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Now, I am no stranger to fanfiction writing. I've been doing it for many years now, but, this is my first Back to the Future fanfiction. I watched the movies a week ago with a friend and have been, since that moment, obsessed with the Doc/Clara ship. BUT, I can't seem to find any good Doc/Clara fanfiction on here! Seriously, this is a cannon ship that is beyond adorable with all sorts of possibilities for fluff, angst, and more! This is an attempt to provide that to fellow Back to the Future lovers who want to see these two happy together and find out What Happened Afterwards. I have researched, read, and done the best to inform myself so I can write these characters well. Review and let me know how I did!

This is Chapter 1 with more to come. Chapter 2 is finished but I'm waiting for my friend to read it. She insisted though that I post this. I can basically guarantee no plot. This is simply a series of loosely connected one-shots that form a story about these two being super fluffy. In fact, I am going to label this as complete though I will continue to add to it.










DATE: September 7th, 1885



The wreck was a magnificent explosion, just as predicted. But, the lack of audience failed to come to pass as two people watched the train pause mid-air for a fraction of a second before plunging deep into the ravine and erupting in a ball of fire, sand, and smoke. The sound followed the explosion and shook the trees around the ravine with its power.

When the wreck quieted, and the wind swept through to carry away the dust and smoke, the old gentleman, standing on a hot pink hovering board, stepped onto the ground. In his arms, he still held tightly to a brunette woman who clutched his yellowed deer hide overcoat with one hand and held tightly to his neck with the other. After a few breaths, she brushed her curly hair out of her face and blinkingly looked towards the bridge and the sharp drop-off beyond.

"Did…did he make it?" She whispered, allowing the white-haired man to set her down but not leaving his arms, preferring to keep one wrapped around his torso.

"Just before the DeLorean reached the end of the bridge, I saw it reach temporal displacement . Also, the fire trails suspended in the air indicate that he reached eighty-eight miles per hour before the end of the tracks. I am confident that Marty made it safely back to the year 1985." The young woman looked up at the strong face and saw the faintest twinge of sadness hiding behind the big chocolate eyes. He concealed it well, but she knew her Emmett far too well to naively believe he wouldn't miss his young friend dearly.

With a weary smile on her face, she laid her hand on his chest, over his heart and her head on his shoulder.

"Emmett, it's okay to miss Mr. Eastwood. You don't have to hide it from me." She reached up and turned his face to look at her, remembering distinctly how she had last touched his cheek. "I shall be forever grateful for your saving me. I always seems to get into trouble when I do reckless things and you're always saving me."

"It is my pleasure." He whispered, catching himself running his thumb over her cheek bone and smearing the dust and ash that coated her face. "About all this –" He started to explain and she quickly put a finger over his lips and hushed him.

"Not now. Let's go home. I'm covered in dust from head to toe. This dress is torn far beyond repair and you must be exhausted. Shall we go to my place and refresh and rest? Perhaps there we can talk over a cup of tea?" He nodded, seeing the wisdom in her words. They were both covered in several layers of various particles and needed to wash and change.

"I shall take you home then return to my workshop for change of clothes and a bath."

"Then, maybe come over for lunch?" Clara offered. "We do need to talk. I want to know more about…this." She vaguely gestured towards the smoldering mess laying at the bottom of the ravine. "I want to know how it works…or…worked."

She saw a light spark in the wide eyes of her Emmett at the notion of sharing his invention with an eager and educated ear.

"I would be delighted to explain its intricacies though it will take until well beyond sunset to elucidate every component." One white eyebrow arched, warning her of time involved. She quietly laughed and leaned up, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek.

"Take all the time you need. I'm sure the children wouldn't mind a day off school." Color rose quickly in his cheeks and just because she was feeling a little bit bold, she gave him another quick peck and stepped out of his embrace. "Come on, let's go find the horses. They have to be around here somewhere…"

She started to walk away from the crack in the earth's crust, but his hand reached out and grasped hers gently to stop her.

"Wait, it is going to be a long walk to find them as they most likely are spooked. Here, use the hoverboard." He reached down and drew the pink boards towards them, leaving it hovering mid-air by her ankles. For the first time since the appearance of the device, Clara had a moment to examine at the object that had been instrumental in saving her life. The little pink blank hovered, as its name suggested, just a half a foot off the ground. A lone pink strap looped at one end and the words "hover board" were jaggedly written across the middle on hideously contrasting buff lines.

"I don't know, Emmett…" She trailed off and eyed the futuristic object with a suspicious eye. While she allowed herself to be open to the future having strange new inventions (after all, she had just seen one with her very eyes disappear into the future from whence it came), she found herself unsure about trying out one of them herself so soon after her discovery. "All this is so sudden."

