The Great Escape

Author's Note: HOLD IT! Before anyone reads this story, I need to give a spoiler warning.

This story represents the original Phoenix Wright trilogy as well as Edgeworth's first and second Investigation spinoffs. (Second needs to be downloaded on the internet in America) If you haven't played those games yet, I recommend you do because it's a fantastic storyline and this story is mostly about the villains of these games. If you've played the games already, then you at least know all the characters already. But in this very chapter, you'll learn the names of every criminal in those 5 games. My only concern is you won't enjoy the series as much if you choose play it afterwards, what with the twists and turns that none of us expect, but that's your choice of course and I'm okay with it if you proceed.

Also, side note, this story is a crossover with another series I've mastered; Wayside, both my favorite show and childhood book. If you're an Ace Attorney fan who's not familiar with Wayside, my only concern for you is you might find it hard to follow all of the characters. There's going to be between 85-100 characters in this story and I don't want them to be too hard to keep up with. Though luckily, as you've probably predicted, I'm going to kill many of them as the story goes further, thus making it potentially easier to follow later.

But my last concern, I'm worried this story will fall below the radar. Considering crossover stories are invisible to the normal filters, many people who might like this story won't find it. I don't want to sound like that guy who begs for followers, but if you know some other Ace Attorney fans, or maybe Wayside fans, I'd appreciate it if you shared this story with them. Don't feel obligated, no matter how much or how little recognition it gets, I'm going to write the whole thing anyways. But I have two more sequels to this story planned and I want to know if they're worth writing.

Lastly, a few notes: This story follows Wayside's Reprisal and some characters are dead at the start. If you want more information, that story has already been completed. Secondly, since I want this to feel like a real game, my writing style will alter to match the style within the Ace Attorney games. Lastly, for the story, the prison is located in Los Angeles California, and the Wayside district schools are located in Phoenix Arizona. The time period will be slightly futuristic.

Four years ago in LA

Phoenix: I'm Phoenix Wright. I'm a defense attorney fresh out of law school. I'm still a rookie so this is my first case.

Meanwhile in an Arizona school

Todd: This is my new school. I'm starting midway through my first year of middle school in this thirty story building. It's a clean slate, what could go wrong?

*Two years later in a nearby hospital*

Todd: I never knew one punch could be enough to take a life. *Maurecia opens her eyes* But thankfully, it didn't kill someone I never knew that I loved.

*One year later in court*

Phoenix: Dahlia! I don't care whether you win or lose anymore. All I want… *He points firmly at her* is for you to come out of Maya's body right now!

Dahlia: AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE… *Her spirit exits her possessed body* I'm… Not… Ready… Not… Ready… To… Go…

*Two more years later in the Wayside School*

Sharie: Do you think Le Chef was working for someone? Perhaps, someone of higher power?

Todd: *Shrug* I have no clue. It's something we'll probably never know for certain… Unless…

*Now, proceeding the cliff hanger*

Maurecia: Unless what Todd?

Todd: Unless I can find the truth. *Everyone stares at him* I need to become an attorney.

Stephen: But Todd, law school takes the average person three or four years.

Todd: *Shakes his head* It takes the average student six years to complete their assignments from seven through twelfth grade right? I'm going to spend the next eight months preparing for future challenges that await me in court.

*Eight months later in Wright and Co. Law Offices*

Maya: I love you Nick. *Snuggles up to his chest*

Phoenix: I love you to Maya. *Kisses the top of her head*

*Now, let's go back to the present*

December 13th Wright and Co. Law Offices 7:30 A.M.

Phoenix: *Wakes up and smiles at his beloved girlfriend* Good morning Maya.

Maya: *Yawns and opens her eyes* Good morning Nick. *Phoenix smiles* Why do you look so happy today?

Phoenix: A good friend of mine named Jerome texted me last night. He says there's a new rookie defense attorney in a school called Wayside. I'm going to meet him tonight and meet his class tomorrow.

Maya: *Gasp* Isn't Wayside that ginormous building in Phoenix Arizona?

Phoenix: *Nod* you're correct. And I'm going there to speak to the sophomore class tomorrow morning.

Maya: *Sigh* don't you think it'll be a long drive to get there?

Phoenix: *Rolls eyes* who cares? It's the town I was born in, raised in, and named after. I'm always happy to go back. But the real question is, are you coming with me?

Maya: *Sigh* I don't really like long car rides. But can I go with Gumshoe? He'll be more than happy to take me there tomorrow.

Phoenix: *Nod* Perfect! I'll see you again at 10 A.M. tomorrow Maya! *Kisses her forehead* Bye! *Walks out*

Maya: *Smiles nervously* be careful.

