Teddy's Excellent Adventure

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Tonks House- Summer of 1996

Tonks was laying in her bed staring up at the ceiling. Having been cleared to go home she and Teddy had left through the floo and returned home. Remus was dead. She sighed softly rolling onto her side and wincing as a stab of pain hit her in the side.

"Right. Don't do that again." She said to herself as she went back to laying facing up.

Remus had been a friend. Sort of. In all fairness, she hadn't seen him that much since joining the Order. They'd flirted a few times but nothing had ever come of it. Then she met Teddy. Then she fell in love with Harry.

Thinking of Harry brought a smile to her face. Her boyfriend hadn't left her side almost the entire time she'd been in the Infirmary. He'd taken his meals with her, even done his homework at her side. He'd only left her side to take Teddy for a walk when she'd needed to have a private meeting with Dumbledore.

That meeting had not been pleasant. Dumbledore had taken her to his office. Standing there was Sirius looking miserable. That hadn't been unexpected, what had been was the nature of the meeting.

Teddy had been born Theodore Edward Lupin. Son of Nymphadora and Remus Lupin. Teddy had lied to her and Harry.

"Sirius has explained to me that he manipulated the Black Tapestry in order to hide the knowledge of Teddy's parentage." Dumbledore said, "The fact that he is still here is concerning."

"I still don't understand. Why did he want to prevent Remus and I from being together?" Tonks couldn't get that part through her head.

Sirius had the answer, "He ran away from you. More than once apparently. Teddy wanted his mother to survive this. He wanted you and Harry together."

Tonks frowned, "Hang what I wanted I suppose."

"Tell me that you haven't been happy with Harry..." Sirius replied to her, before looking down in thought, "I'm not saying what he did was right, or what I did was right...but I am saying I've never seen him happier, or you for that matter."

That was what led Tonks to this moment. Teddy was downstairs with Harry. She needed to make her decision. Would she tell Harry the truth, or would she let him continue to believe that Teddy was his son?

Remus is gone now...Harry finding out won't bring him back. She muttered a curse and made up her mind. She rolled from the bed and stood up gingerly. Stepping carefully she made her way to the door and then walked out of her room and down the stairs.

She found Teddy asleep on the couch beside Harry. Harry was reading quietly, one arm balancing the book, the other arm around Teddy's waist, letting the boy lean against him. Tonks smiled softly. At that moment Harry was more beautiful to her than any other time they'd ever shared. Harry noticed her and smiled, he lifted his arm and motioned with his head for her to take a seat.

Tonks did so gratefully, she slid in beside him. When his arm went around her shoulders, she leaned in against him, "Harry...I...we need to talk.." She said quietly, "Not now...but tomorrow, can we take a walk by the waterfront?"

He nodded, "Should we bring Teddy or is this a date?" At the idea of another date with Harry, Tonks didn't know if she could make it to the morning.

River Brede Waterfront- Summer of 1996

The River Brede flowed lazily before them as Harry and Tonks, wearing muggle clothing, made their way towards a small park. Tonks held his hand in hers as they walked. She had no idea what to tell him. How do you say 'by the way our son isn't. He's mine and a man who died before he could be conceived.'? Tonks had no idea what to say.

"It's beautiful here. Do you think Teddy would want to stay in London once we start looking for a place of our own? I kind of like the idea of getting a house along the river otherwise..." Harry told her quietly as they passed a small family.

Tonks looked at the family as they walked past them. A young mother and father pushed twin prams, each holding a sleeping child. An image of Harry and Tonks with a child, this one born from them, filled her mind. "I...I could see our family here." She told him quietly, "If you wanted that..." If you want me once I tell you the truth...She thought miserably.

Harry saw the flicker of sadness as her hair shifted slightly to a duller pink than it had been. He squeezed her hand drawing her eyes to him. Once she was looking at him, he kissed her gently, "I want our family, all three of us, to have a place of our own." She drew in a breath and held him close.

