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Chapter 15: Sweet Talk

"Nngh.. Five more minutes.. please.." Izuku tiredly groaned in annoyance when the loud sound of his blaring phone alarm had woken him and Himiko up from their nap.

"I got it, darling~" Said Himiko as she was already completely awake and full of energy as always. She leaned slightly over Izuku in order to reach for the boy's cell and she turned off the obnoxious sound that was emitting from it.

"Thank you.." Izuku gratefully whispered under his breath as he let out a soft yawn and he opened his eyes ever so slightly for his sights to meet his petite blonde lover looking down at him as she had just mounted him.

"Rest well~?" Himiko questioned as she grinned down at the green haired boy and their eyes locked on each other. Her hands planted down on the bed by either side of his head.

"I guess. Though.. I wouldn't say no to getting a couple more hours in." Izuku replied with a weak smirk.

"If you did that, you'd be missing out on lunch and your chance to take Ryuko up on her offer." Himiko pointed out with a quirked brow.

"Ryuko's offer..?" He uttered in confusion as his eyes narrowed and his head slightly cocked to the side. The boy having forgotten about what Ryuko had promised him earlier during the time he, Himiko and Nejire had helped her with the dishes. "Oooh.. right, I nearly forgot about that." He continued as his expression showed that the truth had just dawned on him.

"Have you decided what you want her to make you? Aaand... do you plan on sharing?" She playfully asked whilst giving off a giggle.

"I'm not so sure yet. I would like to see what other delicious sweets she could whip up. So I think brownies are out for the count. As for your second question. Mmm.. we'll see." He added teasingly as he briefly quirked his brows and smirked.

Himiko released a gasp of forced shock at his last comment. "My love?! I had no idea you could be so cruel~ I actually never thought you would have it in you." She feigned offense as an insincere frown had curved on her lips for only a moment before her grin made a swift return.

"Maybe you and your interesting personality are just beginning to rub off on me." Izuku chuckled as his hands lifted up to hold onto his first lover's hips.

"Is that such a bad thing? If you ask me, I see a more confident and comfortable man below me because of it, and you certainly don't seem to be complaining about it." Himiko retorted.

"That I don't..." Izuku smiled. "I just hope that I don't let it get to me too much." He said almost worriedly.

"It won't, Izu. You are too much of a natural kind soul to let it change you for the worst." Himiko responded ever so nonchalantly as she lightly caressed the greenette's left cheek. "Besides, even if your rising confidence did manage to take its toll on you. You can bet that me and the others will work with haste to bring the real you back to us straight away." She giggled whilst winking at Izuku.

Izuku sweatdropped while showing off a nervous expression as he immediately had the strong feeling that she didn't mean anything pleasant by the last comment she had made. "Er... I appreciate that..?" He uttered with an uneasy grin.

"Anything for you, my love~" Himiko smirked as she leaned down towards the unsuspecting greenette to capture his lips in a gentle lip lock. Izuku, of course, showing no sign of resisting against her action.

'One minute later'

"So, do you have any suggestions on what I could ask Ryuko to make? I'm... actually kind of drawing a blank on what I could request." Izuku inquired bashfully as he rubbed at the back of his head and faced the floor.

The blonde and greenette pair were now walking down one of the long second floor corridors as they had just left Izuku's dorm room after the intimate kiss that they had shared with one another for about half a minute before Himiko had suggested that they get a move on. Izuku reluctantly going along as he still very much wished for those couple more hours of rest that he had brought up earlier.

Himiko hummed while in thought for a few seconds before she answered his question. "That's a pretty difficult question to answer. As far as I know, all of what Ryuko bakes is to die for. So it's really hard to choose one over the others." She shrugged. "Sorry I couldn't be of any help there."

"Nah, it's alright." He shook his head for a second before flashing Himiko a small smile. "I will just have to say the first thing that comes to my head since it's the only option I have."

"Well, no matter what you decide on. I assure you that with Ryuko's mad baking skills. You won't be at all disappointed." Himiko chuckled as the two then stopped when they had reached the top of the staircase.

