Teddy's Excellent Adventure

I own nothing, especially not HP. Shout out to Chaos Snow Kitsune again for coming up with this idea and letting me do stuff with it. Italics are thoughts and Bold is for spells.

Grimmauld Place - 2004

Teddy Lupin hated when 'Aunt' Ginny was home. He loved Harry. He was, after all, the closest thing Teddy had ever had to a father. Ginny was his wife, and Teddy loathed her. Well, as much as a six-year-old can loathe anyone.

He'd lived here ever since his grandmother had died when he was three. She'd been the last living link he'd had to his mother. He did have one thing, Harry had commissioned a small painting of his mother. It sat on his nightstand. Sometimes she would sing him to sleep. He liked those nights, even if his mother's voice was awful.

They are always fighting. I wish he would tell her to go away. Teddy thought as he heard the muffled shouting coming from above him. Teddy had left the upstairs and had made his way into the entryway of Grimmauld Place trying, in vain, to find some peace from the noise.

"What are you doing out of bed, Mongrel?" Came a curt voice from above him. Teddy looked up and saw that the portrait of Great Aunt Walburga had awoken. He was glad that she had chosen not to shout at him, instead, her words were delivered in a cold near monotone.

"They are fighting and I couldn't sleep." He said softly, "I wish I could find a way to make her leave. Then Uncle Harry would be happy..."

A calculating look came over the face of Walburga at that utterance, "You would, would you? What if I told you of an artifact here in the house that could do just that." She grinned at the eager look on his face, "It's called Macguffin's Needle...you prick your finger on it and it will take you to wherever your little heart desires."

"Where is it?" Teddy asked her, if it could take me anywhere, I bet it could take me to see my mummy! Teddy had little interest in meeting his father. Remus Lupin, as Harry had described him, seemed like a terrible choice for his mother. She needed someone better, She needs Uncle Harry!

"Kreacher!" Walburga cried out. Teddy flinched as the wizened old House Elf appeared before him.

"Kreacher is called by the Great Lady Black? Kreacher lives to serve..." Kreacher said bowing low and not looking up at the portrait.

"Kreacher, escort him to my private study. He has my permission to use the Needle." Walburga watched as the little boy was led away. She sneered once they were gone, The little cur will be unable to control the magic of the Needle, I wonder how much of him will make it to the destination he chooses?

Teddy watched as Kreacher stood before a blank section of wall. The House Elf snapped his fingers and Teddy saw a door appear before him. "The dead blood traitors spawn is allowed entrance by the Great Lady, it should be grateful to her." Kreacher said under his breath as Teddy stepped into the small room.

Wow...Aunt Hermione would go spare looking at all this stuff... The room was filled with artifacts. Small orbs that looked like sneakoscopes, a pensieve bowl with a collection of memory vials beside it, and there sitting on the desk was the Needle. At least, he thought it was. It looked like a needle, though it wasn't rounded, instead it looked like one of the muggle pens he'd seen Uncle Harry use. He picked up the Needle and pressed it to his finger. He concentrated on the face of his mother in the portrait and then felt the world spin around him as the point of the Needle broke his skin.

Grimmauld Place – 1995

Nymphadora Tonks hated these meetings. She wanted to be out there doing something to help stop Voldemort. Not sitting here listening to Snape drone on about his meeting with the No-Nose Ponce himself. Sirius looks just as bored... She thought with a little grin. Idly, she wondered where Remus was. She found herself thinking about the werewolf fairly often now. He's so...broody...like he's never smiled...I bet I could put a smile on his lips...

That was then heard the crashing from upstairs. Wands drawn, the Order members made their way to the stairway. Tonks was the first one upstairs, Sirius following closely. There was a door she'd never seen, she heard Sirius draw in a breath, "What is it?" She asked him, keeping her wand level on the door.

"That was my mother's private study. No one ever went in there except her. " Sirius said quietly, "If I hadn't seen her funeral, I'd be worried that it was the old bag herself."

The door opened slowly, Tonks peered into the darkness before her, "Who's there?"

Then there was a small, warm body squeezing her tightly, and a cry of "MUMMY!" Tonks looked down to see a child, hugging her and sobbing against her waist. She could feel the warmth of tears soaking into her shirt as she looked at Sirius with questioning eyes.

Sirius shrugged, his eyes told the truth I have no idea what's going on... They said to her. Finally, Tonks disengaged from the child, "So, who are you?" She asked gently, oblivious to the crowd that had filled the hallway behind her.

"My name is Theodore Edward Potter!" The little boy said, sounding the words out carefully, "I am six years old and I live at Number 12 Grimmauld Place with my daddy."

