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'How in the hell did I end up here again?!' Were the frantic thoughts of the one and only Izuku Midoriya, an eighteen year old male with thick green hair and four freckles beneath each of his green eyes. He stood at a good six foot one and had a moderate muscle build to his figure. Currently he was standing on the outdoor side of a wooden door entrance, standing on a small stone porch with a path leading up to it behind him, metal gates surrounded the large two floor brick house, and beside the base of the stone path on the gates was the gold sign that had the words 'Girls Dormitory Home 1' labeled on it, this particular building being one of the many large houses that are being used as dormitories on Musutafu College's massive campus. The lawn having green fresh cut grass. The green haired male was dressed in a pair of beige cargo shorts, a emerald shirt under an unzipped black sweater, he had a black digital watch on his left wrist and in that same hand was the handle of a brown suitcase, and in his right hand was the strap of his grey school bag that he was holding by his right shoulder. On his feet were a regular pair of grey sneakers and white socks.

Currently, Izuku was remembering just exactly why he was standing here, much to his immense bewilderment.


"Well, it appears that all the male dorms have been occupied already. Well, it looks like we have no choice.. but to assign you to the last remaining room in the Girls Dormitory Home One!" The energetic booming voice of Musutafu College's Dean Yagi Toshinori declared as he slapped a paper in front of Izuku that was sitting on the other side of his large wooden desk. The dean was a large, muscular man with short blonde hair that had two long locks sticking up at top front of his head, wearing a yellow with thin black stripes suit, a white dress shirt with a blue tie around the collar and brown dress shoes.

Izuku nearly choked on his saliva after hearing the dean say what he did, coughing a few times before he looked to him with nearly bulging wide eyes. "Ehh?! Are you kidding me?! Is that even allowed?!" The eighteen year old green haired male exclaimed as he looked to the paper that was now laying on the desk in front of him, on the paper was a list that had fifteen girls names with pictures beside them, nine of them looking to be about his age, one.. he could not see, and five that looked like mature, beautiful women. Thirteen were labeled as students and two of the women were assigned as supervisors. His cheeks had a blush brushed on them as he looked at the pictures of each of the fifteen females, well fourteen he could see since there was one he could not see, each of them were definitely beauties which made it harder for him to believe that he was getting assigned to the remaining room where they all lived in, each dormitory house on campus was big enough to house sixteen people.

The beefcake man let out an exagerrated laugh for a couple seconds before replying to the student. "Oh, I believe you are a responsible, trustworthy young man, Mr. Midoriya! One capable of handling himself in such an environment! Now, you must get going! The sooner you introduce yourself to your housemates, the better!" The man began to rush Izuku towards the door of his office, causing the boy to exclaim as he leaned back into the dean's large hands and try to stop himself with his heels, but the effort was futile as his feet grinded on the floor with ease. "The supervisors have already been informed and will be expecting your arrival! Now, if you'll excuse me, I got other duties to attend to!" The blonde man uttered as he had just gotten Izuku out his door after opening it.

"W-Wait, when did you even tell them?!" The boy frantically asked as he tried to turn around to look at the dean but was too late as the man had shut the door in his face. Izuku stuttering as he stared at the door in a stupified state. 'What the hell..'

'End of Flashback'

'Yeah, trust me, I have no idea what the heck happened there either..'

Izuku shakily sighed as he took a moment to mentally prepare himself for what he was about to do now. He gulped as he looked up to the golden knocker that was on the door, hesitantly reaching for it before he gave it a few knocks and let go of it. He then took a step back as he began to hear footsteps on what sounded like a wooden floor on the inside heading towards the door. The boy standing straight in a proper, though noticably nervous, manner.

"Coming!" A young female voice shouted out in a slight muffle because of the door as a second later, a chain lock followed by a deadbolt unlocked on the door before it was opened, showing a girl with fair skin, brown hair that went down to her shoulders and had two locks framing her face, and brown eyes, she had horizontal pink ovals on her cheeks and had a somewhat of a petite build with curves in the right places. She was wearing a white t-shirt that had a pink heart at the center, black jeans shorts that hugged her hips and upper thighs well and was wearing a pair of black socks on her feet.

