Chi-Chi's Journey

Part Seven: Goodbye Again

"Is this the last of it?" Goku asked Chi-Chi as he closed her largest suitcase.

The week together went by rather quick but it was like the honeymoon Goku and Chi-Chi never had. Throughout that week, they've grown closer than they've been in a long time.

"Yes," Chi-Chi said counting the money she made when she sold her paintings. The pictures reminded Chi-Chi of sad times and now that she was reunited with her husband, she didn't want to think about that so she sold them for a nice price. "With the money I made on those paintings, I may start doing it some more and bring some money into the house that way. Besides, I need to do something in that house now there isn't much to do with it being only me and Goten."

Goku frowned. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that."

"It's okay. You gotta do what you gotta do," she put the money in her purse and put it on her shoulder. "Let's go. I'm anxious to see Gohan and Goten again."

The two left the hotel room and checked out at the desk. As they were signing out, Chi-Chi spotted Sotoru. He smiled at her and pointed to Goku. Chi-Chi smiled, nodding happily. Sotoru waved and walked off. As Chi-Chi watched him walk away, she felt a tapping on her shoulder. She looked up at Goku.

"Who was that?" Goku asked.

"He's a friend I met on the island. He helped me figure my feelings out for you and this whole situation."

Once they left the hotel room, Goku and Chi-Chi walked in a corner where they weren't seen. As Chi-Chi held onto Goku, he used Instant Transmission to take them to Goten at Capsule Corporation.

Goten was in the backyard of Capsule Corporation playing a game of hide and seek with Bra. He easily sense her out but pretended that she wasn't hiding behind a large tree.

"Now where are you, Bra?" He said and walked to a bush. "Are you here?" He said poking his head behind the bush.

Bra saw him and held back a giggle, thinking that she fooled the teenage Saiyan. She looked away for a moment and then back at where Goten was only to be surprise not to see him there. 'Huh? Where did he go?' She turned around and saw Goten behind her.

"Gotcha!" Goten yelled.

Bra screamed and ran from Goten, giggling all the way. Goten easily scooped her up and tickled the little girl. "I got you!"

"Okay, I give up!" The little girl laughed.

Right then Goku and Chi-Chi appeared in front of the two. Goten surprised to see his parents, dropped Bra in shock. "Mom? Dad?"

"Ow!" Bra whined as she fell to the ground.

"Oops. Sorry, Bra," Goten said helping the little girl up. He looked back at his parents. "You're back. How?"

"Instant Transmission. We've come to take you home," Goku said.

Goten nodded and looked at him Mom. She looked different from when he last saw her. In fact, she looked a whole lot better. She didn't look haggard or depress anymore. She looked very happy. "Mom, you look great."

"I feel great. I think that vacation was just what I needed and your father made it even more better by showing up," Chi-Chi said hugging Goku.

"So, you two worked things out?" Goten asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, we did," Chi-Chi squeezing Goku a little tighter.

"I'm gonna get my Mom and Dad. They'll be glad to see you," Bra said and ran back in her house.

Goku frowned on that. "I don't think Bulma would be please to see me."

"I'll go pack," Goten said and left them alone.

"Yeah, Bulma was very upset about you, Goku, but she did help me by telling me to go on this vacation. It really helped a lot."

"I guess I shouldn't think about it too much. Bulma's always gets mad at me. When I told her she looked middle age she screamed at me saying she looked good for her age. I didn't say she didn't. I just said she looked middle-age and she got mad."

Chi-Chi laughed. "Can you blame her? I think I would've done the same way." She frowned for a second. "Do you think I'm look old?"

Goku wasn't sure how to answer that. "Well, you're older than when we met, but you're still pretty to me. I still love you. You're human. You're suppose to get older and I will too. It doesn't change how I feel about you."

"It better not, or I'll make another wish to Shenron."

"You know you shouldn't abuse Shenron's wish like that, Chi-Chi," Goku told her.

"Oh, like how Oolong wish for the world's most comfortable panty?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku laughed and rubbed the back of his head. He stopped when he saw Bulma walking out to them. Chi-Chi saw her friend and looked at Goku who was frowning and looked as if he was ready to leave. Chi-Chi left his side and walked over to talk to Bulma. Goku watched the conversation between the two women. Bulma looked angry at first. Chi-Chi looked at Bulma as if she was explaining something to her. Bulma frown and shook her head at Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi looked more sympathetic. Bulma sighed and a faint smile crossed her face. Chi-Chi smiled back. Bulma raised her hand as if giving up, glanced at Goku and walked back in her house. Chi-Chi walked back to Goku.

