Chapter 1 - Aftermath


Naruto stood reminiscing Nagato's final words to him when he initiated the jutsu that revived all the people he had killed during the invasion as he watched the paper tree slowly dispersing into thousands of pieces of paper...


Nagato glanced at Naruto one last time with trembling hands as the jutsu drained him of his final reserves of his chakra, "Naruto... I know you descend from the Namikaze line... How do I know? Hehe... you could say I did my research. However you must know this, the Namikaze did not originate originally as 'Namikaze'. This is only a branch of a bigger lineage. And you must find the truth. Start searching from the libraries of Uzushi popogakure... that would give you a head start. But for now,... goodbye, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze..."

He let down Katsuyu (the slug), who said, "I know what you're thinking Naruto, and I'll give you one advice, go and search for the truth... it will do you good."

"Thanks Katsuyu,.. but what about Konoha and Baa-Chan? I still have a life there! I can't just leave them, can I?"

"Don't worry, I will inform you if there are any trouble coming to Konoha, besides the rest of your friends are there, they will be able to hold up."

"Okay, but how are you going back to Konoha?"

"Don't worry, my main body is still in Konoha, I can just disperse and all the info in me is all connected to my other bodies...I have informed Konoha of your advances, they are also expecting your return, but I'll settle things down... Have fun with your journey, Naruto!"

"Bye, and thank you again, Katsuyu"

With that, she disappeared with a plum of smoke. I guess I'll take a rest before starting my journey to Uzushio.

Back at Konoha

Katsuyu just informed Tsunade with Naruto's decision...

(A/N Yes...Tsunade in this story will have woken up before Katsuyu 'returned' )

"WHAT!!! How could he just leave! Pein may be dead but Akutsuki is still our there! Most importantly, he may still be injured!"

"Do not worry Tsunade-sama," Katsuyu replied, "He is fine, he needs to do this... it's for his own good..."

"Ugh... it seems that I can't do anything about it, huh. I just hope that gaki doesn't do anything stupid." Tsunade felt a headache rearing its ugly head... How am I going to explain this to the Rookie 10? He just came back from Mount Myoboku and now he's gone again. ~Sigh~ I can literally see the paperwork right in front of me right now... what about his status? Will he become a missing-nin? He might be only a Genin but is still a ninja. OH! Since he underwent Sage training, he is qualified to be the next Toad Sage! Oh Jiraiya... if only you saw him, you would've been so proud right now... Augh! Drive away the depressing thoughts! I'll take care of that later. I have more important work to do as Hokage... Oh right... The village is still in ruins, welp, I guess Yamato would take care of that.

Somewhere in the village, a Mokuton user sneezed.

"Mah, mah, Tenzou, are you getting sick by just building a whole street of houses?"

"I guess someone's just talking about me right now...HEY I TOLD YOU TO STOP USING THAT NAME!!!"

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