From what he can see where he was standing, behind the girl was a staircase that had a narrow hallway beside it that led down to a door that he can only assume is the bathroom considering where it was, and to the right beside the doorframe was a six tier metal shoe rack that had a plethora of multicolored shoes placed neatly on the shelves.

Izuku's face once again erupted into a dark blush with a stunned look upon taking in the attractive brunette's appearance, looking her from legs up until his eyes met hers, who looked to Izuku curiously with a smile curved on her lips, her head slightly tilting as she hummed in also a curious manner. "Hello, can I help you?" She politely asked as she held the door open when stepping forward a bit towards the male.

When hearing her voice, Izuku snapped out of his stupor as he shook his head for a brief moment and let out a awkward chuckle before he began to answer her. 'She has a cute voice.' He quickly thought as he cleared his throat. "H-Hello there, I'm sorry to bother you, but a Ms. Bakugo or a Ms. Tatsuma wouldn't happen to be in at the moment, would they? It's important I talk to one of them, or both of them if possible." Izuku requested anxiously as he held the strap of his bag tightly, gulping as he began to lightly sweat just from talking to the cute girl.

"Well, Ms. Tatsuma isn't here at the moment, but Ms. Bakugo is!" The brunette replied in a chipper voice, stepping out of the way as if to look like she was gonna let him in. "Come wait inside while I go fetch her." She kindly offered, while she was waiting for him, she spotted the suitcase that was in one of his hands, lifting a brow as her wondering action. 'Is he just moving on campus?' She internally questioned.

Izuku hesitated for a moment but nodded as he began to steadily step inside the house. "Th-Thank you." He nervously uttered after he walked in, the brunette now closing the door behind him as he was beginning to take in the interior of the house, his eyes nearly bursted out of their sockets as he took it all in. 'This place is huge! looks even bigger on the inside than it does on the outside!'

To the left was an entryway that led to a large dining room that had a long wooden table with a white table cloth over it, seven chairs were on each of the long sides of the table while there was a chair on each end. There also being a window that overlooked the dormitory house's front lawn, and there was another entryway adjacent to the dining room's own that looked to be leading to the kitchen of the house.

To the right was another entryway leading to an even wider area that looked to be the living room that was furnished with sophisticated furniture, this area also having a large window looking into the front lawn. There were two slightly smaller rooms on the adjacent and opposite side of the entryway. Both looking to be for recreational purposes as the adjacent room had a pool table, a air hockey table, as well as a table tennis table set up a few feet next to each other and the other room had an L shaped dark grey sofa that had the backs facing two small windows and the long front facing a flat screen tv that was on a glass television stand that had a few game systems on the shelves hooked up to the flat screen.

There was no one in the dining room, but there were two other girls in the living room, two in the gaming room and three at the ping pong table that had two girls currently in an intense match with one another and another girl on the sideline observing and awaiting her turn to play the winner.

One girl in the living room was laying on her stomach on the navy sofa with her legs lightly swinging in the air while facing one of the arm rests. She had blonde hair that was done into two buns on the sides of her head that had several locks sticking out along the sides and two locks framing her face, she had fair skin, amber eyes and a cute petite build. She was wearing a beige sweater top that went down to the blue skirt she was wearing that went down to her upper thighs as well as black socks that nearly went up to her knees. This girl currently listening to music with black earbuds in her ears as she softly hummed to it while gently rocking her body side to side, looking on her celluar phone as she did.

On a navy sofa chair adjacent to the couch was another girl that had a young face but a well developed physique to her, She had long black hair that was done into a spiky ponytail at the back and her bangs travelled down the right side of her face to her neck. She had black eyes along with also fair skin. She was dressed in a dark red flutter sleeve top that due to her large bust, the bottom of the shirt hanged down in the air by her waist, she also wore a black layered skirt going down to her lower thighs and grey socks on her feet. This girl was currently sitting on the sofa chair in a proper posture with one leg crossed over the other, having reading glasses on her eyes while she was currently indulging in a novel.