"I can see that now that I think about it." Izuku scoffed.

Himiko did a smoothe turn on one foot to face Izuku with her hands behind her back when the two had stopped moving. "Alright, I think this is where I can leave you for now." She commented as she smiled up at him.

Izuku looked down at the blonde with a perplexed gaze. "You got something to do?"

Himiko shook her head as she hummed a denying tune before giving the confused boy a verbal answer. "Nope. I just thought that I should let you go off on your own for awhile and let you interact with our future mates without me being in the way. So I'll be up here in my room for the time being." She giggled as the remark had caused the boy to become flushed.

"C-Can you not say that so loud, please..?! What if somebody heard..!" The sweating greenette whispered urgently as his head swiftly turned to look in every direction to make sure that no one could have heard what the young Toga said. Thankfully, it didn't look like anyone did.

"Oooh, I'll really never get tired of seeing that look on your face." Himiko commented after her giggle. "No one heard me love, so don't worry."

"Even so. Be more careful please.." Izuku responded in complaint after he had let out a sigh of relief. When regaining his cool, he then looked to the blonde curiously. "Are you sure you want to do that?" He questioned.

Himiko nodded without hesitation as she flashed him a confident smile. "Positive." She simply replied as she glanced around them to see if anyone was looking their way before she would make a daring action towards Izuku.

Seeing that she was in the clear, Himiko came up real close to the boy before she quickly stood up on her toes in order to deliver a quick and soft kiss on his lips. When she pulled away, she could see the still flustered boy looking down at her with slightly widened eyes. "Good luck, and see you later, darling~" The blonde cooed as she then turned around to begin walking down the corridor that was opposite of the one that they had just came down from.

In the span of about ten seconds, Izuku dumbly observed as Himiko walked steadily down to her own dorm room before disappearing into it after giving him a wink when she looked at him over her shoulder.

Now that she was out of sight, Izuku snapped out of his stupor and he started to take another swift look at his surroundings for any onlookers. "Geez, that girl.." He quietly huffed as he rubbed at his right temple and he turned to start descending down the staircase.

When getting to the first floor of the dormitory, he turned his head to the left to have a look into the living room area and the two fun rooms that were attached to it when the mixture of chatter and laughter hit his ears. He smiled when he saw that most of his dorm mates were present within the three rooms.

Doing the same thing she was doing on the first moments of Izuku's arrival to the dormitory, Momo was seated on the same couch chair that was facing his direction and it was evident that she was lost in the novel that was in her hands as she didn't seem to notice the boy looking her way.

Izuku narrowed his eyes slightly as the cover of the book looked awfully familiar to him. He shook his head of those concerns as he decided that he would man up and ask the young Yaoyorozu about it in a little bit. Of course, that is if she would be willing to give him the time of day to engage in a conversation with him about the book if it was what he thought it was, and she wouldn't go scampering off just by him entering the room.

Looking over and past the younger blackette of the dormitory in the video game, and now also the movie, room. He could see Ochaco, Nejire, Tsuyu, Itsuka and Fuyumi seated on the couches and they were all watching a movie from the looks of it. If he had to take a lucky guess, they were probably using the Netflix app that was on one of the game consoles to watch the movie. He was unable to see the movie they were watching from the current angle he had, but judging from the distance sounds of combat grunts, intense music and hitting sound effects that were occuring in the current scene. It had to be an action movie that was of the Martial Arts variety. If he had to take another lucky guess on who could have picked the movie, it would have to be his recently made sparring partner Itsuka as she was watching the film with pure joy plastered all over her expression.

When looking to the room that was adjacent to the living room entrance, he couldn't see who was inside the game table room from his current position, but he could most certainly recognize the voices that were speaking from within it. Said voices were going along with the rapid clinking and clanking of the air hockey puck that was being hit back and forth on the air hockey table.

"How has this been going on for twelve minutes?!" The loud and bewildered voice of Toru questioned to no one in particular.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you Mina?!" Mitsuki spoke up next, sounding as if she was having the time of her life.

