Whilst Krozkrel was journeying back from the place he killed the Troll he came across, Zeshulk seemed to be done kicking his living homemade throne. Major emphasis on 'seemed to be', as even when he seemed to stop he still delivered the occasional kick to either amuse himself or to continue to hammer in the price of daring to making sounds without the permission of their glorious master. And right now the Slaves that make up his throne are bleeding in multiple places with more than a few possessing several broken bones. Just as he delivered another one a Skaven walked up to Zeshulk and bowed, Zeshulk said "Speak-squeak what you wish to say-say vermin." The Skaven said "My Great-Glorious master, an Eshin-rat has returned." Zeshulk's ears went up at that.

If the Eshin-rat didn't had something good for him, than he'll be wishing he was dead. Zeshulk said "BRING FORTH THE ESHIN-RAT!" Soon therafter, an Eshin-Rat stood before him, head hung low in submission. Zeshulk said "What-what is it, lowly vermin." The Eshin rat only replied with "I have found-found a breeder my lord, still alive-breathing and ready-ready for you, great-mighty one." Zeshulk stood up and walked down his slave throne, enjoying the sounds of cracking bone and squirting blood. Whether any had died, he didn't care. They would be replaced soon enough. Zeshulk said "Bring-take me to the breeder, Eshin-rat." the Skaven replied with "Oh yes, powerful-mighty one." Before he could fully turn his head, a shuriken flew right into it and embedded itself into his left eye.

The Skaven was somehow still alive and on the ground, squirming, and clutching at his left eye. The other Skaven meanwhile cleared the way and looked at where the shuriken came from, and then saw that it came from a fellow Eshin-Rat, a Gutter Runner from the looks of it. The one who threw the shuriken yelled out "LYING SCUM!" He then looked at Zeshulk and yelled "MIGHTY-POWERFUL ONE! THIS SCUM-SCUM TRIED TO LIE-LIE TO YOU!" It's gaze then turned towards the Skaven whom was now trying to get up. He then said "Tried to deceive-trick you." whilst walking towards the Skaven. Just as the Eshin-Rat was on it's knees the Skaven stabbed it with two daggers, both piercing the lying Skavens hands and sticking him to the ground. And then, he ripped out the back of the Skavens throat with his fangs whom died moments later.

Zeshulk didn't seem to be bothered by one of the Eshin-Rats being killed, in fact he seemed to find some manner of amusement from it, and from the fact that the Eshin Rat actually thought he could deceive him. Zeshulk then stepped down with blood covered feet, and walked up to the Eshin-Rat, whom despite still being on top of the dead one seemed to be prostrating. Zeshulk said "Ha, a fool-fool such as this vermin-rat could never deceive-trick one such as I. You were not needed-required Eshin-Rat. Say-squeak your name." The Skaven said "Krozkrel Shadowstalker, mighty-great one." Zeshulk then let out a "Hmph." and said "Take me to the breeder-rat, now-now."

How exactly the Eshin-rat found out about the breeders, Krozkrel didn't know. He presumed that he must have saw Krozkrel heading away from where the others were searching, and realized that if what they did wasn't working than one as genious as the ever intelligent Krozkrel would, and so gone back to Zeshulk to report to him where the rough direction of one or more breeders would be and take all of the credit for Krozkrel's work. He just didn't take into account Krozkrel getting back so early. And that's the solution that Krozkrel managed to come up with, and is of course correct, as one such as him would easily guess the actions of such an imbecile. But it doesn't matter now, for now it is time to indulge in the glory of HIS accomplishment.

Zeshulk meanwhile was wondering what to do next. Now that the breeders are found, what lies next is to find out exactly where they are. Who knows what could be out there. Perhaps there is a village or town of sort nearby that they might be able to raid. And although whatever form of map that might be possessed by said individuals would be obviously inferior to any Skaven map, he doesn't exactly have any choice in the matter. Plus some of them might be proper warriors and give him some sport. Perhaps even a new trophy to add to his collection if they prove to be worthy of it, rather than a piece of grain for him to step on and not even a bump in the road.