To the other attractive girls in the gaming room, Both of them beared curvaceous figures, one of them had long light blue hair that went down all the way to her thighs and twisted on itself at her waist level, she had blue eyes and a light pale skin complexion. She was wearing a light grey, sleeveless casual dress that went down to the middle of her thighs and wore light blue socks on her feet. The girl next to her looked to be slightly older, she had thick white hair with streaks of red in it, going down her shoulders. She had grey eyes with glasses in front of them and fair skin. She wore a white dress shirt under a pink button up long sleeve top, blue skinny jeans and black ankle socks.

"Ha! I win again!" The blue haired girl cheered as she threw her arms in the air with a Xbox controller in hand as she had seemed to won a match in a fighting game against the girl next to her. The white with red haired girl sighed to the other girl's cheer, shaking her head as she sweatdropped. "You know, you take these games way too seriously, couldn't even let me get one hit in..." She softly complained.

In the room with the game tables, One of the girls that was currently playing an intense, but fun, game of table tennis had short, unkempt pink hair with two horns protruding from her head, she had pink skin and black eyes with yellow irises. Her voluptuous figure wearing a purple tank top that showed a slight amount of cleavage with blue tight shorts hugging her hips and upper thighs and pink with black horizontal striped socks. The girl she was facing off with was someone that appeared to be.. invisible? But it was easy to tell that it was a girl judging by the petite, yet curvy figure her clothing showed off, wearing a tank top of her own but in a faded blue color and black leggings on her shapely hips and legs with white ankle socks on her feet. The girl currently watching the match on the side of the table had long orange hair that was tied into a ponytail on the left side of her head that went down to the middle of her back, green eyes and fair skin. She wore a plain beige top with blue jeans shorts and grey socks on her own womanly figure.

"Haaa!" The pink skinned girl shouted as she had just smashed her paddle on the ping pong ball that was heading to her with a grin and a competitive gleam in her eyes, when successfully hitting the ball and bouncing it on the other side of the table where her invisible opponent was. She had hit it with immense strength as it seemed to travel at a swift speed. The invisible girl yelping as she quickly ducked under the table to avoid getting hit, gaining her the loss of the round and the ball made a slight dent in the wall when it impacted behind her.

"Wooh! I'm the best! Yeah!" The pink skinned girl cheered out as she then began to moonwalk back and forth on her end of the table, grunting as she pumped her arms when doing so. The orange haired girl sweatdropped as she chuckled anxiously at the dancing girl. "That was a bit of an overkill spike, don't you think?"

The pink skinned girl then suddenly froze her dancing as she looked to the girl on the side of the table. "Ah, don't worry about it." She quickly dismissed the questioning girl's worries as she waved a hand in front of her face, shaking her head as she did. "Besides, she's fine, ain't you Toru?" She asked with a grin as she looked over to the other side of the table.

The invisible girl could be seen visibly shaking as she looked like she leaned up to peek over the table. "I-Is it safe t-to come out?" She fearfully uttered. That causing the two other girls to sweatdrop simultaneously as the pink skinned girl lightly groaned before chuckling nervously and rubbing the back of her head. "Guess I did go a little bit over the top, huh?"

"A little bit?" The orange haired girl said in a deadpanned tone.

Izuku blushed as he had taken all of the girls appearances in, his heart pumping from anxiety.. yet at the same time, excitement. 'Th-These are the girls.. I-I'll be staying with? Oh god, I don't know if I can take this!' Izuku internally cried, but he knew he had no choice if he wanted to take up residence on campus, which he really wanted to.

"Alright, just wait here, and I'll go get Ms. Bakugo." The brunette with Izuku advised, earning a quick nod from the boy.