8:00 A.M. Wayside school districts building No. 11.

Mrs. Jewls: *Enters classroom* It's finally good to teach you all again students!

(Maurecia, Joy, Dana, Jenny, Sharie, Bebe, Rondi, Benjamin, Ron, Deedee, Caroline, Calvin, D.J, Eric Bacon, Eric Fry, and Eric Ovens all smile at her)

Mrs. Jewls: *Smile vanishes* Aren't we missing two of our classmates?

Maurecia: Don't you remember Mrs. Jewls? *Cheerfully* Todd is completing law school today! He's in the courthouse to receive his badge!

Mrs. Jewls: *Sheds tear* Awe he is? *Maurecia nods* I'm so proud of him! *Faces Sharie* and how about your cute little boyfriend?

Sharie: *Giggles and blushes* Mrs. Jewls, you're embarrassing me! *Everyone stares at her*

Eric B: It's alright Sharie.

D.J: We're all happy for you and Stephen.

Sharie: *Smiles* Thanks everyone. *Blush fades* Stephen's spending the day in the garden area to assemble a large spiritual building.

Mrs. Jewls: *Eyes widen* Why's he doing that? That sounds scary.

Sharie: He says when he's done; we'll all be able to speak to the friends we lost last year.

Rondi: *Gasps loudly* Really?!

Ron: We can talk do dead people?!

Benjamin: That'll be the greatest thing we've ever achieved!

Joy: *Suspicious smirk* Hold up. *Excitement lessens* How do we know for sure that this will work?

Sharie: *Shrug* I don't know. But none of us thought Stephen would come back to life after dying last year now did we? *Everyone flinches* Yeah, I thought so.

Mrs. Jewls: But what about our math test? Is Stephen willing to miss recess for it?

Sharie: *Rolls eyes* It's the middle of winter. Do you really think he's eager to go outside?

Joy: *Points out the window* He's outside right now. It looks like Louis is out there to.

Mrs. Jewls: *Blush* Louis is such a sweetheart isn't he? I hope they succeed on whatever it is they're doing.

Outside in the schoolyard connecting the thirteen small buildings

Stephen: Thanks for helping me construct the Spirit Chamber.

Louis: No problem buddy. Anything for the students who died last semester.

Stephen: *Frowns and sighs* Yeah… I really miss having them here in person.

Louis: *Sigh* Yeah I know. It's tough when so many people you know have died. But hopefully they'll receive comfort once everyone they love can speak to them again.

Stephen: I really hope this works. Other than a spirit medium, this is the only other way.

Louis: *Pause* What's a spirit medium?

Stephen: Well… they're a group of women with strong supernatural powers. They're able to call a deceased spirit at will, and then that spirit will temporarily possess their body until the channeling wears off.

Louis: *Eyes widen slightly* Whoa, cool! Can you do that?

Stephen: *Shuts eyes* I don't believe it's possible for men to do it. Even so, I don't have a Magatama.

Louis: A what?

Stephen: *Opens eyes* A Magatama. It's an ancient artifact shaped like a nine and the spiritual power is obtained through a sacred urn created by the ancestor of the Kurain village. Her name, was Ami Fey. *He stares at his hands as they generate a holy sanctuary* Her powers rival my own as their slight, great, or tremendously superior spiritual powers. Compared to her, I'm just a magician who wants to become a wizard.

Louis: I thought you were a spirit lord.

Stephen: *Nervous sigh* I'm definitely a lord compared to the others around here. Using my holy necromancy allowed me to defeat and destroy Mrs. Gorf. But to a Spirit Medium, I'm just a novice Warlock.

Louis: *Chuckle* I think you said "Spirit medium" right? *Stephen nods* Well what ever happened to Spirit Larges?

Stephen: *Sighs and shakes head* they don't exist. If anyone was a large, it was Ami Fey. But to this day no one of her level has walked the face of the Earth since her death. I know nothing of any other Spirit Mediums. But if I were to recognize one, perhaps they could strengthen my supernatural powers themselves.

Louis: Did you say you get your power from dead classmates?

Stephen: *Nod* though, only those who've chosen by free will to lend me their power. However, I've been meditating for a long time now and I'm strengthening my powers on my own.

Louis: Is there some sort of formula you can use to recharge your power?

Stephen: *Glare* There used to be! But some genius thief stole every resource leading to them. Even though he was arrested, no traces of these potions were ever found! *Makes fist* If I ever caught that evil bastard who did it, I'd hex him with all the power I've ever gained!

Louis: … Okay then.

