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Dangerous Love

Day One: Hello

"Hello, my name is Aomine Daiki."

Kasamatsu stared at the tanned skinned man who stood in front of him. He was tall, with dark blue hair and royal blue eyes. He wore a black suit with a navy colored tie and stood straight with his arms folded over his chest. Kasamatsu chewed the inside of his bottom lip as he studied the mysterious man. The eighteen year old finally decided to introduce himself, "Kasamatsu Yukio," he said.

"Yukio," Kasamatsu's attention turned from Aomine to his father. "Listen to me carefully, son. I need you to go with this man. It is very important that you are always with him; never leave his side - understand?"

Kasamatsu stared at his father as if he were crazy. "Dad," he scoffed, "What are you talking about?" The teenager asked with furrowed eyebrows. The serious tone in his fathers voice put him off. "You're scaring me…"

His father shook his head hastily. "Please, Yukio," he said pleadingly. "I'm in some trouble with my work and now our family is in danger."

"Trouble with your work?" Kasamatsu repeated before scoffing. "You work at a bank… Don't you?" The steel-blue eyed teenager asked hesitantly.

The older Kasamatsu only smiled down at him, causing Kasamatsu to frown as his words sunk in. He watched his father turn to the stranger with dark blue eyes, his expression morphing into a rather serious and almost deadly look, one that Kasamatsu has never seen on his father before. "Aomine, please take Yukio now. We can't afford to waste anymore time."

Kasamatsu's lips parted in shock but before he could say or do anything, he was knocked unconscious by the one his father called Aomine.

The older Kasamatsu gave a forced smile, although the pain was evident through it. "Thank you, Aomine." He told the young man, relief in his voice. He watched Aomine hoist his son up in his arms, studying the raven haired teenager one last time.

"It's what you're paying me for, Takeru-san." Aomine replied as he shifted the weight of Kasamatsu in his arms. "I'll be off now. Good luck." The tanned man gave Takeru and nod of his head before he fled the house with the man's son in his arms.

Takeru stared out the open door before closing it softly. He sighed heavily as he wiped the beads of sweat which formed on his forehead. 'You better keep him safe, Aomine Daiki.' The man thought. He wished he could of sent his oldest son with his wife and younger sons but he needed them separate for more protection.

The dark haired man turned from the entry way and hoped that Yukio would take this whole situation better when he came to. However, knowing his son, he knew it would be difficult for the assassin he hired. Takeru paused when he noticed movement from out the window. He quietly approached the window and peered through the sheer curtains and saw a black van pull up in the driveway. He checked his watch before he reached behind and pulled a handgun out from his back holster. Takeru made sure the weapon was loaded before he glanced back at the van. He muttered, "Guess it's time to go to work."


When Kasamatsu came to, the first thing he noticed was the throbbing pain coming from the back of his head. The next was that he was being carried in the arms of the same stranger from earlier. However, the more he stared up at his face with confusion, the sooner he realized that what was happening was not some joke by his father.

A bad and horrible feeling settled in the pit of his stomach but he quickly forgot about it when he was suddenly dropped on a dusty, old couch. Kasamatsu coughed from all the dust that flew into the air from the force and waved his hand about. The teenager sat up quickly and glared at the one who was carrying him. "What is your problem?" He demanded, pissed off from this whole ordeal.

"You are, you brat." Aomine answered with an annoyed tone in his voice. He plopped himself down next to Kasamatsu and scratched his ear. "I was planning on taking a break from work but your daddy practically begged me to help him."

Kasamatsu flushed with anger as his eyes narrowed at the taller man. "Is that so?" He asked tensely.

"Yeah," Aomine drawled as he stifled a yawn. "He was ready to beg on his knees and everythi- nngk!"

Kasamatsu shook his hand before he rubbed his sore knuckles. "Don't you fucking talk about my father like that, you bastard."

"Tch." Aomine clicked his tongue in annoyance. He wiped the trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, familiar to the metallic tang of blood in his mouth. "Whatever, brat." He uttered out as he got up from the battered couch.

Kasamatsu stood up, as well. "Where are you going?" He asked.

"Away," Aomine responded, "I have no interest in dealing with a temperamental brat like you at the moment."

The raven haired teenager frowned. "But my father told you to not let me out of your sight, didn't he?"

"Yeah. Learn to trust me a bit, would you?" Aomine rolled his eyes as he stepped out onto the rundown balcony.

Kasamatsu stopped at the door to the balcony, his steel-blue eyed narrowed into small slits. "Trust you?" He repeated, scoffing. "How am I supposed to trust someone I just met?" Kasamatsu demanded.

"I don't even know anything about you."

Aomine rolled his eyes at that. He dug around the inside of his dark suit and fished out a pack of cigarette's. "Look, kid - you don't need to know anything about me but if it'll help you sleep at night, my name is Aomine Daiki."

Kasamatsu frowned at being called a kid. He crossed his arms stubbornly, "I'm sure you're not that much older than me, Aomine." The raven head muttered under his breath. He shook his head and added, "And yes, knowing more about a total stranger would help me sleep at night." He expressed cheekily.

The dark blue haired man held back a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm 24 years old. I'm a high school drop-out whose had a shit life and grew up to be a bad guy who will do pretty much anything for the right price. There, happy?"

"... No." Kasamatsu quipped as he let his arms drop to his sides. "But thank you for telling me." He said quietly.

"Great." Aomine pulled a cigarette out and lit it. He took a long drag of it before looking back at Kasamatsu. "Now go to sleep," he instructed. "We'll be leaving pretty early in the morning."

"Fine. But you owe me some answers in the morning." Kasamatsu lamented. He thought that he deserved to know what was happening with his father. The teenager left Aomine to smoke his cancer stick on the balcony alone.

Kasamatsu sat back down on the old, tattered couch and forced his eyes closed. He hoped that everything was all just a terrible dream, hoped that his family would be okay from whatever danger was coming. Kasamatsu's breathing evened out and eventually the steel-blue eyed teenager fell asleep, unknowingly being watched by the blue haired man.

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