"Oh Mitsuki, you should know by now that I don't know the meaning of that stupid word!" Mina replied, sounding just as pumped up as the blonde she was facing off against.

"Hnph! Is that so? Well then, you're about to learn the definition of it today girly!" Mitsuki chuckled.

"We'll see about that! Now bring it on, baby! Gimme all you've got!" Mina taunted with a spike in her adrenaline being audible in her voice.

"Alright, You've asked for it! Don't blame for whatever happens next!" Mitsuki replied as she could be heard adding more force into her hits on the puck.

"Nope, definitely not getting in the middle of that.." Toru sighed.

Izuku sweatdropped as he weakly grinned when he could hear the abuse that was happening to the air hockey puck getting much more aggressive and faster as time moved on. "At least they're having fun.." Izuku commented to himself as he scratched at one of his cheeks for a moment before he turned around to start making his way to the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, he saw Ryuko sitting on one of the island chairs reading a... newspaper? Huh.. He honestly had no idea that newspapers still existed in this day and age. Guess some things never truly die after all it seems.

"Any interesting news going on today?" Izuku asked after he had quietly stepped more into the kitchen to stop a few feet behind the unaware Tatsuma.

Not expecting to hear the boy's voice so suddenly, Ryuko let out a soft, yet cute, yelp as she nearly jumped out of her seat and that motion caused her chair to rock back to go on two of its legs before it would begin to slowly fall back.

"Ms. Tatsuma!" Izuku exclaimed as his body immediately forced him to spring into action to save the cook of the dormitory from harm's way. Her falling back was certainly not what he intended when he tried to get Ryuko's attention, and he sees now that he should've put more thought into his approach.

Time slowed down for Ryuko as her eyes widened and she released a sharp gasp of shock when she saw the floor slowly approaching when she had looked over her shoulder. She then held her breath and shut her eyes tightly before awaiting the inevitable pain that was to come when she would crash down onto the floor. At least for a moment there she thought that the pain was inevitable.

She and the stool stopped moving midway into the fall when Izuku had came up to wrap his right arm around Ryuko's lower back and his left hand reached to grip onto one of the stool legs to halt its movement.

Ryuko quietly whimpered in dreadful anticipation as she continued to keep her eyelids clamped shut and her tense body trembled in Izuku's arm.

"It's okay. I-I got you."

When hearing Izuku's voice, Ryuko's eyes shot open and she found her sights to be gazing up at the ceiling. She blinked twice with a stunned expression on her face before she slowly turned her head to the left and she saw Izuku's worried face being just a few inches away from hers. She faintly blushed when she had noticed the lack of distance that was between the two of them. A skip in her heartbeats occured when she had processed the fact that she was being held in one of his arms... His strong.. solid arms.. 'Wow... He's more fit than I thought he was..' She thought as her back could feel just how muscular Izuku's arms really were.

"I am so so sorry! I swear I didn't mean for that to happen!" The greenette frantically apologized as he lifted her and the stool back up with ease to put them to how they were positioned before.

"Oh, I-It's quite alright, Izuku." Ryuko assured the boy with a small smile as she had regained her composure a couple seconds after she was placed back at her original position. Izuku pulling his arms away from her when the stool was steadily put back on all four legs. "You took responsibility and caught me before I can hit the floor. So I think that ensures that you are off the hook." She softly chuckled as she fixed up any small wrinkles that were visible on her clothes.

"I didn't hurt you in anyway when I caught you, did I?" Izuku asked with nervousness.

Ryuko shook her head side to side as her smile remained. "Not at all. It's quite the opposite actually. I felt rather... safe in your hold." She said with a light shade of red returning to her pale cheeks as she pulled some of her hair back behind her left ear.

"Really?" Izuku stared at her in surprise as he took his turn to dumbly blink a few times when he heard her answer. For a moment there, he thought that his hearing was betraying him and he didn't quite hear her correctly. But the blonde proved his thoughts wrong when she had supported her words with a single nod of her head. She took a quick breath to rid of her blush before she cleared her throat. "Ah.. I guess I have nothing to worry about then.." He released a soft sigh of relief as he allowed his worries to wash away. "But again, I'm very sorry about that. I honestly didn't think I would surprise you that badly.." He apologized sincerely once more while rubbing his left forearm with his right hand.