8:00 P.M. LA Prison

(An inconspicuous old man wearing an orange prison uniform enters a phone booth. He places a quarter in the slot and dials a number.) *Click*

Elderly person: *British accent* Hello and thanks for calling. This is John Doe speaking.

Old man: Mr. Doe. This is the late Ambassador himself.

Mr. Doe: Ah, Mr. A. Thank you for calling again.

Mr. A: No problem sir. I'm calling on account of a prison escape the former Chief of Police is planning.

Mr. Doe: Interesting. You're not the only one leaving this prison tonight are you?

Mr. A: I'm afraid not. But before anything happens, I need to speak to my young friend, Le Chef.

Mr. Doe: *Sigh* I'm very sorry sir, but sometime in early April, he was executed.

Mr. A: What?! How is that possible?

Mr. Doe: Police officials say he was pushed from a thirty story building somewhere in Arizona.

Mr. A: *Growling lightly* Have they found the killer?

Mr. Doe: Unfortunately not. However the destination was called "Wayside School."

Mr. A: Interesting. Was it a staff member or a student?

Mr. Doe: They couldn't determine who did it.

Mr. A: *Slams cane* That French man poisoned the old Ambassador of Allebahst which allowed me to take over! And now he's dead?

Mr. Doe: Unfortunately yes. But as an assassin, it would be impossible to cause a school shooting and escape with no trace.

Mr. A: I'm going to track down this hitman, and murder him myself. Hopefully we meet again.

Mr. Doe: Before you go, can you please put a tracking device on Mr. Engarde? If he escapes I need to find him.

Mr. A: I'll hack the security cameras so you can watch him. If he leaves prison, he will be yours.

Mr. Doe: Thank you sir. Farewell. *Hangs up*

Mr. A: *Sinister smirk* Time to finally take back my power.

8:15 LA Prison common area

(A cop carries a young man with clown makeup into the cell area)

Young adult: Let go of me you stupid forensic!

Cop: Give it a rest Simon. Your crime must be paid for. *He shoves Simon behind a locked door consisting of many prisoners.*

Simon: Really? This is the goddamn prison?! *A bald, grey skinned man approaches him*

Grey man: Hello Mr. Keyes.

Simon: Dogen. Who are all these people?

Dogen: *Chuckle* They're the culprits of crimes that have been captured and stopped by the two Ace Attorneys themselves, Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.

Simon: Edgeworth. That evil bastard will pay soon enough! *A beautiful young woman with pink hair approaches him*

Woman: *Blush* Ah, who's this delicate little clown?

Simon: You smell.

Woman: *Gasp, slaps him across the cheek*

Simon: Ouch!

Woman: That's no way to treat a lady!

Dogen: Give it a rest April May. He just got mauled by a bunch of animals.

April: Humph. I hope you enjoy your life long sentence in this prison! *Walks away*

Simon: *Rolls eyes* Alright everybody, listen up! *Everyone faces him* Which one of you dipshits killed my best friend?! *A boy in with black hair and a touch of yellow approaches*

Boy: Dear lord, aren't you a little worked up? Or did you suffer a 3rd rate education like many of the other outsiders?

Simon: *Squint* Who are you?

Richard: *Holds hand out* I'm Richard Wellington, ex-con member and killer of Officer Prince.

Simon: *Shakes his hand* Alright. Can you tell me who everyone is?

Richard: Certainly. *He walks down the hallway* In this cell, we have the CEO of Bluecorp.

Redd: Salutations new comrade. I'm Redd White! *Simon chuckles* You look like a young and innocent boy. What crime did you commit?

Simon: I killed the President of Zeng Fa. *Redd chuckles heartily*

Redd: Good job pal! That cowardly lion needed silencing!

Richard: Over here we have Miss Yew.

Shih-Na: I said! Call me Shih-Na! *Richard tauntingly smirks*

Richard: Your name is Calisto Yew. We're not calling you by some stupid name.

Shih-Na: *Stares intensely at them*

Simon: *Sweats nervously* She's kinda freaking me out.

Richard: *Casual head shake* She's just a little hyena. If you want a scary bear, meet Officer Gant. *They walk a little further and a young man with a headband steps out*

Man: Hey pal what's up?

Simon: And you are?

Portsman: I'm Jacques Portsman. I'm the current longest undefeated prosecutor in the world with nine straight years of solid back-to-back victories.

Simon: What ever happened to the great von Karma?

Portsman: *Chuckle* He died. You know who else died? *Points at a sad boy with long brown hair.* That guy's father!

Simon: *Chuckles* Lucky him. *Steps into his cell* Congrats on losing your old man buddy.

Sad boy: *Frowns as tears approach his eyes* Go away!

