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Kagome seals the well

As Kagome was walking towards the well because of what she saw: flashback "Kikyo I love you, you know that I will protect you until Naraku is defeated and I get my revenge." Inuyasha had said. Then he kissed her or she kissed him. Kagome had seen all of this and broke down into tears. She didn't know what to say so she decided it would be better if she just went back to her own time for now. So she ran and ran.

She was at the well she was still in tears, she said, "I'm not needed here if Inuyasha only needs me for the jewels then I don't need to be here I can be in my time and live a normal life." She said this very sadly. She knew that she loved Inuyasha but it wasn't the other way around. She was very sad about this.

As Inuyasha was passionately enjoying this kiss with Kikyo he finally let go. When he did he was finally able to smell something. Then he realized it was the smell of Kagome's tears. He said, "Ah Kikyo, um. I have to go now because my companions are waiting for me."

"Inuyasha you're going back to that girl again aren't you. I thought you just said that you loved me why go back to her."

"Because just like I'm vowed to protect you I have to protect Kagome as well. I'll see you again later."

He followed her scent to the well and he didn't know that she had returned 'did she see my visit with Kikyo, I hope not, now I'm in for a lot of 'sits'' he thought

He walked to the well and found something very unexpected he found the jewel shards that they had collected and he panicked. present day Tokyo

He jumps into Kagome's room and finds that she is crying he doesn't know how to react to this so says the only thing, "What're you crying about get up we have to go now."

She just ignores him and Inuyasha gets worried he says, "Kagome did something happen to you? It's weird I found the jewels at the rim of the well I thought maybe that you dropped it."

"Inuyasha just leave now I don't want to go back to the past I'm happy in the future just find the shards with Kik. Kikyo." Kagome said with pain in her voice.

"But Kagome you know I need you you have to help me find the shards you're the only one that can see them."

"Inu.Yasha. is that all. I am to you." Kagome said in between stifles of cries. "Inuyasha just come here."

As Inuyasha inched closer to Kagome she reached her hand out and pulled the necklace off of his neck. In pain she said, "Inuyasha leave NOW. You don't need me you have Kikyo and that's who you need so just stay with her."

Inuyasha was awestruck he couldn't reply, he knew that he never could express his feelings for Kagome but he didn't think he ever hurt her that bad. "Kagome what are you talking about you have to come with me I need you not only for the shards. I need you because you calm my heart down. You keep me alive."

"Inuyasha just leave you bring pain into my heart every time you say this you tell me you love me but then go behind my back and kiss her out of the blue. I don't care anymore just leave. And tell shippo I said good bye as well as Sango and Miroku. Inuyasha I wish you and Kikyo have a happy life."

Inuyasha didn't know what to do or say to Kagome in all of his life he never felt so guilty for anything.

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