"What did she say?" Goku asked.

"She was upset to see you and I explained to her your reason. She found it understandable but thought I was too forgiving to you and still think you need to reorganize your priorities. She has a point there but you are what you are," Chi-Chi explained.

Goten came out with his luggage small capsules. "Ready!"

"Let's go then," Goku said. Chi-Chi got on Goku's back and once she was on it properly, Goku picked up Chi-Chi's luggage and the family flew off. "Why don't tell me what you've been up to while I was gone?" Goku asked Goten as they flew home. Goku thought about using Instant Transmission but since that technique required him to sense another ki to transport to and that would be Gohan he decided not to considering their rocky relationship right now. Besides, flying home, Goku could catch up with his youngest son.


He felt their presence almost immediately. He sat his books down and looked out the window. True enough, his Dad, Mom and little brother had returned home and they seem happy?  They were actually laughing together. His Dad was giving his mom a piggyback ride on his back. Strange. Seeing his family happy like that brought up memories over a decade ago. It was only a few months after Goku came back from being dead for seven years and the family went on a picnic together. Goku was giving Goten piggyback rides or chasing him around and then turn his attention to Chi-Chi who at first didn't want to play the game, but he easily convinced her to.

"I see they are back."

Gohan jumped. "You startled me, Videl."

"Why don't you go over and say hi?" Videl suggested.

"I don't know, Videl. I don't feel comfortable seeing them, especially my Dad now."

"Gohan, you're gonna have to go over sooner or later. You can't avoid them. Who knows how long your Dad is here and when you'll see him again. You might not get this opportunity in another year. I know you have issues with your father now, but you need to work them out before something happens."

"Like what?" Gohan asked.

Videl shrugged. "I don't know. Anything can happen. Another enemy couldn't threaten the Earth and your Dad or you could die again and you wouldn't even have the chance to reconcile. Could you possibly live with yourself if that happen?"

Gohan frowned. No, he couldn't, but after all that has happen, he didn't know how to approach his father anymore, not after the way he yelled at him.


"Goodbye! Have a good time!" Chi-Chi smiled waving to Goku and Goten. They left early that morning to spend the whole day together and wasn't coming back until tomorrow.

Goten seem to warm up easily to his father on the flight back home the day before so it didn't take much convincing that Goku wanted to spend the day with his son. They were going to spar of course and spend the day together catching up over the past year.

They spent most of the morning sparring together. Goku learn that Goten had improved his fighting skills but was still lacking in some areas. It was like he trained but he didn't train as much as he used to. He remembered he used to force Goten to train with him. Goten used to like training and getting stronger when he was a child but for some reason when he hit adolescence he didn't care about training as much.

That afternoon, they spent it fishing and talking. Goku took the time to explain to his son his reasons for leaving.

"So, even though I had to leave and I hurt you all, I'm really sorry. I thought you would understand."

"I guess I understand," Goten said.

"Were you hurt badly when I left?"

Goten sighed. "Well, yeah. I didn't know you as a kid. All I knew about you were stories from Mom and Gohan about how a great Dad you were, how a great husband you were, how a great fighter and protector you were. Mom would tell me bedtime stories every night about your adventures as a kid. Everyone made you out to be a larger than life guy and I was amazed about that. Even Vegeta said you were a great fighter. Of course he said he was a lot stronger than you and could beat you in a blink of an eye.

When the time came that you were returning, I was excited. I was finally gonna meet the man everyone was talking about, everyone said you were so great and when I did, I found out the legend was true. You were all the things they said you were and I was even prouder to be your son and the next ten years were the happiest in my life, and then you abruptly leave just like that as if it was no big deal."

Goku placed a hand on Goten's shoulders. "I'm sorry it looked that way, but it wasn't. I just thought training Uub was the best thing and you guys will accept it. I love to fight. It's apart of me. Training and fighting Uub, will be the best fight ever, and I blindly didn't see how my decision affected everyone.