Portsman: *Chuckle* You still haven't gotten over your father by now?

Sad Boy: No.

Portsman: What a baby.

Sad Boy: *Glares as tears stream down his face* Shut up Portsman! My dad was my only family left!

Portsman: *Rolls eyes and shrugs* Too bad. After you die in fifty or sixty years, it'll be the end of the Amano family tree.

Sad Boy: *Continues sobbing* Why are you such a jerk?

Portsman: Cause a lot of us here aren't losers. Rich bastards like you think you're above the law and that makes you a useless piece of shit.

Voice: Back off Jacques! *The boy stops crying as a young adult in a wheelchair rolls in*

Portsman: Acro? What the hell do you want?

Acro: I want you to apologize to Lance. He did nothing to you.

Portsman: *Rolls eyes* This bastard tried to woo my girl! He deserves it.

Acro: *Frowns and shakes head* Portsman, Cammy is an independent lady. If Lance thinks she's cute, it's his right to think that of her and it's still her right to choose to be your girlfriend.

Lance: *Smiles and sheds a joyful tear* Acro?

Acro: But as long as I'm here, Lance is my friend and you have no right to bully him.

Portsman: *Shrugs* Freedom of speech, Cripple! Look it up.

Acro: *Frown* If you had any kindness at all, you'd leave Lance alone. *Points outside of cell* Now get out before I tell the warden to punish you.

Simon: *Eyes widen* THE WARDEN?! *He turns aside.* Where is that bitch!

Lance: *Nervously points to a blonde woman with a white dog cuddling her neck* She's over there.

Simon: *Stomps over to her and grabs her by the shoulders.*

Woman: Hey! *She fearfully glances into his eyes*

Simon: Patricia Roland. Long time no see.

Patricia's Dog: *Growling* ARF!

Simon: *Punches the dog in the nose*

Dog: *Scared whine*

Patricia: *Gasp* No. *Dog begins whining louder* Calm down, sweetie! *Dog whales loudly and jumps off of her neck. She glares at Simon* that wasn't nice!

Simon: *Lifts her shoulders and slams her back against the wall*

Patricia: Ouch! *Simon pulls their faces together and she nervously stares at him*

Simon: Let's get one thing straight. I have less than negative shits about your stupid dog! Okay? I hate animals!

Patricia: *Holding her tears back* Okay.

Simon: But that's not why I'm here. I'm here on behalf of my best friend.

Patricia: Who? *Slam* OW!

Simon: Don't play dumb with me lady! Horace Knightly!

Patricia: Horace?

Simon: *Nod* He was my best friend. My goddamn chum, and you killed him in cold blood!

Patricia: You're scaring me!

Simon: Good! Then talk, you goddamn witch. Why did you kill Horace?!

Patricia: *Gulp* I thought he was one of Dogen's hitmen. *Slap* Ow!

Simon: Dogen and Knightly hardly had time to meet each other! Yet you stabbed his throat! *A large man with bright brown skin enters*

Man: Son! Get off of her.

Patricia: Dane!

Simon: *Evil smirk* Dad.

Dane: *Folds arms* Hello, Son.

Simon: *Sinister grin.* You're not my dad. *Dane frowns* You gave me to an orphanage - *Faces Patricia* an orphanage you ran. And then you thought you should become the warden of this prison.

Patricia: That doesn't mean I didn't still care about you.

Simon: *Chuckle* Neither of you dicks ever cared about me. Dogen cared about me, and Knightly was my only friend. Yet this bitch-wearing bitch over here had to kill him in cold blood.

Dane: Son… please.

Simon: You suck dad, you suck milt straight from an erectile cod. I wish that poisoning killed you. *Dane's frown becomes gloomy* Just as you wished I would grow up unloved. *Drops Patricia* I'll see you both in hell. *Walks out as another man bumps into him* Hey! Watch where you're going, Shorty!

Man: *Sways his shoulders back and forth* I'm extremely sorry, young son. I was just going to see my girlfriend.

Simon: *Squint* Who are you?

Frank: My name is Frank Sahwit. Patricia Roland invited me to her cell for the night.

Simon: *Sighs* Ms. Roland is your girlfriend?

Frank: Yes dear boy, she is.

Simon: You could do better. *Walks away*

Frank: … Okay then.

(Meanwhile in a different room, a young looking man is sitting cross-armed on a chair. His right eye is covered by his hair. April May walks in.)

April: Hi there Mattie!

Matt: …

April: *Frown* You still won't acknowledge my company?

Matt: *Shakes head*

April: You're not half the gentleman your rival was. *Walks out* I'm going to check on Mr. Portsman. *An old man steps into the cell*

Old Man: Can I sit here sonny?