His last sentence immediately caught Ryuko's interest when she heard it as she now looked at the boy with a suspicious gaze. "Oh? Does that mean your initial intention was to startle me?" She inquired with a quirked brow, one side of her lip visibly lifting up slightly after asking her question.

"W-What? O-Oh no, no, no!" Izuku stammered as he attempted to formulate an excuse, but to no avail as he couldn't come up with one that made sense. However, his stress didn't last long as relief was scheduled to overcome him again with what Ryuko said next.

"I was just kidding. You don't need to get so worked up." Ryuko chuckled into one hand briefly. "I trust that you meant no harm."

'Just when I was thinking that the girls would be the death of me.. These "jokes" may end up doing the trick instead..' He inwardly sighed as he slightly slouched while looking mentally exhausted. "Th-Thank you." He responded under his breath.

"You're welcome. Now, I'm going to take a lucky guess and assume that you are here for those sweets I promised you?" She asked with a hint of hope within her soul windows as she grinned.

"Your assumption would be the correct one." Izuku replied as he flashed Ryuko a small smile and he moved to try and sit down on the empty island stool that was to her left, but he halted his motion as he looked at the blonde as if he was waiting for her to grant him permission to sit. "You mind if I sit here?" He asked.

Without any hesitation, Ryuko shook her head as she waved a hand over the stool that he wanted to sit on. "By all means, please. You don't even need to ask. This is your home as well the last time I checked." She pointed out with a soft chuckle.

"Er.. r-right.. Sorry, I just prefer to make sure that I'm not doing anything I'll regret." He sighed.

"I can understand that." Ryuko responded reassuringly. "Now, I never got to ask this at breakfast, but I am curious to know if you are settling in well? I know that things have already been rather... eventful since you came here due to the whole incidents with Mei and Kyoka. But seeing as how they are over it, and I'm hoping that you are as well. How are you handling living here so far?" She asked in genuine concern.

No words initially came out of Izuku as he took the time to carefully think about his answer before responding. "I'm settling in well, I suppose. Disregarding the... incidents that happened yesterday." He scoffed as he bashfully looked down to his lap. "I don't really have anything to complain about. All of you.. or.. the majority of you at least have been making me feel right at home." He answered as he looked at Ryuko slightly. "But I'm sure that it'll be all of you given time." He added with a shrug and a closed mouthed smile.

Understanding that it was most likely due to Momo and Ochaco being cautious of him that had motivated him to say that, Ryuko nodded a few times with lightly pursed lips. "Yes, I do hope for that to be the case real soon." She softly spoke.

"Yeah, same here. I know it'll happen sooner or later." He stated with softly spoken confidence.

"I'm glad to know that you believe so strongly." Ryuko smirked as she moved to get off of her stool before making her way around the island to come to the main kitchen area. She took her apron that was hanging on a hook by the fridge before putting it on. "So what do you wish for me to make you, Izuku?" She kindly asked as she reached behind her to tie up the apron.

"Um..." Izuku scratched at one side of his forehead as he looked to the island and pondered on his many options for a few seconds. 'Might as well will go with one of the classics on this one.' Coming to a decision after that thought, he looked back up at the blonde on the other side of the island. "I'll take chocolate chip cookies please and thank you."

"Great choice." Ryuko complimented the decision as she started to assemble the necessary ingredients to make the cookies he wanted.

"With your cooking skills, I think anything would've been a good option." Izuku retorted with a compliment of his own as he softly chuckled with a small grin.

"Well, aren't you the flatterer." Ryuko commented with an amused scoff as she began to preheat the oven.

"Nope, just an honest person." Izuku replied.

