Inuyasha just looked into her eyes and had no idea what to say to her. He was seeing her in his mind and then he remembered Kikyo saying that he might hurt her. That's not what he wanted he knew that she was hurt enough as it is. When she looked up at the sound of her name she just cried and had no idea what to say she just sat in the rain with absolutely noting.

" I talked to kik.somebody today. And we were talking and I wanted to talk to you about it." Inuyasha said stuttering.

"Inuyasha I know that you talked to Kikyo about me and I know that you probably were saying that you care and she's just saying yeah right. Inuyasha I know you love me but you're in love with Kikyo." Kagome said.

"Kagome you don't get it, I love you but I don't want to hurt you and put you through the same thing that Kikyo is going through. She's sad and unhappy because of me and she even risked her life and went to hell for me. I don't want to make you go through all of that pain." He said

They just sat there with nothing to say. He just looked at her hoping that she'd understand.

"'re funny Inuyasha I don't know what you want me to say to that." She said that with so much anger but in the inside she was happy.

"You know what Inuyasha. You don't get the first thing about loving do you, I mean it's something you get to choose. If Kikyo thinks that you're going to hurt me and you want to believe her then I have nothing to say. I told you how I felt but I don't know how you feel because you get so confused with yourself. I mean you don't even know if you love me or not. You think that you do and then after a while you think that you don't."

Inuyasha thought about this and finally said, "Kagome you know what. You're right. It is a choice, and I want to make the choice right now for shure. I do love you and I want you to be the one that I spend the rest of my life with. These past few days it's been really rough, but look we made it, and if we can make it through this then I think we can make it through anything else that life throws at us."

"'re so cute. That's why I love you"

"I know." And then they bent into a gently lovely kiss

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