Chapter 3

Wilson, Roy, Andrew and Leon then having a dinner in the inn. Roy asked "So by the way Leon, about the things you said to the people earier. Is it true when ya said that Payon was attacked by that kind of corpse earlier?" while eating a chicken leg. "Well that corpse earlier was a bit weird if i think about it, it`s flesh is rotten and it has some kind of light bluish flame bursting from his chest and mouth. But... something is weird." Andrew said. Leon then said "Well yes it is a bit weird at first. But i assure you that if they by any chance aren`t disposed quickly they will turn into a dangerous zombie which attacks everyone at sight." Andrew then said "No... it`s not about that... it`s about what the people said earlier. It is said that the corpse identity was Dulan.". "Hmm? is he a relative of yours? Wilson asked." Andrew then said "`s not but...Dulan was last seen going to his relative house 4 days ago. Well i mean he was supposed to die during a period of time during that 4 days right? But what i saw is just like a corpse who have been rotten for almost 2 weeks." Leon whom examined the corpse earlier then said "Well it`s true that it is strange. It`s like someone had purposely used the corpse for experiment. Well in any case the Knight and Crusader had both issued this to his majesty, so we better be patient and let the King`s decision." After that they had a great chat about adventure and also their experience as their prespective jobs. Then "By the way Bro Wil have you gave Athros and Ray?" Andrew asked. "Hmph, I had ordered an extra meal from this inn just for them. I`ll give it to them later."

After dinner Wilson then goes to the stable to give the food to Ray before giving them to Athros since Athros sleep with Wilson. And Roy taking a night stroll on the city while Leon and Andrew discuss the plan for tomorrow. After giving the food to Ray Wilson then also taking a stroll. He then saw a pub which is filled by many guilds and their member which is having fun over there like drinking, playing music and playing a games and also sharing stories about each other like a families. Seeing that Wilson then thought "Whoa, so that is how a guild is look like. Whoa they`re so cool. But in my condition... it`s probably too much to be having a guild. I need to get stronger so we can own a guild.". At the same time, Roy was discussing with adventurers about their own experience. "So guys, how long have ya`all become an Adventurer?" Roy asked. "Hmm, it`s about 4 years for me." A Hunter with blonde hair and a bit tanned skin answered him. "Whoa, 4 years? And here I am still 3 months. I still need more experience to be more skilled." A Thief girl with a long hair and a cap said with a amazed look written all over her face." They continued their discussion until it was late. Then An Eerie and Elderly Warlock with a long pitch black cape dressed with skeleton ornaments on the back of his cape also a necklace that contain 3 big skull appears suddenly, "Excuse me, did you drop this?" the Elderly Warlock then stretch his hand to Roy, giving back his Cultish Masque which he picks up earlier. "Must have fell when you having a good chat." The Elderly Warlock added. "O..Oh why thanks." Roy replied. The hunter then said "Wow, that`s some scary guy over there.". "I didn`t even notice when he appears from behind you." The Thief girl added. "Yea... but ain`t he a bit suspicious? I mean with that clothes of his." Roy then said "Uhh, I don`t know but... I feel that guy is dangerous in any ways... he might just look like a creepy old man but... I feel a huge power inside him." After passing Roy and the adventurer the Elderly Warlock then thoughts. "I see so that`s one of the Kids that is said to be a Adventurer who will one day brings a great destiny eh. I must go report this to Milord."

After that at midnight. Roy was walking back to the Inn but, suddenly he pass a group of people. He then heard someone said "Hey, what are you doing at this late night?" Roy then turning back and saw the Guard of Morroc who was patroling at that night. Roy then explain that he was on his way to the Inn to the Guard. The Guard then warns Roy "Don`t stay up late Kid. There is some bad phenomon usually happen in this place at nighttime. Well I know you are a fine adventurer who can protect yourself but please consider this warning okay. We are currently ordered by the King to investigate this phenomon." Hearing that Roy become even more curious about what is happening on Rune Midgarts now, but because he is exhausted he will return now to the Inn."