"Who's your daddy then? The only Potter I know is way too young to have a kid your age..or any kids." Tonks said, "Also, who's your mother?"

"You're my mummy. Harry Potter is my daddy. You went away when the bad wizard tried to hurt everyone, but Daddy stopped him." Teddy said hugging her again, "You went and got hurt when I was a baby and I never got to see you and now I can hug you..." The words came out as a blur as he buried his head in her shirt and cried again.

Tonks wasn't sure why, but looking down at him she did feel something stirring inside her. Then she noticed that his hair had changed from the messy black to a near perfect copy of her own currently pink hair. Is he a metamorphmagus like me? What if he was telling the truth? This was the magical world and strange things happened on a nearly daily rate. "How did you get here?" She asked him softly, kneeling down and brushing the tears from his eyes.

"Aunt Ginny was yelling at Daddy and it woke me up, so I told your picture that I was going for a walk." He said softly, "Great Aunt Walburga told me to go to her study and stick my finger with Macguffin's Needle. I did and it brought me here."

"The Hel- I mean, what the heck is Macguffin's Needle?" Tonks asked Sirius.

Sirius shrugged, "I don't know. I've never been in that room." The room in question closed itself back off, "Apparently I never will either..."

"I should go see Harry..." Tonks said quietly, "Apparently we had a kid in the future and we probably need to talk about that." I died. At some point in the near future, I died and Harry raised our son... "Hey, Theodore?"

"Teddy, that's what you called me. I'm named after my Grandpa!" Teddy said looking up at his mothers face. He was certain that he could spend the rest of his life looking at her, trying to memorize her features.

"Okay, Teddy...would you like to come with me to see Harry?" She asked him, smiling when she saw the little boy nod furiously. "Alright, hold on tight to me, okay?" They vanished with a crack, arriving in the bushes near Privet Dr.

"I know this place, this is where Uncle Dudley grew up!" Teddy said, his voice carrying in the still night. Tonks shushed him gently, then raised an eyebrow.

"Uncle Dudley? You mean Harry is still in contact with the Dursleys?" She asked the little boy.

Teddy nodded, "We see Uncle Dudley once a month and Daddy sends Great Uncle Vernon a letter at Christmas." He took her hand and led her unerringly towards Number four. Well, he definitely knows where Harry lives... Tonks still found this the strangest thing she'd ever experienced, but Teddy's knowledge of Harry made it look more and more like he was telling the truth. Well, time to see the father of my future child...

Moody was standing guard. When Tonks drew closer, he came from under the cloak, his wand pointed at them, "Password?" He growled.

"Phoenix feather, Moody. Calm down. I'm just here with what might the weirdest story ever for the boy-who-lived." Tonks said, only to stop when she felt Teddy tugging at her sleeve.

"Daddy hates being called that." He said softly, looking from his mother's face to the grizzled former Auror. He gasped, "You're Mad-Eye Moody! Daddy has told me about you!"

"Who's this?" Moody asked, looking at Teddy.

"Complicated." Tonks had no better answer to give than that.

Teddy did though, "My name is Theodore Edward Potter! This is my mummy, and my daddy is Harry Potter!" Moody looked to Tonks, though his magical eye stayed peeled on Teddy.

"Didn't know you liked them quite that young Lass. He'd had to have been barely ten years old at the time..." Moody growled, then looked to Teddy, "Harry Potter is your father?"

"Yep!" Teddy said proudly, "He's my daddy and I came here so that I could meet my mummy and make sure that Aunt Ginny doesn't use juice to make daddy marry her."

"Wait, 'juice'?" Tonks asked the little boy, "What do you mean by that?"

Teddy frowned, "After you...you went away, daddy was sad for a long time. Then grandma Andi went away and he was even sadder...that was when Aunt Ginny gave him a glass of juice and then they got married." Wait, I died and then mum died too? Tonks thought in horror, then Ginny Weasley used what sounds a hell of a lot like a love potion on Harry? She grew angry then, her hair started to turn bright crimson at the thought of someone using a love potion on the person she had apparently fallen in love with, loved enough to have a baby with.

Moody groaned, "Where did you come from lad?" The former Auror didn't know what to make of anything he'd heard so far. But, he was at heart an Auror, and so he trusted his instincts. Something about this story didn't make sense.

"My birthday is April seventeenth, I was born in 1998," Teddy said, Harry had, after all, made sure that Teddy had some education. Being a metamorphmagus, it was hard for him to attend primary school. Instead, Harry had needed to find a tutor for him. "Aunt Hermione taught me how to count my age. I'm six years old."

