Hello everyone. This is Thunder. I am here with a new story idea/challenge. The challenge is called Konsō challenge.

This challenge is inspired by two FanFictions: Konso By BannerOfStark and Familiar Stranger enjaes. The challenge is after Aizen is defeated. Ichigo loses his powers permanently; no Fullbringer or Urahara's reiatsu infused katana. Ichigo moves on, you decide what happens. At some point Ichigo dies, natural or accidental but no suicide.

I hope some of my readers accept my challenge. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoyed chapter 1 of Konsō.

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"Hello." -Normal talking

"Hello." –Ichigo's thoughts.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō/Hollow speaking

Kon'nichiwa [Translation of Hello]

Chapter 1: The Aged Moon Fang

Ichigo stared out at the full moon from his window. He could feel it. Death was approaching. He couldn't help it and chuckle at the thought after Death. Ichigo thought back to everything that happened after he lost his powers.

Flashback: Many Moons Ago

After Aizen's defeat and Ichigo losing his Shinigami Powers, everything returned to normal at first. Everyone pretending nothing extraordinary happened in the previous few months. But everyone knew the truth.

Ichigo noticed that Karin and Isshin were beginning to be slightly distant from him and Yuzu. He could already tell what has going on; Karin was slowly developing her powers. Ichigo pretended to be unaware of this. He decided to focus all of his time either with his studies or spending more time with Yuzu. Ichigo easily graduated from Karakura High School and Karakura University with honors in both schools. Ichigo then took over management of the Kurosaki Clinic.

A few days later, Isshin's body was sent to a Karakura General Hospital after his heart stop beating. To those who knew about Isshin's secret knew what truly happened. He left his gigai and returned Soul Society. Ichigo comforted Yuzu about her father's action while Karin pushed further into her studies.

A few years after Isshin's 'death' Yuzu and Karin graduated from Karakura Highschool. Karin immediately started to attend Karakura University. While Yuzu decided to do an apprenticeship at Karakura General Hospital. During her apprenticeship, she ended up meeting Kishitani Shinra. He was a young man with brown hair and eyes, just a few centimeters taller than Yuzu. He was also doing an apprenticeship at the Karakura General Hospital. They eventually began to date.

Two years later, Karin had dropped out of Karakura University. Her body was soon found dead. The police officers believe it was a suicide since no evidence may have led to her death. Ichigo had gone to Karakura University to look at Karin's school records. According to their records, it appeared that Karin barely attended her classes, and her test scores were low. The reports further supported Karin's suicide; her being ashamed of her grades. However, Ichigo and Yuzu knew the sad truth. Karin was spending more time fighting Hollows instead of studying. It appeared that Karin had decided to follow her father to the Soul Society.

Ichigo sighed as he continued to work at the Clinic. Yuzu had brought Kishitani Shinra home one night. Kishitani Shinra admitted that he could see spirits. After a few dinners, Ichigo approved of their relationship. Once Shinra and Yuzu completed their apprenticeship at Karakura General Hospital; they both decided to work in the clinic with Ichigo. Ichigo allowed Shinra to move in with him and Yuzu. A few months later, Shinra asked Ichigo for his permission to marry Yuzu. Ichigo agreed. Shinra decided to take Yuzu's last name since he's working at Kurosaki Clinic; continuing the family business.

A year later, Ichigo met his nephew and niece. His nephew's name is Ichika. He has Shinra's black hair and Yuzu's brown eyes. While his niece's name is Mikasa. She also has Shinra's black hair but has grey eyes.

A few months later, Yuzu and Shinra were invited to attend a dinner event at Karakura General Hospital. Ichigo stayed home babysitting Ichika and Mikasa. A few hours later, he received a phone call from a policeman. He informed Ichigo that there had been an explosion at the Karakura General Hospital and that Yuzu and Shinra where dead. The next day, Ichigo visited the Hospital to see that there were claw marks on the building and several footprints; evidence of a Hollow attack at the hospital. He then proceeded to the funeral for Yuzu and Shinra. Despite the sadness, Ichigo pushed on as he raised Ichika and Mikasa.