"I see. Well, thank you. I appreciate the kind words." She acknowledged the earlier compliment appropriately as she started to get to work on making the cookie batter. "I suppose that I'll be honest with you as well. I do take quite a bit pride when it comes to my cooking. Like, when it comes time to making meals for the girls, and now for you too, I tend to go all out and try my hardest to make the best food that I can." She confessed with a light blush glowing over her face. "I even... try to improve when it is at all possible." She added.

"I kind of figured the pride part out judging by the reaction you gave at Ochaco and Fuyumi's comments during breakfast." Said Izuku with a slight smile.

"Was I.. that obvious?" She bashfully replied.

"Well.. yeah, kind of." He answered with a bit of hesitation. "But hey, that just goes to show how passionate you are about the culinary arts. There's absolutely no shame in that." He spoke reassuringly.

"Cooking is by far my most favourite activity to do.." Ryuko commented.

"Exactly." Izuku grinned. "While we're on the subject. Have you ever graduated from any cooking school or culinary arts program at some point in your life?" The green haired male asked.

"I sure did." Ryuko answered with certainty while nodding her head as she began to stir the chocolate chip mixed cookie batter that was in a large bowl being carried in her right arm. Her left hand moving the mixing spoon in a steady circular motion. "I actually earned my bachelor's degree in the culinary arts program from this very college." She momentarily ceased the stirring as she pointed the wide end of the mixing spoon to the floor once before continuing. "Now I don't mean to sound full of myself when I say this, but I was always the number one student in that program throughout those whole four years I was in it." She uttered proudly.

Izuku hadn't even noticed that she was already done with putting the ingredients together in the bowl that, if one had to guess, took her about a quarter to a minute to do as he was quite into their conversation.

Izuku's eyes widened slightly as astonishment was now written all over his face. "Really? Every year?" He questioned in amazement.

"Mhm!" Ryuko chipperly hummed.

"Wow.. This dormitory really is in good hands then." the greenette remarked. "If you don't mind me asking.. How come you're working here and not working as the head chef at some famous restaurant or something?" He inquired as his eyelids narrowed. "I mean, I have no doubt that you have the right skills for the job."

Ryuko softly sighed as she briefly hung her head before looking back up at him. "I was head chef at a few restaurants that I have worked at in the past. However, with each and every one of those jobs. I always left for the same reason.." Her tone became slightly saddened.

"And... that reason is?" The boy softly urged with a patient voice as he gazed at the blonde in worry.

Ryuko opened her mouth slightly as she was about to answer the young Midoriya's question, but then she bit her bottom lip lightly to keep her voice silent as she was quick to change her mind to go against that action. The woman was just not ready to share that information with anyone quite just yet as it would always cause her to feel a bit of heartbreak to speak of. It may be sort of silly, yeah. But that's just how it was for her. "Forgive me, Izuku." She shook her head steadily. "But I'm hoping for that bit of information to stay with me for now if you don't mind." She stated with a weak smile.

Initially, Izuku was disappointed to hear her say that, but seeing as how this was her own sensitive topic to speak about. He would of course respect her wishes and wouldn't dare to pursue the matter any further. Just like how she had respected his wishes to not talk about his Father earlier. "Of course. I'm sorry I asked." He said apologetically as he bowed his head in a guilty manner for a second.

"It's alright." She assured him. "Just like how you have your secrets. I too have my own."

"I suppose that it's only fair." Izuku sighed as he rubbed at the back of his head.

For a few seconds, the atmosphere around them was mildly awkward as they both appeared flustered and uncertain of what to talk about now. After those seconds had passed, Izuku broke the silence when a thought had came to him. "Hey um.. you think you can make enough cookies for everyone else?" He softly requested as he looked back at the blonde. Said blonde immediately looking at him in slight surprise when she heard him. "I'm sure that they probably got to enjoy your sweets a lot more than I have already.. But still, they probably wouldn't mind having more if it's you making them everytime. Plus, I'd feel bad if it was just me that got to enjoy them. I-I can even help you make them. If you'll grant me the honor, that is." He added with a sense of hope.