"Harry, I've got to tell you something..." She said after the embrace broke, "Teddy lied to us..about his father. He was the son of Remus and me..." She explained everything she knew based on what she'd been told by Sirius. Harry, she noticed, was very quiet as he listened to her. "So that's it. From everything Sirius said, Teddy was raised by you, but as your godson. He resented Remus for leaving so came here and did everything in his power to bring us together instead."

"So, where does that leave us?" Harry asked her, "Do you still want this?"

There was a vulnerability in his voice than broke her heart. She pulled him into a tight embrace, "Of course I still want this. I didn't say 'I love you, but only if Teddy is your biological son'...I said 'I love you', and I do." She kissed him softly, "Now, do we tell Teddy that we know?"

Harry shook his head, "He's our son. He brought us together because he loved us." He sighed gently, "Too bad this isn't the kind of thing we can hold over his head like an embarrassing Polaroid.." He chuckled and then frowned, "But if Remus is dead then how is Teddy still here?"

Tonks thought back, "Albus said that since Teddy stays shifted to look like a mix of us, and wanted nothing more than to be our son...magic must have intervened for him. Just like how he got here in the first place."

"He's a lucky little guy.." Harry said, "I'm a pretty lucky guy too.." That earned him another kiss and as he and Tonks wandered through the waterfront, he knew he wanted to stay lucky.

Tonks/ Potter Wedding Summer of 1997

Harry winced as Tonks trod on his foot again. The war was over. Voldemort was gone forever this time. Harry had a new lightning bolt scar on his chest from another killing curse, but besides that he was whole. He smiled softly and dipped his wife of two hours before pulling into a kiss.

Teddy was sitting beside his grandfather watching them dance. He grinned watching Sirius and Hestia Jones dancing together. At the table across from his, Teddy saw Fleur talking to her sister. He saw Fleur whisper something to Gabrielle, who then smiled and her way over to the table where he sat with Ted.

"Bonjour Teddy, will you dance with me? Everyone else is too big." She asked him. Gabrielle Delacour, Teddy found, was the least gross girl he'd ever met. Maybe it was her huge blue eyes or her shimmery white-blonde hair, but Teddy found very quickly that whatever the twelve-year-old wanted, he would do his best to give it to her.

"Uh...s-sure. I'm not very good though. I take after my mum more than my dad." He said as he stood up and let her lead him out onto the dance floor. She giggled and began to move him to the beat of the music.

"That's alright Teddy, I will teach you." She said smiling at him. Gabrielle had heard all about Teddy from Fleur. This had been the first chance she'd had to meet him. He was very cute, she found herself thinking. "Your parents are finally married...and all it took was you breaking the time-space continuum..." She teased him.

"The time-space what?" He said puzzled, eliciting another giggle from the older girl.

Gabrielle spun with him, "It's a phrase the muggles use. You had to come back in time and change everything in order to get the outcome you wanted." She watched him as he seemed to be trying to make the right answer.

"Not what I wanted exactly. I wanted my mum alive, yeah..but I also wanted them happy. Dad was never really happy after she died. He and his wife then argued almost every night..." Teddy said, "She was awful to both of us."

"Who was she?" Gabrielle asked him as they continued to dance, moving past his parents and ending up beside Kingsley and Emmeline Vance.

"Ginny. It's weird, the Ginny I knew was always angry with us. But this Ginny is like a different person." Teddy said. He was telling the truth, this Ginny Weasley seemed very different than 'Aunt Ginny'. The Ginny he knew now was happily dating Dean Thomas.

"It is too bad that Dean is moving to the States to work for the Magical Congress. Fleur said that with the time difference and his duties, he and Ginny would have to be 'night-time friends'." Gabrielle said to her dance partner Teddy thought back to his time in what was now his past. He'd heard the term 'night-time friend' from his Aunt Fleur. It was hard to really focus on that past as if time itself knew he'd cheated and wanted to make sure he couldn't use any more future knowledge.

"What does she mean by that?" Teddy asked Gabrielle after a moment.