"It's also for your safety too, that I train him. He may be good now but one wrong mistake and he could deflect back to the evil being he was before. With his skills, he can be a great defender for the Earth like you and Trunks. The Earth's future will depend on you guys, not me anymore."

"Finally feeling your age, Dad?" Goten joked.

Goku laughed. "Nah, it's time for a new generation to defend the Earth. Besides, can you really imagine me doing this at 100?"

"You're a Saiyan, Dad. You age differently than anyone else. You'll probably still kick my butt then," Goten joked again.

Goku laughed again and became serious for a moment. "I've learned from my mistake and I like to make things better between us. I'll still go and train Uub, but I'll be coming home more often. Your mother and I came to an agreement. I'll be home every three months for two weeks and I'll come home for other occasions like birthdays." He laughs. "Your mom will kill me if I miss another anniversary."

"You're coming back earlier?" Goten asked as if it wasn't true.

"Yeah, and if my memory is correct you have a birthday in two months right so I'll be back then for a week."

"Promise?" Goten asked hopefully.

"Yeah, promise!" Goku said and gave him the thumbs up.


Chi-Chi had spent the next two days cleaning the house. She hadn't realized how dusty it would get with her being gone for over a month. A knock at her door disturbed her from her chore and she went to opened. She smiled in surprise and threw her arms around Gohan. "Gohan, it's so good to see you."

"Same here. So, you had a good vacation?" Gohan asked as he hugged his mom back.

"I had a WONDERFUL vacation," Chi-Chi said. She pulled back and allowed Gohan to come in the house. "You want something to eat?" Chi-Chi asked.

"No, I'm fine. Was it wonderful before or after Dad found you?" Gohan asked taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"I was having a good time before he came but it was much better after he found me," Chi-Chi said sitting across from her son. "He really wants to talk to you."

Gohan didn't say anything.

"I know you're angry with your father and you have every right so, but once you hear his reasons for leaving…."

"I highly doubt it," Gohan quickly cut her off.

Chi-Chi frowned at her son as she tried to find the right words. "You two used to be so close when you were a boy and easily got that bond back when he came back to life. You can't tell me that after this one mistake your father made you're going to throw that bond away. After all that you've been through—the Saiyans, Namek, Frieza, Cell and even Majin Buu…so much has happened."

"I know what happened, Mom. I thought Dad learned and understood too. Fighting the Saiyans, the Ginyu Force, Freiza and Cell, I saw so much death and destruction because of it. I wanted to fight so I could stop them, but I was also scared and wanted to go home. Fighting made me realize how precious life is and it made me value my life and everyone around me more.

"When Dad died, I was really broken up about and I knew you were too so I hid my feelings a lot."

"I know," Chi-Chi said. "I even heard you crying a few times at night."

"Yeah, but I understood you better and your actions for wanting me to study after Dad died. I matured a lot…faster than any boy my age should've, but I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. You were alone and pregnant and I had to be the man of the house. I had to take care of you and Goten. I had to look after for you two, protect you two.

"I had Dad's job and I understood Dad dying, but apart of me felt it was too much…too much responsibility for a child. I was eleven years old for crying out loud and I had a mother and a baby brother to watch over, sometimes hunt fish for dinner, cook for dinner when you were really far along in your pregnancy with Goten or too sick to do it yourself, gather wood when the fire would die out and the house would get cold, plus loads of studying. I knew that's what I had to do, but it was still a lot for me. When Dad came back, he was different. Like I matured over the years, it looked like Dad did, too."

Gohan got up and paced around the room. "You don't know this, but when I was on the Supreme Kai's planet and I was taking a break from training, Dad told me that he missed us a lot and that he wished the day didn't turn out like it did. He had things planned—fight at the tournament, win, and then spend the rest of the day with us. He even joked that once he got his prize money, he was gonna grab you and fly home. He was regretful that he didn't spend time with you at all and he felt that you and he really needed to talk since he didn't say goodbye to you when he died. Before we left to go back to my training, he told me to tell you he loved you and he's sorry he didn't get to spend time with you."

Chi-Chi could already feel the tears streaming from her eyes. She had no idea Goku felt that way. "He said that?"

Gohan nodded. "Yes, and I thought when he came back for good, Dad was going to stay home for good, no more fighting, no more flying off with your back turned and he did do that until the tournament. When he left, it was like all he said to me was a lie and he didn't care about us at all. It was like a big fat lie, a slap in the face. I just couldn't believe he left like that and learning what Vegeta told us, it was like Dad only stayed with us, waiting until that kid showed up to have his match, so he could leave again."