1998! Do I die in three years? Tonks suddenly felt like crying. In three years she would have a relationship, a baby, and then she'd die? "Look, I've got to go inside Moody. I..I need to talk to Harry about all of this."

Moody nodded, "The muggles are sleeping, Harry is up in his room. Put up some silencing charms before you get too deep into explaining things unless you plan on keeping your future boyfriend at your mother's house." He watched as the two made their way into the house. Just once, I'd like something to go the way we planned it...

Tonks unlocked the door with a flick of her wand and silently led Teddy up the stairs to Harry's door. She repeated the unlocking charm and slowly opened the door. She found herself looking cross-eyed as Harry's wand was pressed almost to her nose. "It's alright, Harry..my name is Tonks, I'm a friend.."

Harry lowered his wand slightly. Teddy burst into the room and hugged him, "Daddy!" Teddy cried. This was everything the six-year-old had wanted. He had his mother and the man he considered his father together in one room.

"I'll try to explain..." Tonks said, motioning for Harry to sit down on the bed, once she'd gotten Teddy to let go of him. She sat down on the bed beside him, Teddy sitting on her lap beaming, "So, from everything he's told us...this is our son from the future..."

Harry Potter had seen a lot of very odd things since becoming aware of the magical world. Tonks' story about 'their' son coming from the future had taken the top spot from seeing Voldemort peeking out of the back of Quirrell's head as the oddest thing. "So, we're a couple in the future?" He asked finally.

She nodded, "He was born in April, so we must have been dating in '97 at least..." She frowned, "This is weird...at the very least." She looked over at him, "I was just sitting at Gr- at the Headquarters, and then he showed up," She ruffled Teddy's hair gently, "he's like me, he can shift his hair colors and his eyes...but he prefers to look like you," Tonks said, indicating the messy black hair on the child, "he's...us..I guess."

"So where does that leave us now?" He asked quietly, looking down at the little boy who was now sleeping in her lap. Asleep, and still, his hair was plain black and messy like his. Harry couldn't help but smile at him."I mean, he's here now..."

She nodded, "He is. I will take him home with me I guess... will you want to see him?" She couldn't disguise the fear in her voice. She'd only been with Teddy a few hours now, but she could feel the connection between herself and her son. She knew that Harry's refusal would break the little boy's heart.

"I...I mean I kind of have to if I'm his father. It would be pretty rotten of me to ignore the fact that there's a little me running around out there." He looked up to her, "I wonder how it happened...somehow we became a couple..."

She shrugged, "I don't know. You're not exactly my type...nothing against you, of course, it's just I prefer my dates to be able to order whiskey." She looked back down at him, "When he hugged me for the first time, it was like...I don't know how to explain it...but I knew he was mine." She hadn't told him everything of course. He didn't know that she would be dead a short time after Teddy was born if things didn't change. "I want to spend as much time as I can with him."

"I do too..." Harry wasn't a part of the Dursley family, he knew that. He wasn't a part of the Weasley family either, no matter how kind they were to him, he would always be Harry Potter first, not Harry Weasley. This was a chance at an actual family. "I guess we're parents...of a six-year-old that we both just met today..." He chuckled softly.

"Actually, we met him yesterday now...it's after midnight. I've got take him home...and explain to my mother how I've managed to have a kid that was born two years in the future and came back in time." She said preparing to wake up Teddy.

Then she felt Harry's hand on hers, "Tonks wait...something is bugging me. Why'd he come back? Were we not together and he wanted to try and get us to stay together? What was so important, that he had to come back in time?"

She sighed, "I was kind of hoping you didn't pick up on that. I...I died apparently during the final battle with you-know-who...you raised him by yourself. Except for whatever help you got from Ginny Weasley, which considering what he said about her means you probably did all the work yourself."

"What about Ginny?" Harry asked.

Tonks frowned, "He says she used 'juice' to make you love her. That sounds like love potion to me...I'll need to teach you the charm to test your food and drink for potions..." She began to gently shake Teddy awake. The little boy shook his head and held on, not just to her, but to Harry as well. Tonks groaned softly and drew her wand out, casting an enlarging charm on the bed. "Apparently, we can't leave for a while and I have my shift at six. So, sleep with your pants on tonight 'Daddy'. I'll do the same."

It was later after Teddy heard the steady breathing of Harry and Tonks that he allowed a sneaky little grin to come onto his face. I can't believe it. Mummy and Uncle Harry are in the same bed. If I keep this up, they'll be together and then maybe they can keep the bad wizard from hurting her.