Gabrielle shrugged, "They'll only get to talk at night. Or when they can arrange an international portkey." Had Dean been her 'night-time friend' then as well? Teddy turned to find him sitting beside Ginny. He looked somewhat familiar but Teddy couldn't remember enough details to place him exactly.

The two continued to dance when it was time for her to leave, she kissed his cheek. This caused a redness to come to his cheeks, as well as the rest of him. That full body blush garnered another giggle and a promise that she would write him when she returned home.

Potter House Winter of 1999

Teddy looked into the crib where his sister, Lily Reagan Potter looked up at him. He smiled, shifting his hair and gaining a toothless smile from her. "Well Lily, you're four days old and about to have your first New Year's Eve. Normally as your big brother, I'd stay here and we'd have a party. But I have a date."

Lily gurgled at him, and Teddy took that as a reply, "Gabrielle is coming all the way France. We're going to Uncle Sirius' party in London and you have to stay with Grandpa and Grandma. Dad thought you could behave, but Mum told him that if he brought her newborn daughter to a party the next one you'd go to would be his wake." He grinned and reached down to stroke his sisters face.

Teddy remembered the night Harry and Tonks forgot the silencing charms. It had been a few weeks after their wedding. Teddy thought they were fighting. He had raced to the door just as his mother screamed Harry's name. Suddenly, he was on the other side of the door.

Harry and Tonks were in bed. Wrestling He'd thought to himself, that was how Tonks had described it. After Tonks promised him she wasn't angry with either him nor Harry, Teddy went back to his room. Had this been what he'd heard when he thought Harry and Ginny were fighting? Was it possible that Teddy had misinterpreted everything?

Teddy was brought back to the present day when he heard the nursery door open. It was Tonks. She walked in and picked up Lily, "Mum and Dad will be here soon, then we can get on. You need to put on the clothes we bought you so we can leave as soon as they get here. Unless you want to miss Gabrielle's arrival..." She teased him. Teddy raced out of the room and Tonks sat down in the rocking chair to nurse her daughter.

Harry arrived a few moments later struggling with his tie.

"Let me move Lily and I'll help you," Tonks said standing up and switching Lily to the other side. Task completed, she turned and used her free hand to draw her wand and flick it at Harry, causing his tie to correct itself. "How have you not learned that spell, considering how bad you are at tying ties?" She asked kissing her husband as their daughter nursed.

"It didn't really come up when I was fighting Voldemort." Harry replied with a grin, "Besides, I know you've got my back." That was when Teddy returned with a white shirt and black pants like Harry.

"Grandma and Grandpa are in the living room," Teddy said, fiddling with the tie. Like Harry, he'd been unable to get the hang of it and with a fake put-upon sigh, Tonks fixed his tie as well. Setting Lily down in her crib, the three Potters made their way to the floo and to Grimmauld Place.

Potter/Delacour Wedding- Summer of 2011

Teddy Potter kissed his bride. He and Gabrielle had been in love since the day of his parent's wedding when they'd first met. At least for Teddy, it felt that way. She must like me back...He thought with a smile as they turned and listened to the assembled crowd applauding, after all, we dated for over a decade...

Teddy and Gabrielle made their way through the crowd, accepting congratulations from the assembled throng. "You know if you do what you were discussing last night they will never forgive you," Gabrielle whispered to him.

"Tell me you don't want to hear the same stories over and over about how adorable we were as kids...Mum still tells the story about me using the international floo at the Ministry to sneak to France when I was fourteen." Teddy said, "Besides, Cousin Sirius said that he'd let us borrow his motorcycle."

That earned an appraising look from Gabrielle, "I do like that motorcycle of his...I suppose we could start our honeymoon a little early. But I'm getting all three of my dances first Mr. Potter. I want to dance with Papa, with Harry, and with my husband."

He grinned and pulled her in for a kiss, "Your wish, Mrs. Potter, is my command..."

Teddy Potter was, as his father often told him, a very lucky person. And as his wife had said during their first dance, all it had taken was breaking the time-space continuum.