"No one really knows what goes on in your Dad's mind, but I can tell you he wouldn't have left if he didn't think he had a choice. Besides, he's so pure and innocent, he only see the positive and not the negative things. If he has a flaw, that would be it." Chi-Chi got out of her seat and walked to Gohan. She turned him so he faced her. "You have to talk to your father."

"You and Videl have been on me about that. She said I may not see him for a long time so I better take this time now to make peace."

Chi-Chi smiled. "I knew there was something about her that I liked. She's right. Your father is only here for a week and he'll be gone for three months."

"And you're happy about that?" Gohan asked.

Chi-Chi shook her head. "I rather he stay with me forever, but I can't have him like that. This is better than seeing him in another year or never like I thought when he died," Chi-Chi explained. She looked up at him smiling. "So, you're gonna talk to him?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna talk to him."

"Good. Because he's right behind you," Chi-Chi said.

Gohan turned around and saw Goku and Goten standing at the door.

"Finally back, eh?" Chi-Chi said approaching them. "Had a good time yesterday?"

"Yeah, Dad and I did a lot of catching up and sparred together."

"That's just like your father, throwing in fighting while he bond with his son," Chi-Chi joked. "You're hungry?"

Goten nodded and rubbed his stomach. "Fish was good but it's nothing like a home cooked meal."

Chi-Chi lead her youngest son from the two males who just eyed each other.

"I guess we should go outside," Gohan said and Goku just nodded before following his son out the door.

Chi-Chi walked to the window and saw father and son take off into the sky. Goten walked to the window with a handful of cookies in his hand. "This is gonna be a while."

Chi-Chi continued watching until she could no longer see them. "Yeah."


Goku and Gohan landed near a familiar piece of land. It was a familiar spot where Goku and Gohan used to train when he was a boy. There, Goku explained to Gohan's his reasons for leaving. Gohan just sat there taking it all in. He was surprised at first for his father's actions and then slowly began to understand.

"I can see your point in leaving, but a part of me think that you just want to fight this kid at full potential. I know how you can never resist a fight," Gohan said.

Goku rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Yeah, I do, but I can't help it. I love to fight."

Gohan nodded absently as if thinking about something. "That's what I thought. For a moment, I thought that if I had continued training over these ten years and the years when you were dead, then maybe you wouldn't have left, but it's clear that you were going to leave to train Uub no matter what." Goku didn't like the tone Gohan used when he said that but got cut off when Gohan continued. "Dad, if Uub was where he is now ten years ago, would you have left us?"

"Huh?" Goku blinked surprised and a little confused.

"Let's say it's six months after you've been resurrected and you learned about Uub at the tournament, and you fought him and saw that he doesn't know what he is capable of, would you have left?"

Goku didn't like what Gohan was asking. Basically, Gohan was asking him would he choose fighting over his family. "Gohan…I…don't—"

"You don't know, do you?" Gohan asked harshly.

"Gohan those are different times. I just wanted to be with my family then. I wasn't thinking about fighting. I was grateful to be alive and to have another chance with my family. I didn't even realized my request to King Yemma was granted until a few days before the tournament," Goku tried to explain.

"It looks like that you were waiting for him to show up so you can leave again." Gohan said.

"Gohan, that's not true. I would love nothing better than to just be with my family, but I have responsibilities now. I have to train Uub."

"Responsibilities?!" Gohan snapped. "What about the responsibility of a being a husband to your wife, a father to your youngest son! I thought you changed, Dad. Being dead for those seven years, I thought you realized how important being a family was. I had to grow up fast during those seven years, I had to be the man of the house, I had to be the man Goten looked up to like I did with you, I had to be the man who comfort Mom, every time she cried when an anniversary passed, or when she missed you so much she couldn't hold it in anymore. When you came back, you were being looked up to by Goten, Mom never cried anymore and I was happy for that, but then you left and threw the responsibilities on me again! I have a family now, Dad. I have a life of my own. I can't look after them like I did when you were dead. It's time for you to step up and be responsible."

