It's ten years later after the events of weirdmaggedon in Gravity Falls and a bus pulls up to the town carrying everyone's favorite pair of twins.

Dipper: Man it has been a while

Mabel : I can't wait to see everyone!

over the years the two have filled out in all the right ways. From Dippers bulging biceps to Mabel's Great tits and ass. You can say they were the sexy twins.

Dipper : I can't wait to see how much or how little this place has changed.

The two get off the bus and look around at the old town.

Mabel: you said it bro, you think I can find a good boyfriend around here?

Dipper: who knows ,maybe you can find a dwarf haha.

Mabel : Oh haha very funny. What about you bro-bro? You got those bulging muscles and yet you're still single. I wonder why.

Dipper: S-shut up I was not ready that's all, now I am, totally

Mabel : I hope you're not still pinning for Wendy. Ooo, or maybe Pacifica!

Dipper: just for that you carry your own luggage

Mabel : What? Oh come on Dipper!

He just laughs as he keeps walking with his own

Mabel : Hmph! Fine! Big jerk... *pouts*

They arrive to the mystery shack

Dipper : Soos did a great job with this place.

Mabel: I wonder if he is still the same.

Dipper: Fat and goofy yet nice?

Mabel : Exactly! That's our Soos.

She goes and knocks on the door. The door opens to find the second Mr. Mystery standing behind it

Soos : Dudes!

Dipper and Mabel : Soos!

They hug each other happy to see each other after so long

Soos : I'm so happy to see you guys!

Dipper : I'm surprised you recognized us.

Soos : are you kidding? I'd recognize that hat and that smile anywhere.

Mabel : Hahaha, Same old Soos. Have you lost weight?

Soos: A little bit.

Dipper : And still wearing Stan's old suit.

Soos : Well Melody had it tailored for me a bit.

Mabel: smells like him alright

Soos : Trust me Melody washed it as much as she could.

Dipper : It sounds like you two are married already.

Mabel: *gasp* are you?

Melody : Going on 2 years!

Mabel : *starts shaking Soos* AND YOU DIDN'T INVITE US TO THE WEDDING!?

Soos: W-well...

Dipper : Alright that's enough.

He lifts Mabel over his shoulder and carries her to their room.

Mabel: i wanna hear everything later!

Soos : Got it.

Dipper : Now why don't you call all our friends and I'll see how the town looks.

Five minutes later Dipper is in the forest taking note of any changes, in his own journal with a pine tree on the cover.

Dipper: fresh air is the best

? : Sure is. *A familiar Redhead hangs upside-down from a tree branch*

Dipper: ! huh?

Wendy : Dipper? is that you?

Dipper: Wendy?

Wendy : *drops down* Wow... *looks him up and down* You got hot...

Dipper blushes at that comment of the beautiful redhead. she was too blunt.

Dipper : Heh, thanks Wendy.

Wendy : Glad to see you dude.

The two hug

Dipper: how have you been?

Wendy : As good as you can get in this town. How have you been? And where's your crazy but lovable, glitter covered, boy obsessed twin? Aren't you guys usually attached at the hip?

Dipper: Yeah we went to the doctor to get that removed *he joked* nah she is at the shack

Wendy : Cool. Soos has been doing really well with the place. As for me I'm pretty much taking over the Lumberjack business once my dad retires.

Dipper: chopping trees huh? he is still doing it?

Wendy : Ya see my dad doing anything else?

Dipper : Professional wrestling?

Wendy : That's actually not a bad idea.

Dipper : Hahahaha yeah... *Blushes at the idea of Wendy in a revealing wrestling outfit*

Wendy : So what are you doing out here?

Dipper: making a visit

Wendy : Well I can name a few people eager to see you. Especially with those bulging muscles of yours.

Dipper: oh really? who?

Wendy : The rest of the gang, and Pacifica.

Dipper: you hanging out?

Wendy : literally. *smirks*

Dipper: heh! well I want to keep looking around ,you coming?

Wendy : Sure. We can catch up. Lead the way journal boy.

She had become way more beautiful then he remembers as he thought walking.

Wendy : So why don't we start with how the shy, awkward geek got turned into a beefcake stud? *smirks*

Dipper: Working out duh!

Wendy : Well excuse me mister muscles. *punches his arm*

Dipper: Ouch! man its like your fists are made out of rock. *rubs his arm*

Wendy : Thanks dude. Nice to know I'm ready for the next Weirdmaggedon. hahaha.

They arrive in town

Wendy : Are you in for a few surprises dude.

Dipper: hit me then AH! *she literally hit him* really? *rubs his arm*

Wendy : Sorry couldn't resist. but no seriously you'll never guess who's actually trying to be a guidance counselor.

Dipper : Who?

Wendy : Gideon.

He stops in his track.

Dipper: you're shitting me?

Wendy : Nope. I guess between prison and Weirdmaggedon he's really trying to change. Though his lectures are a little out there.


Gideon : Now remember kids if you don't be good an inter-dimensional demon will put you in a cage and force you to dance for his amusement past the point of exhaustion.

Dipper: Hmmm I hope the kids are ok.

Wendy : There was a mix of confusion, fear, and just plain disbelief.

Dipper: Well what about Pacifica?

Wendy : Well after Mr. Northwest sold his mansion, they tried to repair their image but the whole town pretty much turned on them after the whole "pledge allegiance to Bill thing" Mrs. Northwest pretty much blames him for everything and now they're slowly going through a divorce. It's not official yet but anyone can see it. Pacifica has just been trying to stay away from it all.

