Before we get into this people, i just want to say something. If you came here looking for a story with a great hero fighting against darkness in the name of light and justice, than you are looking in the wrong place. This is a fic centered around the Skaven after all. I was inspired to make this story due to the lack of Warhammer Fantasy and LOTR crossovers, specifficaly those involving the children of the Horned Rat. Such a thing cannot be tolerated. Perhaps the Skaven might not blow up the moon this time for some reason beyond anyones comprehension.

When making this part of the story, i questioned whether or not to go for either the Elder Scrolls or Lord Of The Rings o go with in a crossover. Eventually my mind settled on LOTR, mainly because another guy is doing a great crossover story between Warhammer Fantasy and the Elder Scrolls, and i don't want to make it come across that i'm just riding upon it's success so far, despite me stating my love for it. If anyone has anything that they don't like about it, i would prefer if it was stated to me via a private message. And finally, if anyone ever wants to get involved in the story and try a collaboration, i'd be completely fine with that as it might make things a bit easier for me.

The Old World 2513 IC

"Ratmen aren't real, it's foolish to believe in such crazed nonsense."

This is a line which has been repeated more times than one can count by the many inhabitants of the Old World. For thousands of years people across it have said this in response to supposed rumors and sightings of Ratmen. The Cult Of Sigmar have even gone so far as to denounce any who persist with these rumors as heretics and have had them killed for it. Libraries have been scoured and have had many books and tomes burned containing references to Ratmen, with few pieces remaining involving such things. One of them being 'The Doom Of Kavzar', a story detailing the destruction of a Dwarven and Human city involving rats. And so people zcross the Old World believe Ratmen to be a myth.

They're all wrong of course.

Lying far beneath the surface of the world are indeed such a species. Ratmen, Ratkin, Children of the Horned Rat, call them what you will. But they ultimately call themselves the Skaven, the rulers of the Under-Empire. A massive civilization that spreads from Naggaroth to Cathay and from the Southlands to the Chaos Wastes. There are few places the vermin of managed to lay their paws upon. This story in particular involves this threat to inhabitants people of the Old World and beyond, as they travel from one world to another one to gnaw upon it's own roots.

Our story begins in the Southlands within the Skaven stronghold of Yuatek, a fortress of Clan Mors. And within it, a Skaven Chieftain was overlooking his servants at work. This Skaven Chieftain in particular is known as Zeshulk Skullreaper, named so for his tendencies to take the severed heads of his enemies as trophies. It has been widely rumored among his minions that he does so in emulation of Queek Headtaker. And if he happens to be within earshot... Well, they quickly learn that he does not take kindly to such a suggestion, and responds with a rather 'excessive' responce to being deemed an inferior version of Queek.

He stood at five feet tall, with coal black fur and like all Skaven possesed red eyes. He was covered from head to toe in the signature red armor of the Stormvermin, a possible reference to his past as one. And covering his back are spikes mounting the heads of many species, taken as trophies to serve as proof of his might. Right now he was overseeing the work of Skryre rats on... Something that was found in this place due to the excevations of a Warp-Grinder. A waste of time in his vaunted opinion. He gnashed his teeth together, in his mind he should be out fighting and gaining ever more glory,and proving his genious and not to mention superiority to Queek, not stuck here in the middle of nowhere doing absolutely nothing.

All that he knows is that he was supposed to make sure that nothing went wrong, and despite his disapproval at being put in such a position, he had no desire to risk the wrath of Lord Gnawdwell, so he ultimately had no choice. Right now he was stationed high on a platform, seperated from the rest of the room by several feet of metal. No need to risk his whiskers after all. Just below the platform were Warlock Engineers whom had dug themselves trenches to watch bravely as the Slaves continued to dig and risk their lives for the glory of Clan Mors. And for the glory of the great Zeshulk, of course.

So until he had been deemed of completing his task, he had no choice but to stay in Yuatek, with nothing to do besides ordering slaves brought to him to torture and kill at his leisure. And each time one of them expired he thought at the possibility of whatever was uncovered here bringing forth something to courageously fight against and kill via an excessive amount of Ratling Gunners and Warpfire Throwers, with him to claim the head of upon it's death as another magnificent trophy for his collection. Although it was clear that it wouldn't happen. At one point he had thought of heading to wherever the forces hired from each of the four Great Clans were, thinking that they might in some way manage entertain him. He thought about spending time with the breeders, but even that would not satisfy him after awhile.