Goku just stood there, shocked by Gohan's speech. Leaving his family the way he did, didn't make Goku look like a responsible husband and father but… "Gohan, I know, I mean, I should've realized that you can't look after them like you did when you a kid. It's my fault. All that has happen—your mother being depress, you and Goten's feelings towards me—it's my fault and I have no one to blame but myself."

Goku ran a hand through his head thinking of what to say. "My ways may seem reckless, but you, Goten and Chi-Chi mean everything to me. You know I would be here in a second if something was wrong, but I have to do this. You probably will never understood the guilt I've been feeling all these years."

That statement took Gohan by surprised. "What guilt all these years?"

"Leaving you and your Mom when I first died. I didn't like leaving your Mom in the woods alone but I had to. I had to train to fight the Saiyans, and then there was Namek and Yardrat. I had to learn more about being a Super Saiyan. I had to control the power so I will be able to protect everyone, and leaving again to die with Cell. I wanted to come back. I wanted to be a father to Goten, but I was scared that I scar him by staying, like I did with you. I was scared that I was going to hurt my family more by staying." 

Gohan was a smart man, but he was getting lost by what his Dad was saying. "What do you me scar Goten like you scarred me?"

"You were exposed to violence and death that a child shouldn't see. You were four-years-old when you saw me die. A child should never see their father die, not that young anyway. The fighting and battles made you stronger, but your innocence was gone. I didn't want that for Goten. I wanted him to grow up happy, free from the sights of war. When I came back for the day, I wanted to stay. I didn't want to go back and I'm glad I didn't have to. When I came back, I felt guilty for those years I missed with you. I wasn't here to watch you grow up to be a responsible young man. I wasn't there for Chi-Chi and give her more children, but I felt it worst with Goten. I wasn't here when he was born, took his first steps, talked like you. In the end, I chalked it up to life and I should be happy for what I have and I was. I got a chance to be with my family again where many people won't."

Gohan took this in by surprise. He never knew his father felt this way. He knew it wasn't his Dad fault the Saiyans came. His father forgot who he was. As he spoke of things he never told anyone, Gohan slowly began to understand his father.

"I know about my responsibilities as a husband and father, but doing this ensues their protection and yet I feel guilty for leaving. I don't like being away from you all for so long, but I have to. There are times I'm not cheerful about doing things. I didn't want to die with Cell, but I had to. I'm not going to like leaving next week, but I have to. I wish I could just be with you guys, but I can't. However, I will be coming back more often than I did before. I know I can't just leave and expect everything to be the same as before. They're not. It won't be like that." Goku just stared at his son as he worked through the emotions. It looked as if Gohan was now understanding his father and his actions. "I hope you will look out for Chi-Chi and Goten when you can, when I'm gone." Goku said and started to go back home. He wasn't sure if his words affected his son, but he knew he said all that he had to say.

"Dad, wait."

Goku turned to face his son.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you when you came back and earlier today, but I'm not sorry for what I said. You're not easy to read, Dad, especially when you hide your feelings behind you grin and your cheerful optimism, which is probably why I think certain things about you and question your decision but I know you loved us, and now for the first time, I'm seeing things clearly. You wouldn't have done these things if you didn't and it always have a way of working out in the end. I'm not seeing the full picture as you, Dad, but I know I will. I can handle you leaving Dad. I just don't think Goten and Mom took it well and it angered me that you were causing their pain."

Goku rested a hand on his son's shoulder. "I know and I understand. I would feel the same way if I were in your shoes."

Gohan smiled at his father, a genuine smile and slowly felt the bond between them slowly forming. "You're coming back soon."

"In two months for Goten's birthday and then I'll be back in another month as my promise to Chi-Chi," Goku assumed his son.

Gohan nodded. "He seems happy you're back. I'm glad he took your return well and Mom did too. I'm surprised you didn't have a black eye when you came back."

Goku laughed. "She did slapped me hard when she first saw me. It left a bruise that morning. Only your mother could do that. My enemies punches are nothing compared to a slap from your mother."

"Well, she is the strongest woman in the universe," Gohan joked, remembering all those times Goku's friend would saw that Chi-Chi was the strongest person in the universe because she can smack Goku around and get away with it.

Goku laughed at that. "Yeah, I could be training the wrong person."

Gohan laughed and hugged his Dad. "Welcome back, Dad."

Goku returned the hug, grateful his son has forgiven him. "Thank you, Gohan. Thank you."


