, showing off his impressive strength. "I might not be able to use my Quirk in tight spaces, but it's not like I'm not strong enough to defend myself. I can thank your training for that... even though you're a shitty teacher." Naruto shook his fist in the memories of how shitty his training had been.

For such a great Pro Hero, his uncle was not suited for teaching people how to fight, or rather he wasn't very good at it yet.

"... Speaking of teaching, I plan on teaching at U.A. High School next year, in order to find a student worthy of my quirk... provided you don't-"

"Not going to change my mind." Naruto heard the insisting tone in his uncle's voice. "Anyway, I feel sorry for... oh shit, I'm attending U.A. next year." Naruto palmed his face when he realized that he was going to be attending that school. He had already been accepted into the school via multiple recommendations. One of which was his uncle, another of them being his late father, and some people he knew through 'All Might'.

Naruto sighed.

Now he was reluctant to go to U.A., but sadly, he was too lazy to take the tests to get into other schools. He had a free pass into U.A., and didn't have to take the tests like most other students.

Toshinori became serious and turned back into his All Might form.

"Your father and I might not be brothers by blood, but I was honored that he trusted me to watch over you. As your family, I ask this favor of you. I will one day find successor. I want you to help watch over my successor when I pass One for All on." All Might asked as he bowed his head, touching the table, to his nephew. Naruto scoffed and leaned his head against his hand, snorting at the gesture.

His uncle was the greatest hero... but he was not without his humble side, nor was he above lowering his head for a worthy cause.

Admirable traits.

"I was going to anyway. You going to eat, or just sit there? Either way, I'm going for a swim." Naruto stood up and walked towards the front door. As he passed by All Might, now back to being regular Toshinori, he gave his family member a pat on the shoulder. "Since you're going out today anyway, why don't you stop by a grocery store and pick up some ramen cups-"

"Now Naruto, you know that isn't good for your health. To keep up a healthy body, you need a healthy diet-" Toshinori stopped and nodded his head. Naruto usually kept to the healthy diet that he, Toshinori, stuck him to. There were a few days a week though that Naruto was allowed to cheat on his nutritional intake.

It was easier to stick to a certain diet, when you gave yourself days to not stick to it, and Naruto usually chose those days to eat ramen.

He stood up and followed Naruto out, since they were going to be parting ways for the day.

Naruto slapped him on the back as they parted ways out of the door.

"Don't go pushing yourself too hard. When you find the person, you'll know... I'll make you a promise. If you don't find a worthy successor by the time I graduate U.A... I'll... this hurts me on the inside..." Naruto knew that he had to do this for the only person he could call his family. Even if he didn't want to, and he wasn't going to if anyone else showed up willing to take the power, he would do it. "... I'll inherit One for All." Naruto relented a little.

That was still years away, a long time for that.

Toshinori smiled and rubbed the top of Naruto's head.

"You might have your mother's Quirk, but you have your father's heart. I'll try my hardest to find a successor. See you." Toshinori and Naruto fist bumped as they left each other. They each had their own trains to catch if they were going to go to the places they were travelling to.

Naruto smirked to himself.

Despite himself, he was a little happy his uncle was going to be teaching at the school he was going to be attending.

'Seriously... you're half of the reason I'm even becoming a hero. If I become a hero... I can carry some of that weight you have on your shoulders.' Naruto glanced back at Toshinori, before he shook his head and started to walk away a little faster.

Toshinori glanced back at Naruto.

'Minato, he's becoming a fine man. He looks so much like you did when we were his age... but he has his mother's face.' Toshinori smiled to himself as he walked with a skip in his step. A new energy to his walk as he found more inspiration to find somebody to succeed him, that way Naruto didn't need to do something he didn't want to.

They were the only family each other had.

They had to help each other.

Chapter End!
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