And then there is the problem of warpstone. Currently they are dangerously under-supplied in it, with the only ones they have on hand being warpstone tokens and perhaps a few that the Skaven with him may be hoarding and currently have with them. Somehow. And as for Krozkrel, the Eshin-rat could be a threat, but every Skaven is in their society. Plus he'll need every vermin he can get his paws on at the moment due to his forces low numbers, compared to proper Skaven armies anyway. So for now, killing the Eshin-rat and continuing to ensure HIS dominance would have to wait. For now anyway.


Whilst that was going on, several miles away were many people going about there lives. A few years back, they headed north from Rohan in an attempt to establish a settlement in the Gladden Fields between Fangorn and Lothlorien, an attempt at expanding their Kingdoms borders. And so far it has gone along poorly. Due to the nearby swamps, disease has been a longtime problem, and it has been difficult getting supplies due to the only way of getting them being by boat via the Anduin river, a problem brought about by Fangorn being too dangerous to travel through. Not only that but the occasional raid from Goblins out of Moria to the west has taken it's toll. The only source of consistent help that they had received had been from any nearby Stoors, a rather surprising thing due to them once seeing Hobbits as fairy tales.

Right now, four of them were out in the swamps trying to look for whatever fish might be found in it. Although swamps aren't generally recommended whenever searching for fish, right now whatever they find in the Anduin along with the occasional help from Stoors and getting supplies from Rohan once in awhile simply aren't helping them enough. They need whatever they can get their hands on. The four of them right now are currently traveling on rowboat, and although four would normally be enough to find fish out in bodies of water, right now finding them was proving to be incredibly difficult, and in no small part due to the rain that was happening. Currently, all that they had found were Alligators, Crocodiles, clams, crabs, and snakes.

The first two would be enough, but are too dangerous to hunt considering they weren't trained to hunt them, the last is too random and right now they couldn't even find any of those. And the other two wouldn't be enough. The clams didn't even have the courtesy to produce any pearls that they might be able to sell. How exactly the Stoors had been able to survive at all out here is far beyond them, and many ended up cursing whatever fool who decided that settling out here was anything even remotely close to a good idea. One of the four ended up looking out of the right side of the row boat and far beyond the boat he saw a small green glow within the water. He said to the others "I think i see something over to the right of us, turn the boat in that direction."

Evidently he was the only one who saw it, because the others didn't seem to think he actually saw anything. Thirty seconds later, they saw that he was right. Below the was indeed a green glow, and one of them said "Any idea what that is?" Nobody answered, as they all had no idea. The same person who spotted it said "I'm going to go take a look. Everyone looked at him like he was a crazy man. Another one of them said "Are you crazy? Who knows what could be down there. Crocodiles, Alligators, Snakes, and you might even drown. And non of those are even addressing whatever that thing is." The moment after he said that the man jumped into the water with a net, and the same person muttered "Of course Dyonis would do that."

Five seconds later Dyonis saw what it was, a large glowing green stone slightly bigger than his head. He had no idea what this thing is, but it's definitely no pearl. He barely managed to get it inside the net, and he swam back to the surface with four ropes connected to the net. When he got to the surface and gasped for air he said "I saw something down there, and it's definitely not anything I've ever seen before." As he was pulled into the boat he said "I'm going to need your help with this, i barely managed to get the thing inside the net." Whether they thought he was stupid, crazy, or both varied between each of them, but if it's something valuable than this is something that they won't be missing out on. Thirty seconds later they managed to pull it out f the water and onto the boat, and they were stunned by what they saw.

Non of them even asked what it was as it was clear that non of them had the answer to that, and ten seconds later one of them said "Hey Dyonis, you have a son, six years old, right?" Dyonis said "Yeah, little Azrael." The same man said "Well, i think you just found a way to get the kid along with the rest of us fed."

End Chapter