"Master! Master! Master!"

Qui-Gon heard the door slide open and the little feet run in at the same time they did every day. The eight-year-old always came to see him after his classes.

"Hello, Obi-Wan." He smiled at the boy.

"Master!" Obi-Wan jumped in his lap and hugged him. "Tell me a story, please!"

"All right. What story would you like to hear?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Tell me the story about how you found me."

Qui-Gon laughed. "I tell you that story every day, Obi-Wan!"

"I like it! Please, Master!"

"All right," Qui-Gon acquiesced, handing Obi-Wan his cup of juice that he had become accustomed to drinking during storytime. Then he told him all about his mission to Obi-Wan's planet and how he had discovered a little treasure amidst the ruin, and about how he had been afraid to lose that treasure and had fled to keep it safe. About how danger had struck anyway and how he had almost lost the precious child, but just when he had given him up, he was finally allowed to keep the child as his own.

"Because the child's love was stronger than any rule or code," Qui-Gon finished. Looking at the child in his arms, he was not the least surprised that the boy was asleep. "But you never hear the end of the story," he said smiling. He placed the empty cup on the table beside them, then placed a gentle kiss on his brow. "Obi-Wan, never change, child. I love you just as you are, my son."