Perhaps hitting the slaves enough might make them remember that his talents are wasted here, and work faster to rectify such a mistake. Upon the thought of it he looked upon the artifact that was found. It is a stone structure that is circular in shape, with a large number of steps leading up to the center of it. At the sides of the platform in the center of it are four inward curving pillars positioned in an x formation. And the end of each pillar is carved in the shape of a Carnosaurs head, a trophy that he was dissapointingly unable to mount as a trophy. And the Horned Rat knows he's not going to try to do that again. Surrounding it is a large number of Clan Skryre machinery, with large amounts of warpstone hooked up to each one. He presumed that it would allow them to draw power into and from whatever this thing is.

He taped his left pauldron with the claws of his right hand, while his right foot taped the ground. Even the torturing and killing of slaves was not enough to satisfy him now. Several minutes passed by and boredom grew into anger. He yelled out "WORK QUICK-FASTER SLAVE SCUM!" And so they did. A minute later his boredom finally go to him and he gone down through the door at the back of the room to teach the vermin the folly of not performing well, and to remind the the Skryre rats that a bored Zeshulk is a dangerous Zeshulk, with the possiblity of continuing to do nothing overriding survival instinct. When he arrived down there he saw a Warlock Engineer slowly walking up to him, likely afraid. In his mind, this is good. They should be afraid of him.

The Skryre rat said "Great-mighty one, we are progressing as planned. Despite the slow-slow speed of the slave scum, we should be done soon. All that you need do is wait-wa-" He didn't finish that sentence, as Zeshulk backhanded him with his right hand and sent him flying several feet. He was done waiting. At the sight the slaves increased their speed. Zeshulk merely narrowed his eyes at them. Perhaps hitting them over the head enough times would motivate them to work fast enough so that their glorious leader would not grow to become bored because of the laziness so easily. The other Warlock Engineers started to scatter away from him, in hopes of avoiding being the subject of his wrath. The slaves did the same, with the Musk Of Fear heavy in the air.

He screamed at them for this affront, how dare they stop their work, simply because they saw a worthless tinker rat be backhanded. Without even grabbing a weapon he chased after the nearest Skaven in the vicinity, the same Warlock Engineer who tried to confront him whom was now scurrying away from him as fast as possible. Five seconds later they were near one of the machines the Skryre rats had set up. The Warlock Engineer was rammed into by Zeshulk, and felt himself land on something long, thin, and hard. Immediately afterwards the sound of warp lightning could be heard crackling, but Zeshulk payed no attention to this.

He grabbed the Skryre rat by the tail and started to drag the Warlock Engineer towards him while the Skryre rat tried to grab onto something to hold onto. A few moments later Zeshulk was about to tear out the Warlock Engineers throat with his fangs, but was interrupted by something kncoking him away. He yelled out "WHO DARES!?" What he saw next provided him with the answer to his question. He saw the various devices constructed shooting warp lightning into the pillars, which in turn shot blue electricity into what appeared to be a large black sphere positioned in-between the pillars.

This sphere had blue electricity coming off of it, and with every moment it became more powerful and violent. He knew just by looking at that whatever this was clearly had no head for him to take. But aside from that, it reminded him of the Purple Sun Of Xereus spell casted by magic users of the various races covering the worlds surface whom specialized in manipulating the purple winds of Shyish, the Lore Of Death. And moments later wind started to blow in the direction of the sphere, and his survival instinct kicked in and he ran in the direction of the exit, as did every other Skaven in the room.

Two seconds later than winds become stronger and the sphere started to grow, forcing Zeshulk to dig his claws into the flaw and crawl towards the exit, with Zeshulk and every Skaven in the room exuding the Musk Of Fear. Three seconds later the wind became stronger, and every other Skaven in the room had been sucked into the sphere as it grew larger. Five seconds later he was a few feet away from the exit, but his claws gave away and were removed from the ground. He then let out a terrified scream as he was sucked into the sphere, which then grew to consume all of Yuatek and then disappeared, leaving Yuatek empty and silent.

End Prologue

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