Goku watched Chi-Chi as she slept on him. He liked it when they slept this way. Here, he could feel every inch of her on him and feel her heartbeat steady with his own. He rubbed her back soothingly under her dark hair and sighed, knowing was happening today. He was leaving.

Chi-Chi stirred under him and when she saw that he was awake, she laid back down on his chest and pretended to be asleep. Goku chuckled. "You can't fool me. I know you're awake." His hand fell to her rear where he gave it a gentle slap. "Come on. Get up."

"I want to stay asleep. That way I know I will have you a little longer." Chi-Chi said.

"You know I'll always be with you. We got that bond remember? Nothing can break that."

Chi-Chi move and sat up on him. "I know. You're staying for breakfast?"

"Of course."

Chi-Chi half rolled her eyes. "That's just like you—waiting until I feed you before you leave." She was teasing him and he knew it.

Goku watched as Chi-Chi got breakfast ready for him and Goten. He watched her make the homemade biscuits, cooked eggs, flip pancakes in the air, cooked the rice, sausages, bacon with ease. He loved this woman even though he rarely showed it. With breakfast nearly complete, a wicked idea came to mind and he approached her.

Goten woke up at the smell of breakfast. He quickly hopped out of bed and raced down the stairs, imagining all the food there. The food was cooked and ready but he wasn't expecting was his parents making out at the sink. He shook his head, remembering back to when he was seven and found his parents in the same position. It was the day after his Dad came back. His mother was sitting on the sink with her arms wrapped around Goku. She spotted Goten first and shoved Goku off her and looked embarrassed being caught. At the time, Goten didn't understand what his parents were doing but now he did.

Goten cleared his throat. "Is breakfast ready?"

Chi-Chi broke from Goku. "Goten!" She pushed Goku off her, knocking him on the floor. She hopped off the sink and did her best to fix her hair. Goten shook his head chuckling, trying to pretend he didn't see anything.


Goku and Chi-Chi stood alone in the kitchen. It was time for him to leave. Goku had said goodbye to Pan and Videl earlier that day before Pan went off to school. Gohan and Goten were waiting outside leaving their parents alone.

Goku pulled Chi-Chi into an embrace and kissed her. He explored her mouth diligently, slowly, gently taking his time for he knew it will be a while before he would feel her lips against his again. His hands soon caressed her body as her fingers worked in his hair and body. Reluctantly they pulled apart for air. He saw Chi-Chi looking at him seductively.

"You're making it hard for me to leave," he breathed heavily.

"Then don't," Chi-Chi replied softly.

"You know I have to."

Chi-Chi sighed before pulling away. "I know." She went to the counter where a large duffel bag was on and gave it to Goku. "I made you a snack."

Goku smiled taking the bag. He gave his wife a quick kiss. "Thanks, Chi-Chi."

"Three months, Goku," Chi-Chi reminded him.

"Don't worry. I'll be back. In fact, I'll be back in two for Goten's birthday."

Chi-Chi smiled. "Just in case, I want you to tell Uub and his family so they remind you. I know how you can forget about time when you're fighting."

Goku laughed, "I will."

"You better," Chi-Chi said smirking at him. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Goku put the bag over his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his wife as they walked outside the house. Goku left her side to embrace Gohan and Goten.

"I'll miss you two. I love you," Goku told his sons. He looked at Goten. "Goten, keep up with your training."

"I will, Dad," Goten said.

"I want you both to look after your mother for me when I'm gone, all right?"

Both sons nodded. "We will, Dad."

Chi-Chi walked to them as Goku stepped back preparing for Instant Transmission. Both sons put an arm around their mother. Goku could already see a small tear in Chi-Chi's eyes. She was trying to hide it from him he knew so he pretended not to see it.

He raised his fingers to his head, keeping an eye on his family. He mouthed, 'I love you,' and vanished.

The three just stood there for a few moments. Gohan was the first to speak. "Are you okay, Mom?"

Chi-Chi nodded. "I'm fine. A little teary, but I always get like that. It won't be long before I see him again." She looked towards the sky, thinking about her husband and missing him already. She knew it wouldn't be long before he returned. This was her husband. He always leave but he always came back, thinking of others before his needs and wants and though his decisions may have hurt her in the past, present and possibly future, she knows that's the way Goku is and she would never want to change a thing about it. 

The End

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