"T-Take your time." He responded, the girl flashing him a smile before she turned and jogged off away from him before heading up the stairs to the second floor of the house, which Izuku can only assume is where the dorm rooms are. The green haired male was now standing by the door awkwardly as he continued to nervously look at the place from where he was, taking a moment to pull on the collar of his top a few times as he gulped.

The first one to notice Izuku was the blonde girl laying on the couch, looking up over the top left corner of her phone to look at him. 'Oh my, who's this cutie?' The girl thought as she lifted a brow while her eyes scanned and took in the boy's impressive physique from bottom to top, licking her lips slowly as she liked what she was seeing. 'Not bad at all.' she thought with a devious grin curving on her lips now. She then looked around her to see that none of the other girls seemed to have noticed the boy, all still indulged in their current activities.

Taking the opportunity that presented itself, she then got off the couch before taking out her earbuds, putting her cellphone under her top and into her modest bust, putting on her best cute girl face as she then went to walk over towards Izuku, who was currently busy looking into the dining room.

"Hello there~" The blonde girl greeted as she lightly stuck to the side of the living room entryway, leaning her side gently on it. The sudden approach from the girl had Izuku yelping as he slightly jumped and quickly shot his head to look at the girl. Letting out a sigh of relief as it was just a girl who looked harmless enough.

"U-Uh, h-hello." He anxiously greeted back with a small smile on his lip.

"A suitcase? Hmm? You planning on moving in?" The girl asked with a teasing smirk as her head slightly tilted, her eyes shooting a glance at the suitcase in his hand before looking back at him with a playful curious lifted brow.

Izuku tensed as his eyes slightly widened and lightly whimpered, not knowing how to respond to that as it was a fact that he was, but he was worried how she would react if he revealed that information without the presence of one of the supervisors with them. He began to sweat as he started to stutter like a lost idiot.

"Well?" The blonde girl pressured as she then stepped closer to Izuku to where she was just a foot away from him, humming playfully as she stood on her toes at the tall boy with her smirk still present. Izuku still unsure of what to say as he leaned back slightly when she stood on her toes, leaning forward towards him with her fingers locked with each other at her lower back.

After a few more seconds of Izuku's suffering, A woman's voice had saved him as she spoke to the blonde. "Himiko, please leave the boy alone." The woman warned before letting out a soft sigh.

When both of the eighteen year olds looked to the stairs at the same time after the voice was heard, the blonde girl pouted as she then leaned back to stand on her feet properly before she crossed her arms under her modest bust and huffed in disappointment when lightly glaring at the woman coming down the stairs with the brunette from earlier. "Aww, you never let me have any fun, Mitsuki." She cutely mumbled as she took a few steps back away from the green haired boy.

Upon seeing the woman coming down the stairs, Izuku quickly looked astonished as the woman was downright gorgeous. She had spiky Ash-Blonde hair with red eyes and fair skin. Her body was the definition of a beautiful, mature woman. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped black top that was low cut enough to show a fair amount of her ample cleavage. Her lower body wearing blue skinny jeans and was bare of socks in a pair of black slippers. With each step she took down the stairs, her large breasts lightly bounced under the top, even the brunette's own decently large bust jiggled with each step.

When seeing Izuku, the blonde woman smiled as her eyes met his own, holding in a giggle at how he was currently looking at her. Noticing him taking a brief glance down at her bosom, holding back a smirk as she took pride in her figure, as well as her blessed assets, and knew it was common for her to get such stares. She did not mind them one bit, but she rather encouraged it. "Hey there, Izuku Midoriya, right? Glad to see you made it, honestly didn't think you would go through with this whole.. arrangement that's been made for you." She spoke before reaching the end of the staircase, approaching the blushing boy to stop a couple feet in front of him as she crossed her arms under her breasts, lightly lifting her forearms under the large mounds to make them appear more plump.

