It was Monday February 2nd 2007 8:00am and Elizabeth Thacher was at her desk getting ready for school and getting a list of things for today when she realized she forgot to get the test for today but it was to late her class was already there and all of a sudden the heard gun shots and they heard screaming then they all hid. ''MRS.Thatcher what's going on'' I don't know lily just stay hidden and quiet okay okay MRS.THATCHER.'' Then,all of a sudden bang bang bang on the door and then he broke the window that was on the door and unlocked the door and was looking around the kids barricaded themselves under MRS.Thatcher's desk and called 911.

911 what is your emergency. Help there is a shooter in the classroom. ma'am please stay calm what is your location.

the schoolhouse. okay ma'am thank you what do you see around you.

I see a fire hydrant, a pet shelter.

what is your address 560 main street. thank you ma'am 911 is on the way.