Waspy's Philosophy

Inspired by just about everyone's favorite "Beast Wars" character.


I know this wasp.

Poor guy.

Things never seem to go his way.

He's always given slag assignments,

His friends get all the special treatment.

Once, I heard him say:

"Why universe hate Waspinator?"

When I heard that, I said:

"That's ridiculous! The universe doesn't hate anyone!"

Then I went to school the next day.

"There's my bus! Wait I'm here! Waaaaait! I'm...dang."

"Why am I late? Well, my bus was early so I had to walk...detention? Yes, sir."

"Pop quiz?! But I don't know the material!"

"Tuna for lunch? Yuck!"

"What was that about a food fight? Uh-oh."

"500 word essay? Due tomorrow? Ah, man!"

"Homework: 1 through 50. D'oh!"

"No doing homework during detention? *sigh*"

"Damn detention's boring."

"Why am I so late getting home? Well, I had detention...but the bus...grounded?!"

"Ahhh! My computer just deleted all my files!!"

"There! Finished that ess...Cole, no! That's not dinner! NOOOO!"

Then I just collapsed on my bed.

I went over the days events.

Then I asked:

"Why does the universe hate me?"