Matt: *Opens left eye* Yanni Yogi? Go ahead.

Yanni: *Smiles and sits* Thanks, Matthew. *Clears throat* Now did you hear what Damon has planned tonight?

Matt: *Shakes head* No sir, I haven't.

Yanni: Mr. Gant has a large plan to get all of us out of this prison tonight.

Matt: *Flinches and lifts head up* Really, sir?

Yanni: *Nod* Yep. Old Damon is getting back to the business he used to run. He's going to bust everyone in this prison out of here. He wanted me to tell everyone.

Matt: … *Sighs and returns to his original position* Sorry sir. I'm not leaving.

Yanni: *Shocked* What? You're a handsome man much younger than a lot of us. You don't want to leave?

Matt: I can't sir, I just can't.

Yanni: *Sighs and stands up* Well, it was nice knowing you Matthew. *Steps out*

(A few meters down, two young women are chatting in a gossipy tone. One has red hair and one long brown.)

Red haired girl: So supposedly, we're leaving this prison tonight!

Brown haired girl: I know! I can't wait! *Yanni walks by them* Hey grandpa. Why so sad?

Yanni: *Faces them* Cammy, Mimi, you know Matthew don't you?

Mimi: You mean the young man in that cell who does nothing but sit on a chair all day and doesn't talk to anyone?

Yanni: *Shrug* Well he just spoke to me.

Mimi: Well, I guess he's become good friends with Acro.

Cammy: Awe, that's so adorable!

Yanni: *Sighs audibly* He's not coming with us.*

Mimi and Cammy: What?!

Yanni: *Shrug* I don't know why. But we should tell everyone else. *As he walks out he bumps into a large, orange colored man.*

Orange Man: Hey! Watch where youse walkin old man.

Yanni: Sorry Furio. I was just going to talk to my friend Damon.

Furio: *Smirk* It's about time we blow dis expired hyena bar. Dose little animals ta old warden brought in are nothing but prey. Prey to my predator!

Yanni: That's nice Furio. I'm leaving now. *Walks out*

Furio: *Smirks at Mimi and Cammy* Ladies. How's it going?

Cammy: I'm a little bummed Matt's not coming with us.

Furio: *Shrug* Let him chicken out. He's a child trapped in a man's body. Despite his adventures of dat Nickel Samurai, he ain't no hero at all.

Mimi: That's not fair Furio. You don't think it's normal to hide from an assassin?

Furio: *Chuckle* Real men don't hire assassins. They do da dirty work themselves. *Stares at Cammy* by da way, when's your little boyfriend going ta pay me?

Cammy: *Raises eyebrow* Portsman's in debt to the Tender Lender?

Furio: *Shakes head* Not Portsman. Da little spoiled rich kid?

Cammy: Richard Wellington?

Furio: Nah, dat Amano fellow. *Pats chin* what's his name… Lance! Dat's it. Lance Amano. *Points thumb at himself* da little plankton owes me a million bucks.

Cammy: *Frowns* I hardly know Lance. Why did you mistake him for Portsman?

Furio: HA! Some girlfriend you are. Calling Jacques by his last name.

Mimi: Furio, just stay out of it.

Furio: *Shrug* Okay. *Enters another room* I still can't believe dat Godot freak got paroled early.

French voice: Because I granted him what he needed!

Furio: *Turns and glares* Luke?

Luke: Zvarri Mr. Tigre. Diego Armando was given his freedom under my detective findings. After battling with Phoenix Wright in court, I found all I needed to prove him innocent.

Furio: *Glare* Look Atmey! Godot was a killer just like you and me, and yet ya fought at his side fo freedom?

Luke: The great Ace Detective Luke Atmey would always fight for justice. *Flashes his red ring* Using the remaining energy of this sacred ring, I unraveled the truth. To find, Mr. Armando was fighting to protect an innocent child.

Furio: *Growl* Humph! Innocent. Dat's hardly a word of value anymore.

Luke: Indeed Furio. If there were fewer corporation owners such as yourself, the world would be a better place.

Furio: Shut up pipsqueak! You hate CEO's for no reason.

Luke: Zvarri! Corporate owners are screwing over the rest of the world with their money. Using their money to get everything they want, including innocent people's information. It's quite easy to fall into custody of a corporate mogul at any second. *Sneer* Disgusting, pitiful, executive chiefs! They say money makes the world go round, but none of those without it ride the wheels of life. They crash in the fountain of youth and then die young.

Furio: You ain't inspiring no one here. I'm de only one listening and frankly, I ain't inspired at all. *Exits room*

Luke: *Frown with shut eyes* this legal system itself is built on the foundation of a power hungry company in Japan. Rendering us as the victims to many people's satisfaction that, we are put behind bars.