Time passed and Ichigo is now 27 years old while Ichika and Mikasa just turned 3 years old. Ichigo received the more sad news. A few days prior, Ishida Uryū and Ishida Orihime passed away in a burglary. In their will, it had stated that the custody of their two daughters was to go to Ichigo. Ichigo looked to see two young girls. They both appeared to be twins. They looked to be a mix of both Uyru and Orihime. The first one was named Yui had Uyru's black hair and Orihime's brown eyes. The second one was named Sora. She inherited Orihime's burnt orange hair while she had Uyru's blue eyes. Ichigo signed the forms and welcomed Yui and Sora into his family. Ichigo noticed that Yui and Sora are only older than Ichika and Mikasa by four months. A few years later since Yui and Sora joined their family. Ichigo told all the kids to call him Oji-san [Uncle].

Ichigo attended a funeral for one of his patients. When the family members of that patient mentioned 'him being in a better place', it made Ichigo realized that he will die at some point and will be sent to Soul Society. Knowing his luck and his nephew's and nieces' luck, all of them will be in Soul Society. So Ichigo decided that all of them needed to learn how to protect themselves. He decided to sign everyone to Kendo and Karate classes.

Ichigo is 33 years old while all the kids were close to turning 10. Despite being a single father Ichigo was able to support his four adopted children. Ichigo received a stipend from Karakura General Hospital because they were liable for Yuzu's and Shinra's death. Ichigo also had a training agreement with Karakura General Hospital. All their new recruits will work at the Kurosaki Clinic for a few hours a day for a month before starting their apprentice at Karakura General Hospital. It helps the new apprentices get firsthand experience of being a doctor. Whenever Ichigo wasn't supervising the new apprentices, Ichigo would tell the kids stories and show them photos of their parents. Ichigo also made sure each of them continuously learned self-defense skills and taught them any other skills. On Ichika and Mikasa's birthday, something fundamentally changed in the family. They were all celebrating Ichika's and Mikasa's when Ichika asked him an important question.


"Yes, Ichika?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"You already did but go ahead."

"Can… we call you Otou-san?"


"Can we all call you Otou-san?" Yui asked.


"We're not your sons and daughters but you care for us like one. I heard from other students that their Oji-san only takes care of them for a little while or visits them on certain occasions." Mikasa said.

"We know our 'birth' parents are in Soul Society and you are telling us some stories about them but to us… you're our Tou-san." Sora said.

"PLEASE!" All of them said while trying to pout/puppy dog eyes. Ichigo just stared at them. Ichigo didn't know what to say. Ichigo sighed.

"Fine. You can all call me Tou-san." Ichigo said.

"Yay!" The kids cried as they all hugged Ichigo. The moment was ruined when a spirit randomly floated in. Ichigo's stories explained to the children what do if they see a spirit; pretend its not there. Luckily Ichigo was the only one who noticed the kid's changed position. Ichigo told the kids to go wash up for lunch. An order the kids quickly followed.

Time passed on for Ichigo. He was now 45 years old and all the kids just turned 22. Ichigo was aware that all the kids are in a relationship. So Ichigo told all the kids to invite their boyfriends/girlfriends to meet for dinner in a few days. At first, all the kids tried to deny it. Ichigo just stared at the kids. A few days later, Ichigo sat down and watched each of his kids introduced their significant other.

"Tou-san, this is my girlfriend, Shinonono Houki," Ichika said. She was a beautiful teenage girl with dark blue eyes, long brown hair that she keeps in a slightly messy ponytail using a green and black ribbon. Ichigo was already aware of Houki since they were friends ever since Ichigo signed Ichika up for Kendo classes at the Shinonono dojo.

"Tou-san, this is my boyfriend, Jaeger Eren," Mikasa said. He has a fairly long, yet rounded face, and sizable, expressive teal-green eyes. His eyebrows are sparse and often furrowed, making him seem troubled or annoyed. His hair is short and dark brown, with his bangs falling naturally into a middle-parted curtain-type style. Mikasa explains that his father is German and his mother is Japanese. Mikasa met Eren in school when the students were bullying him for being half German and Japanese. Ichigo had to speak to the various parents of the bullies and the school principal because of it.