Ryuko did not remain in her stunned state for too long as she would gladly grant his requests without asking any questions seeing as how they were rather thoughtful ideas. "My, you just keep on proving yourself to be a genuinely kind young man." She stated softly as she smiled once more. "Sure, that doesn't sound like it'll be a bad time at all. It's been awhile since I had someone help me make anything." She pointed out.

Izuku displayed an excited grin when he heard that she was okay with him helping her make the cookies. So with his anticipation going to an all time high, he jumped right out of the rotating stool and stood tall in attention after turning around the seat of said stool. "Great! Don't worry, I promise that I will do whatever I can to the best of my ability!" He swore while saluting.

Ryuko giggled before giving him a response. "I'll be putting my faith in you then, soldier. Now come around and start getting this first batch onto a tray and into the oven while I get started on whipping up the next one." She calmly ordered as she placed the bowl that contained the first batch of cookie dough on the island before she pulled out another bowl to get working on the second batch.

"Right away ma'am!" Izuku acknowledged the command as he jogged around the island to join the dorm advisor on the other side before he would quickly get started on the task that was set out for him. After he washed his hands, of course.

It took them no longer than two minutes to have at least three more batches of cookies made and onto three seperate oven trays before putting them all into the oven at once. The oven having just enough racks to take all four of the trays in. Izuku was amazed by how fast and fluently Ryuko had formed the batter as he noticed that with the second batch, she had moved at an inhumane speed to get all of the ingredients into the bowl and blended together. Now he understood just how she was able to cook the ridiculously large breakfast so early. His opinion of his mother being the best chef alive was easily changed to it being Ryuko instead. Of course, Inko could never know that.

"Alright, now we just play the waiting game." Ryuko said after she had shut the oven and took a step back as she took off the pair of oven mitts that were on her hands before placing them on the counter.

"Wow... That took like.. no time at all." Izuku dumbly commented as he stared at the oven and his brain was still processing how quickly they had gotten the job done. "Is this how fast you usually do things in the kitchen?" He asked as he looked at the blonde.

Ryuko hummed in thought as she held onto her chin for a moment before answering his question. "Mmm.. More or less, yes." She shrugged as she lowered her hand away from her chin and flashed the boy a toothy grin.

'Man... That's crazy.' Izuku thought as he looked back to the oven; astonished.

"I will let you know when they're done if you want to go off and do your own thing." Ryuko said as she walked around the kitchen island to sit back down on the stool that she was on earlier to finish reading her newspaper; obviously she never got to finish it thanks to Izuku. "but if you wish to remain here and keep me company, you may do so. I don't mind either way." She flashed him a smile before she picked up her newspaper and opened it up.

"I think I'll get out of your hair so I don't take up anymore of your reading time." Izuku responded as he turned to walk out of the kitchen, giving the woman a farewell nod and a smile.

"Much appreciated." Ryuko smiled back as she watched Izuku leave the kitchen. Her smile weakened as she felt a tad bit disappointed that he decided not to stay, but she wouldn't hold it against him. With a heavy sigh, she continued on with her reading of the daily news.

After exiting the kitchen, Izuku pondered on what he should do next while he waited for the cookies to be finished. He didn't know if he should bother Momo and disrupt her own reading. He had already done that just a few minutes ago and he didn't want to be a bother in such a way again.. But, he was still curious about the book that she was reading as he swears that he recognizes the front cover of it. It was actually bugging him immensily. Something about the mostly blue color of it filled him with a faint sense of nostalgia. He would need to get a good look at the rest of cover's details in order to put a finger on it. So with that in mind and the desire to connect with the young Yaoyorozu. Izuku put on a determined face as he walked through the dining room and headed for the living room.

After he walked into the living room a couple of steps, he looked into the table room and saw Mitsuki and Mina still engaging in their highly competitive air hockey match. He lifted a brow curiously when he saw the two girls sweating as they moved their bodies and arms with intense gusto and Toru was still watching them play from the sidelines. 'Somehow, I have the feeling that neither of them have yet to score a point..' He couldn't help but wonder as a sweatdrop appeared over his head. Then his suspicions were confirmed by the invisible girl...

"Twenty.. minutes!" Toru groaned out. "Hmm, that's a new record actually." She commented in surprise.