Voice: *Deep ladylike* what are you complaining over now Mr. Atmey?

Luke: Nothing, Miss Dee Vasquez. Other than the tragic discord that offsets the harmony of our human eternity.

Dee: *Chuckle* The only tragic discord around here is your ego.

Luke: *Raises eyebrow* is that your statement? How about that labor you put that young actor through?

Dee: *Rolls eyes* Jack Hammer was a tool. Fought for the spotlight for so long until his partner died. I killed him one day he came to me with a spear.

Luke: Hm. So you followed the defensive end of the motive spectrum?

Dee: *Raises left eyebrow* What are you saying?

Luke: There are five motives behind murder. Defense, Greed, Power, Prevention, and Revenge. *Shuts eyes painfully* Prior to Ambassador Alba, I've never seen any heartless creature apply all five motives into one.

Dee: So I took self-defense. Isn't that worthy of parole?

Luke: *Shakes head* The reason I helped sir Armando with parole, is because he used none of those motives at all. *A tear reaches his right eye* His motive, was protection - protection of another life. *He faces her* Anyone who goes as far as killing someone for no reason but to protect them, doesn't deserve any time in prison.

Dee: Well then, what are you going to do tonight? Are you escaping with the rest of us?

Luke: *Sigh* It would be morally wrong for me to do so, nonetheless. I've been paying close attention to all prisoners of this jail. Many of them cannot be trusted to escape without a detective on their tail.

Dee: So you're breaking out with us.

Luke: Indeed. It's morally wrong for any of us to leave this place, but some of us are worthy of redemption. Not all, but some. And it is my best interest for anyone capable of innocence to have their chance. *A man with a long beard walks in*

Bearded Man: Evening fellow prisoners.

Dee: *Squint* If it isn't the world's worst father.

Bearded Man: *Glare* At least I had a son. Unlike you two.

Dee: Oh contraire Blaise Debeste. You've failed harder at parenting than dads who've never met their children. If it weren't for Dane Gustavia, you'd be considered the worst dad in the world.

Blaise: Why because Simon made his way to prison? At least I acknowledged my child!

Luke: I've solved Amber Alerts with children treated better than your son!

Blaise: *Sigh* Well whatever. After tonight we can all put our pasts behind us. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to speak with Morgan Fey. *Enters a different cell*

Inside another cell, a tall, dark haired woman is meditating silently. Blaise enters the room and removes his goggles.

Blaise: Morgan Fey, may I speak with you for a minute?

Morgan: *Opens her eyes and glares* Please remember to call me "Mystic" Morgan please.

Blaise: *Shrug* Alright whatever. Mystic Morgan, I've come to learn of a few deceased prisoners that I'd like you to channel.

Morgan: Who in particular do you wish to speak with?

Blaise: Manfred von Karma. *Morgan sighs* Old Manfred was the strongest prosecutor I've ever worked with and my hope is we hear some details about a recent incident.

Morgan: What incident?

Blaise: Somewhere in Arizona, there was a murder of a French chef. The title of his personage was Le Chef.

Morgan: So you want me to channel him?

Blaise: *Shakes head* I want to speak with Manfred. He's a spirit now so he's been able to view Earth like he's a film critic. He's viewing the movie of time and has knowledge we could use a few notes of.

Morgan: How did Mr. von Karma die?

Blaise: *Angered grunt* Do you remember Jay Elbird? *Morgan nods* Well it turns out he was innocent of his crime but Manfred got him convicted. After Manfred was thrown in jail, Jay murdered him and recently he tried to escape prison to hide before the case was restarted.

Morgan: Where is Jay now?

Blaise: I requested him to be sentenced to death. Two weeks ago before I was imprisoned, we had him lethally injected. Not for the murder of his original victim, but for the murder of Manfred von Karma.

Morgan: As much as I'd love to help you reach him, I'm out of power. *She points at her neck without a necklace* I don't have my Magatama anymore. *Glare* That damn Phoenix Wright took it!

Blaise: *Rolls eyes* Okay we all hate Phoenix Wright, but he didn't throw all of us in here. Miles Edgeworth is to blame for me, and many others for getting us guilty verdicts. So, if you can channel Manfred once we escape, I have many questions to ask him.

Morgan: I'll do it on one condition.

Blaise: What?

Morgan: You have to hear from my daughter Dahlia as well. She was sentenced to death two years ago and now I really want to kill so many people responsible for leading her there!

Blaise: *Sinister smirk* I love your burning attitude. It's a deal. *They shake hands* Now once Gant gets us all out of here, we begin the new war.

