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For their work in doing the jobs of Pro Heroes, when there were no Pro Heroes capable of saving the world, all of the students of Class 1-A were given rather decently sized checks for their efforts. Checks from the government that were worth 1,000,000 yen each (About 10,000 Dollars) for their efforts in saving the world. Sadly, most of the students weren't going to be getting credit for what they did, only the ones who had a direct role in taking down the Fortress were being credited in the news as the ones who did anything. That was only because the news had been able to see the kids who were parachuting down from the sky, and had assumed they were the only ones who did that part, while Naruto, was the one who "destroyed" the Fortress.

For some, the checks were amazing (Ochaco), and others didn't really care about the money (Momo).

Sadly, the fact that students had to save the teachers had not really gone over well with the parents, which was why the teachers that had to be saved, All Might included, were currently speeding up their plans and visiting all of the parents. It was now more important than ever to get the students to move into the dorms to try and regain as much trust from the parents as possible.

"It always amazes me how fast he heals."

"Girl, your arms aren't moving as fast as your mouth is." Midnight spoke down to Mina with crossed arms. The woman was enjoying lounging in a chair, in a swimsuit, while Mina used a fan on her face to cool her down. When Midnight had gotten into her home, she had pretty quickly noticed when she saw her bookshelf, and how her favorite BL books had been melted to nothing. It had been very easy for her to assume that Mina had been the culprit, and even though her reason for being in her apartment was okay, the fact her books (all limited addition, by the way) that she used the most were gone. "You two are going to be spending your days off of school working for me until I've had enough." Midnight pointed out as some water splashed on her legs.

She wiped the drool from her lips moments later when she looked back to the sight before her, in her other hand was a video camera that was recording Naruto's part of the punishment.

'I should have stayed injured... I really should have...' Naruto lamented the fact he wasn't dying right now. No, he just had to have enough stamina to let Recovery Girl heal all of his injuries in a few days.

No, he had to have a sturdy body... a body that Midnight was currently filming. Here he was, being put on display in a fucking speedo, with nothing else on him. Washing cars for free, this wasn't even to pay for the books. Midnight told them she would forgive them if Naruto did this, and Mina acted as the woman's butler. Even right now, Mina was wearing a butler suit with fitted shoulders, while also taping her chest flat. She had her hair slicked back, and was wearing sunglasses to hide the feminine shape of her eyes. Midnight had turned the girl into a cross-dresser for the very purpose of making her look more boyish, and enjoy this situation as much as she could.

'She's got... very questionable hobbies... this woman is a-' Mina didn't even get to finish the sentence, before Midnight picked up her empty glass, and motioned for it to be filled again. Mina was forced to refill her glass with more tea, as the woman enjoyed watching her boyfriend wash cars. She wasn't the only one, Mina was forced to watch as women of all ages with cars drove into Midnight's free car washes to get the view of the boy who was appearing in the news. Even some men, which disturbed Mina a little to have other men looking at her boyfriend, were coming in for the view. '... I guess it's not so bad though.' Mina thought to herself as she glanced at Naruto.

She wasn't going to complain about the view she was getting for sure, made her a little hot under the collar to look at him with so much of his body revealed... and not bloody this time. Recovery Girl had done amazing work healing Naruto up to full health again.

"I should have made him wear a smaller speedo..." Midnight let loose a sigh as she looked at only half of the young man's butt being exposed. She should have also gotten one with a design on it, something on the crotch... like the word "Big" or "Youth". Something along those lines, instead of the simple red speedo he was wearing. "Keep working until you're dripping with sweat Naruto! I want all of the cars that come through here to SHINE!" Midnight called out to him, before she turned her attention back to Mina. "Fan harder, I want him to sweat, not me. I can appreciate how your efforts were to save the world, but ruining my porn-"

"Don't you mean romantic novel?" Mina tried to help Midnight's image a little.

"It was porn and we both know it, I'm not ashamed of my hobbies." Midnight denied the help. She was the 18+ Only Hero, she had an image as a rather naughty woman to uphold... though she was still a rather modest woman as well, she was not ashamed of her hobbies. Her love for youthful and manly men, and her more lustful side, were not things she ever denied. As long as her hobbies didn't hurt others, there was no reason for her to take shame in them. "Anyway, you should be thanking me. I can smell a virgin from a mile away, and you reek of it." Midnight winked at the girl.

Mina appreciated that, and she smiled and nodded at Midnight.

Maybe this wasn't so bad.

