"Arise Rodimus Prime"

by Nate Z

March 12, 2003

How long has this war gone on?

It seems it's all our people know.

"A race that was old when the universe was young."

And now, the proverbial torch

has been passed to me.

I have to fill the shoes of the hero I've worshiped all my life.

The hero I helped kill.

And now I have to take his place?!

I'm expected to lead?!

Sorry Primus, you must've dialed the wrong number.

I'm only Hot Rod.

Just a punk kid who creates all sorts of trouble

especially when I try to do the right thing.

Take this burden away from me.

Give me back my carefree races down the streets of Iacon,

oblivious to the rules of the road.

But that ain't gonna happen, is it?

Love it or loathe it, I've grown up

and this is now my cross to bear.

Hot Rod's gone and he ain't comin' back.

I am Rodimus Prime

The Chosen One.

And the Decepticons better look out,

'cause I ain't got no breaks.