"Tou-san, this is my boyfriend, Yuuki Rito," Yui said. Rito has golden brown eyes and orange-brown hair. Ichigo noticed that parts of his hair were sharp and seemingly sticking out. Yui met Rito when they went to a nearby park. She was trying to help a cat that's stuck on a tree. Yui asked a few other boys for help. But all of them ignored her. She was about to lose hope when Rito volunteered to help her. He climbed the tree and rescues the cat. Rito immediately left after helping Yui. Yui didn't manage to catch his name. Yui had begged Ichigo to go to the park again to find him. It took a few days, but they met again and became friends.

"Tou-san, this is my boyfriend, Ishida Yamato," Sora said. Yamato has short spiky blond hair and has blue eyes. Sora met Yamato at middle school. They were classmates. One day, Sora stumbled into one of Yamato's secret band practices. She complimented them on their music. She would ditch soccer practice to listen to them practice. The soccer coach noticed Sora's absence from practice. He called Ichigo to ask about it. Ichigo found Sora listening to Yamato's band. Ichigo cracked a small smile. Ichigo pulled Sora away and asked her if she was interested in learning an instrument. Ichigo ended up striking a deal with Yamato. Ichigo would pay Yamato to teach Sora how to play the guitar. At first, Yamato was hesitant but he accepted the deal. It took a few weeks, but Sora learned how to play the guitar and ended up joining his band. With Ichigo's help, they named the band Monster X.

After all the guests were introduced, Ichigo brought out dinner. Ichigo told them we'll talk after dinner. Everyone was nervous about the impending discussion. Ichigo's kids and Houki warned the others about Ichigo's fighting abilities. Ichigo managed to earn his fifth tab in Karate and currently working with Houki's father in learning Jodan and Nito. After dinner was finished everyone moved to the living room. Ichigo asked everyone what their goals in life are. Houki and Ichika said that they want to enter competitive kendo. Mikasa wanted to enter competitive boxing. Erin expresses interest in joining the Japanese Military. Yui said she wanted to be a veterinarian. Rito wanted to become a manga artist, just like his father. Sora and Yamato wanted to continue playing music with their band Monster X. They also mentioned being a guitar instructor when they retire from playing with Monster X. Ichigo nodded at each of their plans. Ichigo informed them he approved of their plans, but he informs them that he doesn't accept their respective partner yet.

Ichigo is now 48 years old and all the kids just turned 25. They arranged for another meeting with Ichigo; asked him for his blessing for their marriage. Ichigo informed them that they all have to face him in a challenge of his choosing. Depending on the results of the challenge, Ichigo will inform them if they received Ichigo's blessing. Reluctantly all of them agreed to Ichigo's challenge. Ichigo's challenges were unorthodox and completely insane. In the end, they all failed the challenges but Ichigo explained to each of them that they passed. All of them looked at Ichigo if he is crazy. Ichigo explained the challenges were designed to test their love for each other, their resolve to protect each other, and their dedication to their relationship. A few months later, all of them married and moved to their own home.

Ichigo is now celebrating his 55-year-old birthday. He is surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Ichika and Houki have two daughters. Their oldest daughter is Kurosaki-Shinonono Chifuyu who is 5 years old, and Kurosaki-Shinonono Madoka who is 2 years old. Mikasa and Eren have a son named Kurosaki Yuu who is 3 years old. Yui and Rito have one son and two daughters. The first is a girl named Yuuki Mikan and she's 7 years old. A boy named Yuuki Judai is 5 years old and a girl name Yuuki Riko who is 2 years old. Sora and Yamato had a son named Yamato Takeru who is 4 years old. Ichigo is entertaining his grandchildren with various stories about their grandparents while the adults catch up with each other. Ichigo would look after his grandchildren whenever his children couldn't. Ichigo continued to run the clinic after all these years.

Ichigo turned 81. Ichigo could feel his body is beginning to weaken. His grandchildren also inherited the ability to see spirits. His children were complaining to him about their children already starting to date. Ichigo laughed at their misfortune. All the adults glared at Ichigo for daring to laugh. Suddenly Ichigo began to cough. All the anger glares turned into looks of concern. Ichigo let out a sigh.