'You know... I can understand why guys look at girls a little... seeing this is kind of hot." Mina whispered to herself. '... After telling him I loved him...' Mina thought to herself, before her cheeks flushed deeply. She looked at Naruto's body, before she looked away and fanned Midnight harder than before. After awhile in her relationship with Naruto, about 6 months or so, she had actually been willing to have sex with Naruto if he ever asked her. She would have never gone out of her way to do it, but she was willing if Naruto ever pushed the issue. Now though, now after admitting to Naruto and herself that she was in love with him... now she wanted it

She wanted to make a move... she wanted him to make a move. It was no longer an issue about her being willing or unwilling, this was something she flat out wanted. She wanted to take her relationship deeper. It wasn't just because she was attracted to his body, but they had been dating for nearly as year, and other than the occasional butt slap, they hadn't gone beyond kissing. Even then, the butt slapping was mostly her messing with Naruto, and him giving her dirty looks for doing it at bad times.

"Oh come on!"

"Oooooh, look at the dirty on that car, he's going to get so dirty covered in all of that." Midnight zoomed in with her camera, her own cheeks flushing. She was so going to use this the second she was alone.

Mina glanced down at her.

"You know that is my boyfriend your objectifying right?" Mina deadpanned as she made sure that she continued to fan Midnight, really not generally liking this part of it. "If it was your boyfriend, you... you..." Mina's nose started to bleed a little. "... It's really dry outside..." Mina said, ignoring the water and steam that were around them. She didn't give the smirking Midnight the satisfaction of knowing that she was enjoying this right now.

Midnight passed her a cold glass of tea.

"If it's so dry, you must be feeling really thirsty then..." Midnight enjoyed teasing Mina, and watching Naruto. She was going to have so much fun with their punishment for breaking into her home, good reasons or not. So much good porn of hers had been lost, and just paying for it wasn't going to be enough for her.

This girl was so hot for her boyfriend, and teasing her was so much fun.

-With Ochaco-

"... Money... what do I even do with this much?" Ochaco looked at the 3 checks that she had recieved. Momo and Naruto, seeing her totally shocked reaction at the amount on the checks, had actually both given her their checks. Since her Quirk had been the entire reason they were able to save so many lives in the first place, they had decided to forgo their rewards for their work done, and give her their money rewards. So here she was, sitting with enough money to not have to worry about money for a good awhile... and she didn't know what to do with it. She was pretty sure even her parents had never seen this much money, and they weren't going to accept the money if she tried to give it to them.

3,000,000 yen... it was a lot of money, to not know what to do with.

Ochaco laid down on her bed, before she rolled around, hands on her face. She kicked her legs out and screamed into her hands, unsure about what she wanted to buy.

"Screw it, not going to use it, just going to put it in the bank!" Ochaco shouted as she jumped up. She would save it up, and use it when she graduated from U.A., so that when it was time for her to start up her own hero agency, she would have the money for it.

-With Naruto-

"I hate this so much... I should be training for the sports festival next week... but nooooo, I have to do this..." Naruto hated this so much. The speedo was super uncomfortable for him downstairs, and he was wasting his time with this. He didn't care if people looked at him sexually in general, he was used to it from Mina when she thought he wasn't paying attention. He just hated wasting time he could spend trying, doing something like this that served absolutely no purpose. He was pretty sure he saw a woman purposely drive her car through a muddy water puddle just to bring her car back through the wash. "... How haven't I gotten written up for indecent exposure yet?" Naruto asked with a frown.

Right now, he would really appreciate a police officer coming by, and writing him a ticket for this, that way he could put on regular swim trunks.

Speaking of the police.

"Damn, check on the bulge on that kid."

"Damnit..." Naruto whispered when a female officer passed by on her patrol, and she didn't even do her job. She just eyed him, before she nodded to Midnight with a wink. The two women seemed to know each other. His only hope was the male officer with the woman officer.

"Mmmmhmmm, what a body."

'Damnit... What the hell is wrong with my luck? Why can't a villain attack right now... just... attack right now so I have an excuse to not be here... why does a villain never attack me when a pro hero is nearby?' Naruto looked at Midnight in the area. What was wrong with his luck, if he had just been out with Mina, a villain would have certainly attacked. Yet, Midnight was here, and no villains to be seen.

Thankfully, nobody else he knew as here.

"Naruto? What are you wearing?" Ryuko asked as she walked by in her hero costume. She had her arms crossed as she looked at Naruto, not so much as a blush on her face. 'He's certainly grown from the little kid I remember.' Ryuko glanced at his body. She didn't really show any other reaction though, she was just more curious why Naruto was doing this.

Naruto slammed his forehead into the concrete.

Fuck his life.

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