"If you have good balance, it is very easy to handle. Just stand on it and I will walk beside you and teach you how to handle it. Trust me. I will not let you fall." He looked tenderly down at her, the gentlest of smiles creasing his weatherworn face. "Your shoes were not made for walking and I don't want you to endure blisters. And, I cannot carry you all the way home." Both secretly wished he could; her as she had enjoyed his arms wrapped securely around her and him as he had relished her grip on his neck.

"I trust you, Emmett." She quietly said, believing with all her heart he wouldn't let her down. He grinned at her, stealing her breath and her heart all over again in one movement.

"Step onto the board and slide one foot under the strap." He angled the board parallel to himself on the ground and held out his arms for her to hold onto like guardrails. Her gloved hands clutched as the fabric as she slid one shoe under the strap and tested her weight on the hovering plank. It moved down to accommodate but recalibrated and returned to its former position six inches from the ground. "Now, take your other foot and place it directly in front of the first, pointed forward." Clutching his forearms as tightly as she could, she shakily lifted the other foot from the dust and let it rest in front of her other shoe. The hoverboard recalibrated and remained still beneath her.

"Now what?"

"Take my hand." He held out one hand and encouraged her to release her death-like grip on his overcoat. Feet shaking, she let go and immediately grabbed his hand. He turned, his shoulder level with hers. "Now, with your free foot, push the air." Clara just looked at him, the nervous look melting into an annoyed expression.

"Emmett, are you in earnest? Push the air?" He nodded once, an excited smile on his face, like a child showing off a new toy to a friend. In a way, that is exactly what he was, an excited inventor showing a whole different world to the love of his life.

Shrugging, she tried and the hoverboard moved forward a few inches, throwing her off balance and leaving her clinging to his arm like a vice. Taking a few quick breaths, she straightened and tried again, now ready for what the plank would do. It moved again, and he walked beside as she tried little pushes at first to get a feel for the power beneath her feet. Within minutes, she obtained her balance and easily maneuvered the board around small obstacles. As they wandered in search of their mounts, she completely released his arm and only kept hold of his hand, not for stability but simply to feel his hand resting in hers as tangible proof he walked beside her.

Only the sound of his boots scraping against rocks and crunching branches broke the silence around them.

This was not the silence of a couple long used to one another wherein words became a waste of breath and energy. This silence was begotten of a lovers' quarrel, telling of a break in trust. Emmett seemed to have forgotten her actions, blissfully looking for the horses while holding her hand while she couldn't stop hearing her words ringing in her ears.

She'd accused him of not loving her, of not respecting her when, in truth, he'd trusted her with the greatest secret of the all centuries. She'd thought him heartless when in fact, his was the greatest heart she'd ever known. Guilt locked up her lungs, and tears choked her. If not for her, he'd be home in his time with his friends. Maybe she would have been there with him in the new world where hovering boards were a reality.

Despite having been the one to want to talk later, she felt the cloying need to apologize immediately and take away the awkward silence.

"Emmett, do you think we could take a break for a moment? My leg is tired." She stopped pushing the hoverboard and tugged him to face her. His wide brown eyes looked at her adoringly, entirely undeserved after her words to him.

"Of course. There!" He exclaimed, pointing to a tree with a large boulder sitting at its base. "We can sit over there in the shade and rest a moment. The sun is stifling." In consideration to her tired legs, he scooped her up in his arms, leaving the hoverboard floating mid air and carried her, bridal style, over to the bolder. Clara caught herself blushing like a schoolgirl. Once he set her down, she arranged her skirts and reached under her dress to massage her aching calf. Politely, he looked away, avoiding looking at her ankles which were in plain sight. Such a gentleman!

After another moment of long silence, she quietly said,

"I need to apologize." Doc turned to face her, his wide eyes blinking once.

"What for?" He asked, taking off his head and setting down on an outcropping of rock beside her.

"For what I said and did last night. I'm sorry. I should not have slapped you and stormed away without giving you the benefit of the doubt." She hung her head and a few dark curls fell in front of her face. "As fantastical as it was, I should have trusted you would never lie to me and at least tried to believe it." He stepped forward and gently cradled her jaw in the palms of his hands.

"Clara, life is made up of 'should haves' and 'shouldn't haves'. They have brought me to the place I am now and you as well. All of us are where we are now because of those life-changing words. I do not fault you for not believing me. I would not have believed me either." Resting her face in his hands, she gave him a sweet smile.

"I thought you'd gone mad. You were always eccentric, a trait I liked, but this seemed like insanity. And, when I decided to come back, I still thought you were crazy. Only, I believed you did care about me and whatever delusion you were under, I could live with it. I'm so sorry! I never meant to break your heart!" Her eyes welled up with tears. If he'd experienced half the pain she suffered, he'd gone through hell.

Not speaking, he drew her into his arms as she fit perfectly against his chest while sitting. She snuggled her way against him and wrapped her arms tightly around him. His cheek rested against her hair and his fingers played with the ringlets that reached down the middle of her back.

"I forgive you." He whispered into her hair. "I love you, Clara."

"I love you too, Emmett. I always will."