"Are you alright Tou-san?" Yui asked. Ichigo looked at his children.

"I'm fine," Ichigo said as he slowly moved the blankets away.

"No Tou-san," Sora said as Mikasa moved the blankets back.

"We'll bring you dinner when Houki is done cooking," Ichika said.

"Fine. Go and try to discipline your own children." Ichigo said. All the adults glared at Ichigo for reminding them of their current problem as they leave the room. Another hard cough snapped Ichigo's mind back from his mental flashback. Ichigo looked at the full moon one last time before closing his eyes.

Ichigo opened his eyes and immediately could feel something different. Ichigo could feel his body is lighter than before. Ichigo looked around and saw his body is lying on the bed. It looked as if he was sleeping.

"So I finally died." Ichigo thought. Ichigo stood up, by himself, and look at a nearby mirror. Ichigo looked like he was 45. Ichigo's hair is to his shoulder blades. He is wearing a black yukata with a red obi. Ichigo took a few steps; slowly getting used to walking that fast. Ichigo floated through his door. Ichigo could hear his children and grandchildren talking. Ichigo carefully walked down the stairs. Ichigo reached the bottom and all the talking stopped.

"So it's finally time Tou-san," Yui said.

"It's time," Ichigo said as he noticed a Jigokuchō flying towards him. Ichigo extended his finger; allowing the Jigokuchō to land on it. Suddenly another ghost entered the living room. He is a tall, thin young man. He has long, straight silver-grey hair and gold eyes. He was wearing the standard Shinigami robes.

"It appears that I, Sohma Ayame, founded another lost spirit. Have no fear lost spirit…for I, Sohma Ayame, shall guide you a wonderful place called Soul Society." Everyone stared at the weirdo. He continued to monologue about himself. Yuu had enough of his monologue. He slowly walked behind the Shinigami and took off his slipper. Yuu wacked the Shinigami on the back of the head. "OW! What was that for?" Ayame turned to see Yuu standing behind him and putting his slipper back on.

"Your monologue is full of lies," Mikan said.

"Ojii-san said the Soul Society is only 'wonderful' if you have reiatsu to get away from the Rukongai," Madoka said.

"Even then, you are discriminated by many of the nobles because you're from the Rukongai," Chifuyu said.

"Um…" Ayame said; trying to figure out what do to. Shin'ō Academy never taught what to do if people from the Land of the Living are aware of Soul Society.

"Everyone here is aware of Soul Society, Rukongai, the Gotei 13 and Central 46," Ichigo called out. Everyone looked at Ichigo. "I want all of you to take care of each other. I want all of you to live happy lives. "Chifuyu, Madoka, Yuu, Mikan, Judai, Riko, and Takeru."

"Yes, Ojii-san?"

"Make sure to drive your parents insane," Ichigo said with a smile.

"YES OJII-SAN!" They all shouted. All the parents groaned and glared at Ichigo, who ignored it.

"One last thing, when it is your time to enter Soul Society, you'll know where to find me."

"Driving everyone insane?" Ichika said.

"Tormenting all your 'old' friends?" Mikasa said,

"Becoming the strongest Shinigami," Yui said.

"Finally finding a wife?" Sora said. Ichigo smiled as he looked at the Shinigami.

"Ready to do your job? I don't need the monologue about the glories of Soul Society." Ayame drew his Zanpakutō and tapped Ichigo with the hilt on his forehead. Ichigo glowed a few seconds.

"I love all of you." With that everything for Ichigo faded to black.

Hey everyone. Thank you for reading chapter 1 of Konsō. For those who didn't realize all the characters used in this chapter all are from other series.

Ichika, Houki, Chifuyu, and Madoka are from Infinite Stratos. Ichika and Houki are the best pairing. Ichika and Charlette are the second-best pairing.

Mikasa and Eren are from Attack on Titan. Don't hate me but I never watched the series.

Yui, Rito, Yuu, Riko and Mikan are all from To Love Ru. Rito and Yui are the best pairing.

Sora Yamato and Takeru are from Digimon.

Judai is from Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Sohma Ayame is from Fruits Basket.

Kishitani Shinra is from Durarara.

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