Morgan: I'll be ready for it.

9:00 P.M. LA Courthouse

Judge: Ladies and gentlemen, this court would like to present a hard earned reward to the newest, youngest defense attorney in the world.

Todd: *Smiles as Jerome pats him on the back*

Judge: This young boy has had one of the most challenging paths to the legal system of anyone I've ever seen. He's attended Wayside school for almost four years now, and in only one week, he completed every homework assignment through twelfth grade. And now, within the past eight months, he's completed law school. *Audience applauds* Now Todd,

Todd: *Stands up and smiles proudly*

Judge: Congratulations on your success. Here is your badge.

Phoenix: *Carries the badge to him* Here you go, new rookie.

Todd: Thanks Mr. Wright. *Accepts badge* And thank you, your honor.

Judge: It's my pleasure. *Turns to prosecution side* Mr. Edgeworth, would you like to say something to our newest defense attorney?

Edgeworth: *Charming grin* Of course. … I object to your promotion to becoming a defense attorney! *Audience gasps* … Because a boy with your skill is always needed on the side of prosecution. *Audience chuckles* What do you say?

Todd: *Chuckles casually* I'll think about it. But for now I'm ready to begin my career as a defense attorney.

Phoenix: Wise choice. Are you ready to watch Miles and I wrap up this case?

Todd: Most definitely.

9:30 P.M. LA Prison center

Many of the prisoners are gathered in the hallway as a much older, yet much larger man steps among them all.

Man: Well fellow inmates, are you ready for your freedom?

Frank: Yes Sir Mr. Gant sir! *Everyone nods*

Gant: *Hearty laughter* that's what I wanted to hear. Now remember the order of events?

Frank: *Reveals broken electric bracelet* I broke this one on purpose.

Gant: Wellington?

Richard: *Pours chloroform on his cravat and folds it up*

Gant: Redd and Blaise?

Redd: I'm ready to steal their info!

Blaise: *Ignites lighter*

Gant: And you've found the targeted cars right?

Dee: There are three vans in the very back that haven't been used in a while. We could fit eight people in each one.

Patricia: The keys to those are in a small drawer in my office.

Gant: Okay! Quick run through!


Gant: There are three vans on the lower floor. Dee will grab the first one. And then Jacques, Cammy, Frank, Patricia, Dane, and Richard will enter that one. Got it?

Dee: I can drive. *The others nod*

Gant: Okay, car number two will be driven by Redd White. Passengers will be Yanni, April, Luke, Furio, Morgan, Mimi, and Simon.

Redd: It's great to get on the road again.

Gant: In the final van, driven by me, will hold, Acro, Dogen, Shih-Na, Lance, Quercus, Blaise, and Matt. *Faces Lance and Acro* Now Lance, you're going to have to help Acro with his wheelchair.

Lance: I'm always happy to do that.

Acro: *Frowns in disappointment* I don't think my chair will fit. *An old man walks in*

Gant: Quercus, old pal! Nice of you to join us.

Quercus: *Grin* Thank you, old friend. *Reveals keys* I won't need to go with the rest of you, you see? *Pockets keys* I'll only slow you down.

Blaise: That removes only one seat.

Yanni: *Sigh* No, if Acro is in the back with the wheelchair, Shih-Na, Lance, and Dogen are in the middle, Blaise is in the front. The wheelchair fits.

Lance: But what about Matt Engarde?

Yanni: *Slams cane on ground* The young whippersnapper's not coming with us! *Many of them gasp*


Furio: Dat coward!

Shih-Na: Ha… *Everyone stares at her* Ha, ha, ha, ha! *Maniacal laughter*

Redd: *Face palm*

Cammy: Seriously?

Richard: That laughter is really annoying!

Shih-Na: Ha, ha, ha… *Cries tear* Sorry. I just can't believe how big a hypocrite Matt is. He's a gigantic show star that plays a justice hero. And he can't even show his face out of prison anymore.

Dee: *Sigh* Matthew's career was built on the original Steel Samurai show I produced. *Shuts eyes* I feel sorry for the poor boy. As selfish and cowardly as he is, he's too frail to hurt another human being.

Acro: *Faces Lance* Hey Lance, could you wheel me into Matt's cell real quickly? I want to say goodbye to him.

Lance: *Grabs the ends of his wheelchair* Sure thing, Acro. *Many prisoners smile at him*

Cammy: Awe, that's so thoughtful of you.

Lance: *Faces Cammy and blushes lightly* Thanks.

Portsman: *Rolls eyes* Just hurry up Lance. The rest of us really want to leave now.