Dipper: Sounds really hard.

Wendy : Yeah, me and the girls do what we can. But something tells me you and Mabel are the only ones who will really have any effect, since you guys helped her change in the first place.

Dipper: Hmmm...maybe I'll check up on her

Wendy : good idea.

Dipper: you don't mind if i make a detour now right?

Wendy : Nah, I understand dude. Go get your lady. *smirks*

Dipper : She's not my lady!

He put his hands in his pockets and heads t Lazy Susan's diner to see if she was still working there as a waitress.

Pacifica : Welcome to Lazy Susan's diner, Take a seat and I'll be right with you.

Dipper: Hey Paz

Pacifica : look very familiar...

Dipper : Here's a hint. We hunted a ghost together and I helped you prove you don't have to be like your family.

Pacifica: *gasp* Dipper?

Dipper : How have you been Pacifica? *smiles*

Pacifica : Oh my god you got hot... I MEAN, FINE! I've been fine! *flushes red*

Dipper: that's good to hear

Pacifica : So what brings you here? *plays with her hair in embarrassment*

Dipper decides to tease her a bit.

Dipper: I came to eat breakfast but then I was like ohhh man that waitress is so cute.

Pacifica : *flushes red * J-Just take your seat you dork!

Dipper: thanks *winks*

Pacifica : *blushing like crazy* (DAMMMMM)

She walks away swaying her hips, not that she wanted but her butt was so big it does it on its own.

Dipper : (Wow... She sure has grown up in all the right places )

Pacifica : Can I take your order?

Dipper: What do you recommend?

Pacifica : There's the coffee omelet with a side of coffee. or the Lumberjack pancakes.

Dipper: Hmm sounds good. do i look like a Lumberjack?

Pacifica : ...Yes. *blushes*

Dipper: I will be waiting

Pacifica : *quickly struts away*

Dipper: Hey sugar!

Pacifica : *stops* Sugar?

Dipper: Don't forget the sugar *winks*

Pacifica : Um right. I-I knew that. *blushes even more, quickly scampering away*

Dipper: (She is so cute)

Pacifica : (Damn it! what's wrong with me? When did he become such a...a...stud?)

Dipper: *Yawn* Man i need to take a nap later

Pacifica : Here's your order Dipper.

Dipper: Oh thanks

Pacifica : Let me know if you need anything else. *leaves napkins on the table*

Dipper: (I would like some beef the size of your ass delivered to my room) Thanks.

After Pacifica walks away he sees numbers written on the napkin and the words call me on it.

Dipper: (Indeed delicious)

He starts eating

Pacifica : (Oh my god I just gave him my number. Will he call me?)

Ten minutes later Dipper had eaten and left the dinner saying bye to the blonde waitress.

Pacifica : * waves to him with a blush on her face*

Dipper: Now i wonder who else can I see in this town?

Wendy : Yo! Dipper!

Wendy pulls up in a van full of very familiar friends.

Nate : Hey its Dr. fun times!

Lee : How you been man?

Tambry : *looks at him and makes a status update*

Dipper: I just got some food and...(should i brag about the number? hmmm maybe not ) excitment

Wendy : So how badly did Paz blush when she saw you? Did she have to Change her panties?

Dipper: Oh I don't know corduroy...Did you?

Wendy : I'll never tell. *winks*

Tambry : *blushes and makes another update*

Dipper: So where you guys going?

Wendy : Heading down to the pool. you in?

Dipper: go without me I still need to unpack

Wendy : Kay, see ya Dip.

Dipper suddenly gets a message from Tambry.

Tambry : "I can't wait to see you shirtless"

Dipper: hmm *rubs his chin* It seems like every girl I know wants a piece of me now. Cool.

When he gets back to the shack he hears a commotion coming from Mabel's room.

Dipper: Oh what is it now?

When he opens the door he sees Mabel comforting Candy.

Dipper: Ok what is going on here?

Mabel : Hey Dipper, we have a little situation here. Remember that weird puppet guy?

Dipper : You mean the guy you almost let Bill keep my body for?

Mabel : Not gonna let that one go are you?

Dipper: No. So what did that weird dude who would make out with his own puppets do now?

Mabel : Well apparently Candy tried to date him but...

Candy : He tried turning me into one of his puppets!

Dipper: say what? that is messed up. Did the cops do anything?

Mabel : They're looking for him.

Candy : Whenever I told him to forget those stupid puppets he just gets so... angry.

Mabel : Did he hit you Candy?

Dipper: If the answer is yes can i break his hand? *he smiles with an aura of someone who would pile drive a bear*

Candy : *wipes away makeup, hiding a bruise*

Mabel: wait is t-

Dipper: *clenches his fists and he gets into threatening mode* Ohhh now I know what else I'm gonna do today.

Mabel : Dipper...Make him suffer. *glares*

He puts his hat on Candy's hair

Dipper: Hold it

Candy: O-Ok... *blushes, looking into his intense eyes*

Dipper: any idea where he might be?

Candy : He could be anywhere by now.

Mabel : Well if you were a puppet obsessed weirdo where would you go?

Dipper: a theater?

Mabel : Good a place as any to start. Oh I wish Grenda was here. He'd turn that guy into a pretzel!

Dipper : Stay here with Candy, Mabel. I'll be right back.

He leaves and heads to the local theater. Like a man on the a hunt.

To be continued