I have watched this brave hunter since the moment they came to Yharnam, when they signed their contract and entered the Hunter's Dream. Armed with a wide variety of trick weapons, they venture out on the long night of the hunt, facing many dangers, from monstrous beasts, to the mad townsfolk, even the all-powerful Great Ones themselves. They always return to the Hunter's Dream, to me, injured and weary. I provide whatever comfort I can, and then they venture out once more to face the nightmare again, whatever their reasons.

Now a new path has opened in the dream, leading to a new world beyond Yharnam, beyond anything I have seen. The brave hunter ventures down the path once more. All I can do is pray for their victory, and their safe return.

All square attacks in the Hunter's moveset will focus on saw cleaver moves, circle attacks will be about gun attacks, and triangle will use other weapons found in the game. The main skin will be the hunter armor set, while other skins will be the other armor sets.

Super 1: Kirkhammer smash

Super 2: Molotov Cocktail

Super 3: Beast form