Lance: *Smile turns into a light glare* Okay Jacques. Sorry for being so slow. *Pushes Acro out of room*

Gant: Are you ready Furio?

Furio: Yes sir boss! *Inhales deeply*

A few seconds later they make it back to Matt's cell. He's still sitting on his chair with his head lowered.

Acro: Hey Matt.

Matt: *Looks up* Acro, I thought you were leaving.

Lance: We are, we just wanted to be sure you hadn't changed your mind. There's room in the car for you to.

Matt: *Doesn't smile* My decision is final. My place is here.

Acro: *Lowers head lightly* Matt, you were my best friend ever since you entered this prison. Before Lance showed up, you were the only one who would push me around the prison.

Matt: And it looks like Lance is going with you. I rest my case.

Acro: *Sheds a tear* I'm going to miss you Matt. You and I both have one scar that won't ever fade. My legs, and your right eye.

Lance: Wait, I thought most of those scratches were almost done healing.

Matt: *Sigh* Behind my hair, I have one scar from a fight with Juan Corrida. Though my face has recovered fairly well, that scratch is permanent.

Acro: As are my legs.

Lance: *Tears form* And my father.

Acro: I know what it's like to lose your father. *Faces Matt* Wouldn't your dad like to see you again.

Matt: *Lightly annoyed* If I leave this place my father will find me dead. The most painful scar of all time is outliving your next of kin.

Lance: That's why I killed that convict.

Acro: Matt, can you promise me one thing?

Matt: *Opens eyes* What?

Acro: Promise if anyone else comes to this prison any time soon, you'll treat them the same way I treated you. *Matt flinches* Like a brother.

Matt: … *Sincere smile* Alright Acro. It's a deal.

Acro: *Fists bumps him* Take care pal.

Matt: You to. *Loud roar is heard* Whoa! What was that?!

Lance: Furio Tigre's roar. It's going to blow a fuse and then we escape.

Matt: Well you better hurry. Bye, Acro.

Acro: Bye, Matt.

Matt: *Faces Lance* Goodbye, Lance.

Lance: Bye Matt, it was nice knowing you. *He turns around and drives Acro out*

A few seconds later, all of the lights shatter due to Furio's roar.

Officer 1: What was that?

Officer 2: A blackout! *Grabs walkie talkie* Prison riot! The power is out!

Frank: *Flips electric fence switch* It is now. *They face him*

Officer 1: How'd you get out?!

Frank: *Shows powerless bracelet* your stupid electrified trackers. *Slams bracelet on electric fence switch and it shatters*

Officer 2: Hey!

Frank: *Shrug* Now everyone can move around as they please.

Officer 1: *Grabs taser* Step back!

Voice: How's about you step back?

Officer 2: Sir? *Gets punched* OW!

Furio: Silence you big baby!

Officer 2: Backup needed!

Officer 1: *Passes out on floor*

Officer 2: Sir! *Looks up at Richard Wellington holding chloroform cravat*

Richard: Enjoy your nap. *Furio knocks guard unconscious*

Furio: WHOO!

(Nearby office)

Redd: Let's see, *Reaches into secure file folder* Crimes solved by Phoenix Wright. *Chuckle* Mine now!

Blaise: *Reads file folder* Miles Edgeworth's arrests. *Ignites lighter* It's all history now.*Burns the documents* And now, this whole room is history! *Lights wall and a flame starts forming*

Redd: Wowie! That's a lot of fire.

Blaise: Let's get out before the roof collapses!

(In the parking lot)

Timid cop: *Sweating and shivering nervously* Please tell me this is a nightmare.

Gant: Mr. Meekins! What's up?

Mike: Ah! *Begins panting.* Officer Gant? *Prisoners run out behind him* Everyone?!

Morgan: You're assistance is no longer necessary.

Mike: *Gulp*

Furio: Beat it, bub!

Mike: Oh. *Faints in his car seat*

Gant: Ha, ha, ha! *Claps* Classic Mikey! Now quick! Get to the cars! *Dee gets into the driver seat and multiple prisoners get in, Redd does the same, and finally so does Gant* Okay! Now we need to open the garage door!

Quercus: Allow me old chum. *Taps button and door opens* Goodbye.

Gant: Thanks pal! *The three vans drive out*

Quercus: *Chuckle* Finally. *Pulls out car keys and approaches red Ferrari* Good luck catching me this time, Miles.

Author's Note: There's the first chapter to this story. If you find it fairly hard to follow, don't worry. It'll get easier when the homicides begin and characters die! … until then, I recommend Ace Attorney to those of you who now know the names of the killers. Getting them into Wayside is going to be a blast!