"You're loo.. looking awfully tired there Mina.. You sure you don't.. just want to give me.. the win already?" Mitsuki questioned the pink skinned girl tauntingly between her heavy breaths as she flashed a sly grin and smashed the puck over to her.

"H.. Hell.. no!" Mina responded between her own heavy breaths as she sent the puck back the blonde's way. "I should be.. asking you the same.. thing! It's only a.. matter of time before your... bones give up on you.. old lady!" She retorted with a toothy grin as she took her turn to smash the puck at Mitsuki. Oh no... She.. really shouldn't have said that..

"Old lady?!" The second Mitsuki heard the unacceptable insult, a pissed off look appeared on her face and her body out of nowhere had its energy restored by some unknown force.

With her sudden anger taking control, a fire burned within her soul windows as she sent a furious death glare Mina's way; which she noticed as said glare caused the young Ashido's body to freeze and a petrified expression appeared on her face. Mitsuki reared her hand back when the puck flowed her way down the center. Then, with monstrous strength, she slammed the puck back to Mina's side.

The two younger girls yelped as the puck broke straight through Mina's striker and scored into the goal behind it.

"Eh?" A dumbly grinning and anxiously sweating Mina lifted the broken handle of her striker up in front of her face as her wide, saucer shaped eyes blinked three times. The poor girl struggling to process what in the world just happened.

"Holy crap..!" The invisible girl exclaimed quietly as she stared at the broken handle in shock and horror.

They both then slowly steered their sights over to the ash blonde beauty.

Mitsuki blew at the smoke that was emitting from her striker before she smirked at Mina when they locked their eyes on each other. Her left hand holding the striker while her right hand held onto the edge of the table and she arched her hip to the left. "Words of advice Mina, and please do keep this in mind from now on..." Her face then turned deadly as her eyes narrowed, not taking her sights off of the now frightened pink skinned and haired girl. "Never, call me old, again." She warned with a light growl in her voice. "Got it?" She quirked a brow.

Mina gulped as she quickly nodded in tense acknowledgement. "N-Never again ma'am, I swear!" She squeaked.

After maintaining her dark expression for a few more seconds, Mitsuki smiled as her expression softened and she placed the striker down on the table before letting go of it. "Good, I'm glad that you learned this very important lesson." She said teasingly as she then moved to leave the room with a smirk now on her lips. "It looks like you get to play loser, Toru!" She chuckled as she waved the fingers of her right hand at them.

Mina and Toru sighed in relief as soon as the older woman had left the area. Mina groaned as her legs gave out and she slumped forward against the table. "Oh thank god.. If I had known that calling her an old lady would set her off like that. I would've kept my mouth shut." She uttered tiredly.

"You said it.." Toru acknowledged as, judging by the way her clothes were vibrating, she was still shivering slightly in fear.

"And I don't think we even have anymore of these things.." Mina pouted as she looked on in sorrow at the destroyed air hockey instrument in her hand. Her bottom lip quivering as she did.

'Sc-Scary..!' Izuku thought anxiously while keeping a somewhat calm composure as he watched Mitsuki coming his way.

"Hey Izuku." The ash blonde woman politely greeted the boy as she walked by him.

"H-Hey, Mitsuki." He greeted back while giving her a small wave. He watched as she walked past him before proceeding to head upstairs.

When looking forward again, he frowned when he finally noticed that Momo was nowhere to be seen. 'Where did she.. Seriously? Missed my chance.. Another time then.' He thought as he let out a deep sigh. Now that his attempt to try and build up a friendship with Momo was out of the equation for now, he decided to do what he can do right now and would focus on bonding more with the other girls that were present.

Now that he thought about it, there was actually a silver lining with this development as this gave him a decent opportunity to make an attempt on forming a friendship with Ochaco as he could see that she was still watching the movie with the same few of their other dormmates.

So after mustering up whatever courage and confidence he can get in the span of a few seconds, Izuku moved to approach the female group in the video game room. The sounds of the movie getting more audible as he got closer to them..

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