Izuku internally shrieked as he struggled to maintain a calm composure, a familiar sensation that every boy feels at some point in their early life occured in his groinal area from the alluring sight, his hips lightly shivering as he tried not to stare at the woman's assets. "W-Well, it's not like I had a choice so.. My mom and I went through a lot of trouble to pay f-for my tuition, and my home is all the way on the other side of the city.. It would be a nuisance to travel here all the way from there everyday... s-so I couldn't let the opportunity to stay on campus go to waste." He anxiously chuckled, his hand visibly shaking as he held onto his backpack strap.

"That would have been a big problem, yes." The woman smiled. "Listen kid, It may be hard for you to get used to this at first, but I think you'll adjust given the time. I believe in the dean when he says your decent guy, and never once has he steered me wrong before, so there's no reason for me to doubt his decision."

Izuku felt assured by that, but it did not get rid of all his worrisome feelings, he was still a growing young man that had urges and.. needs.. and living in a house full of girls was surely something he thought would take a toll on him because of those certain needs. "Th-Thanks, I guess. I'll certainly try to be a good resident here, Ms. Bakugo. Th-Thank you again!" He responded in a somewhat determined tone and face as he gave the woman a nod.

"Good, I believe in you kid. I think you'll do just fine." The woman grinned as she eyed the boy, looking up his own figure as she internally admired the body he beared. 'Impressive, he certainly knows how to keep himself in shape.' She thought with an impressed internal voice.

When Izuku had said what he did, this immediately had the brunette looking at him in a curious stare, blinking a few times in confusion as she processed his words. 'Resident.. here?..' She thought, the petite blonde was seen slightly grinning when she heard Izuku, her face's negative mood quickly changing to an ecstatic one as her grin slowly got wider and.. happier.

'So I was right!' She internally cheered as her hands came clenching by her chest, not hearing the blonde dorm supervisor denying his statement, so she could only hope that it was indeed true.

"I-I'm sorry, Ms. Bakugo, what.. what does he mean by that?" The browned haired girl bashfully asked, needing confirmation if what she was now thinking was indeed true.

The woman smirked as she looked to the brunette. "Well Ochako, you see.." Before she could reply, she was immediately cut off when the energetic voice of the pink skinned girl had interrupted her.

"Yo, what's going on Mitsuki?" She cheerfully asked as she, along with the other girls that have all finally noticed the four near the door, joined them.

The boy and three females looked to the joining group, Izuku visibly becoming more nervous as what Mitsuki was about to say to them all now.. would surely not get a desirable reaction from them.

Mitsuki chuckled as she took this as the perfect opportunity to explain to as much of the other residents of the dormitory she can about Izuku's.. predicament, or lucky day, depending on how it is viewed.

"Who's this?" The light blue haired girl chipperly asked as she flashed the boy a big curve of a smile and a quick wave. "Hey there!" She greeted enthusiastically, something about looking at the boy had her spirits sky rocketing all of a sudden. 'He's pretty cute!'

Izuku blushed deeply at the bluenette girl's bubbly personality, smiling shyly as he gave a small wave of his own. "H-Hello.."

"Great, more of you are here, this makes things a little quicker. Well, you see girls, as of today, Izuku here.." As Mitsuki was talking, she had walked up to Izuku's left side and stood by him while facing the other females, a grin still on her lips and before she continued, Izuku let out a muffled loud gasp, his blush going into overdrive as he was now a dark red, steam emitted from his ears and his eyes were widened into perfect white circles. He had suddenly found his face being smothered into the blonde woman's right breast, the lower half of his face sinking in the soft, perfectly shaped orb over her top when Mitsuki had wrapped an arm around his head and pulled it in. "Is the official new and final resident of the first girls dormitory home!" She proudly shouted out as she had her left arm bent at her side for her fist to press on her waist, her right arm not faultering from its hold on Izuku's head as she kept it where it was. The boy seen trembling as he shakily hummed dumbly, unable to move away due to the overwhelming shock of his position.

All the girls present, excluding Himiko as her expression only seemed to brighten, eyes slowly widened and blushed in sync with one another after Mitsuki had made her announcement. Then, suddenly the whole world heard..


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