The Returning Bonds

One Day in Rune Midgarts Kingdom, Prontera. There was a Knight whose name is Wilson Rand. Wilson was a new Knight on Prontera who have just becoming a Knight in Prontera. This is a story about his adventure as a Knight.

One Morning in Prontera Wilson was going to walking around with his Peco-Peco whose name is Ray and his beloved Baby Desert Wolf whose name is Athros. Wilson " Ah, what a nice morning indeed. Let`s take a walk and see what people sell today. " With that he prepared to check out the Inn and leave. He was about to buy some pet food and some potions to go hunting with his friend. "Ah hey there Mister Phrae, I would like to buy some pet food please." Mister Phrae was an Pet Expert, he had been renowned in Prontera because of his expertise in Pet and sometimes he could even make a new taming item that is never even heard or made by other person in Rune Midgarts. After buying a pet food he goes on the fountain in Prontera and sat down preparing for the food for Athros and Ray. Wilson then giving some sweet sauce to Ray, Ray likes sweet food and he even once eat Wilson`s cake because of his appetite. While he gave Athros a pet food, some Apple and Banana and a Milk. Athros was still an infant of Baby Desert Wolf when Wilson finds him, Athros families apparently got killed by a group of adventurer who was hunting on Sograt Desert before Wilson arrive there and meet Athros, Wilson then take a pity at the young cub who can`t defend himself and adopted him later. Athros is very spoiled and love Wilson so much that he thought Wilson as a Father Figure to him.

After giving both of them breakfast he then explore the city to find some potion made by Alchemist. After buying a potion he then back to the fountain and was waiting for his friend Roy and Andrew. Roy was Wilson`s childhood friend, he wants to become Great Sage that will one day solve many myteries in Rune Midgarts. While Andrew is a young adventurer who was saved by Roy and Wilson in the past. Andrew is still a young Merchant with a little experience on fighting against monster that is invading Rune Midgarts in various dungeon.

"Oh hey Rand, sorry it took so long to reach here. The Kafra seems to be crowded by people who was going to travel." Roy said. And then Wilson said "Nah it`s fine, it`s not like that i waited that long. After all I knew that you probably busy on hitting those girl you met at your way here eh? " Wilson sarcastically reply to Roy`s bad behaviour. Roy is known to have a charming face and nice figure by most adventurer they met, but Roy`s personality usually make the person whom they met think that he is a creep. "Oh come now Rand, I really am waiting for Kafra`s service ya know? After all they must be charmed by me *wink* ". " Even if the fact that she almost sent you immeadiately with a disgusted face? " Andrew said. And then Andrew asked Wilson " Bro Wil did you heard about the dungeon that is filled with many clones that mindlessly attacking whoever enter the place they stay? ". Wilson replied " Hmm? Is there any dungeon like that? ". "Yeah i heard there is a dungeon filled with many test subject and experiments that is done to adventurer in the past. It seems the experiment didn`t go smoothly as just after the experiment the subject gone loose and attack everyone and killed many reasearcher there. " Andrew said. " Well it`s not like we can do anything about that right? But i think it will be a good thing if we somehow get more information about it hmm? After all there is a chance that place is filled with many treasures and probably a loot that can be sold in a high price, or as matter of fact it is probably that there is a chance that this place was holding something valuable that is probably a worthy to be shown to the world ya know? " Roy said. "Hmm, i don`t know about that... it can be dangerous for us since Andrew still lack of experience here, and your clumsy nature in casting spell, but also it can be dangerous for me too who stilla new to this job. " Wilson said. "Well in any case it`s also a good thing to have a more information about this Dungeon. Since it can provide us with more knowledge about *his* whereabbout. " Wilson added. " Yeah it`s been almost 5 years since both of us last meet him, when he was saying that he went on a mission with the army of the knights " Roy replied to Wilson statement with an serious tone. " It`s rare to see you to be so serious at time like this Bro Roy. ". Andrew said. "Hmm? by nature i am really concerned about this guy whereabout ye know? He was like an older brother to both of us, and he treated us kindly even when we`re still a Novice who knows none about things or two. " "Ah, that`s also reminded me. Isn`t that the first reason you want to be a knight Rand? " Wilson then said " Well yes, but i can`t seems to understand..." Roy then shrink her eyes and asked " Hmm, what is it that you don`t understand? Aren`t you who supposed to be knowing him more? Since you are the Member of Knight`s Ordeal."

Well this is still part 1 of my fanfic I still a newbie to this kind of things so please be sure to let me know what am i lacking so i can improve it later on. Also this is gonna be romance fanfic later on so please be sure to give me a lots of ideas lol