The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love - Hubert H. Humphrey


Deku and Baka

"All I knew this morning when I woke

Is I know something now, know something now I didn't before

And all I've seen since eighteen hours ago is green eyes and freckles

And your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like," – Everything Has Changed; Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

Initially, she had thought she was the only one; it had seemed like it in the beginning. He never left her alone – tormenting her on a daily basis, because of the small distance between their homes. If it wasn't a hair pull or an explosion in her face, then it was a cruel push in the back or an underhanded foot trip – no matter Bakugou Katsuki was always there to wreak havoc on her life. He had even begun referring to her as "Baka" instead of her given name "Tsubaki". She literally wanted to scream once she found out that she would be attending the same grade school as him. He was the bane of her existence – and that was saying a lot with the life she had.

Tachibana Tsubaki was used to being bullied; it was a given with her family's reputation and made even worse due to her aspirations. However, the constant harassment she got from the ash blonde devil was on a whole another level compared to what she got in the past. It was like the little boy made it his mission to make her life hell.

And she only made it worse by never going down without a fight.

Tsubaki was just as wild and fiery as her orange hair – never wavering under Bakugou's intimidations or threatens, but constantly challenging them. Even though she knew the results would always be the same – badly beaten up with burn marks – the young orangette made she got a couple of punches and bites in, whether it was Bakugou or one of his lackeys. She was sure to make sure one of them suffered with her.

It wasn't very heroic like behavior, but they were assholes and deserved it.

And the orangette could hold a strong grudge.

The day that Tsubaki found out she wasn't the only one who fell victim to Bakugou's quirk and abuse, the orangette leapt with joy. She had someone she could plot with; someone she could work with to counter Bakugou and company mistreatment and fight back with.

Again, not very heroic behavior, but Bakugou was a dick – no one could really fault her.

However, this way of thinking quickly changed when Tsubaki saw who the other victim was. Stormy, gray eyes stared disappointedly at a feeble, limp body on the ground, a frown very evident on the face the eyes belonged to. Deku, the name of Bakugou's other victim, was not at all what Tsubaki thought he would be. With a mop of messy dark green hair and a face filled with freckles, Tsubaki could tell the boy wasn't going to be no help to her. He was too weak and scrawny, and the fact that she overheard Bakugou saying he was quirkless too didn't help in her recruitment of him.

Her quirk might not have been much, but at least she had one.

Sighing, Tsukabi couldn't believe she took in more beatings than regular just to defend him. Standing up from her squat, Tsubaki had every intention just to leave the small boy there unconscious and beaten, but after taking one step the orangette found herself glancing down at the boy one more time before sighing.

"All Might wouldn't leave him there," She thought to herself before turning around fully and lifting her hand above the boy.

In an instant, a yellowish-orange glow started to erupt from Tsubaki's hand and within seconds a light orange rectangular platform appeared underneath the boy, lifting him up from the ground. With her hand still up, Tsubaki guided the platform as she walked to the nearest water pipe, lying the platform down as she ran the water unto a cloth. She then began to clean the boy up as much as she could with just water and a cloth.

"Wow, they beat you worse than me," Tsubaki voiced as she ran the cloth over the boy's face. "Bakugou must really don't like you."

As Tsubaki said this, the head of messy hair began to stir and soon Tsubaki had half-lidded round green eyes staring up at her in confusion.

"W-who are you?" The boy asked, slowly lifting himself up from the ground – wincing slightly at his wounds. His eyes then wondered to the cloth in Tsubaki's hand and then back to her face – eyes suddenly wide and fully open. "Were…were you helping me?"

Tsubaki was about to answer the boy when he spoke once again.

"Wait! I know you!" He proclaimed, fully awake. "You're that girl—!"

And with that, Tsubaki was back on her feet, walking away from the boy with haste and heated steps. Angry rolled off the orangette as she ignored the boy's pleas and broke out into a full out run. How dare he – after she tried nursing him! He was going to judge her from her family name instead of the actions she had performed for him – she just knew it. As soon as the recognition came to his eyes, she knew what he was going to do next. He was going to push her away and want nothing to do with her. That's how it always turned out, no matter what she did – all people saw was her surname.

They never saw her.

After that, Tsubaki wasn't expecting to see that green haired boy again. Life went on as usual for her that summer, and soon school was in session for her. As per usual it was lonely, no one wanting anything to do with her – her only social interaction with people being her daily arguments with Bakugou since fate was so cruel enough to put her in the same class as him. And if that was annoying enough, it always felt like someone was watching her. Throughout the school day and during her walk home, Tsubaki always felt as if there were a pair of eyes on her. It eventually one evening she had, had enough of it and decided to confront the problem.

"COME OUT AND FACE ME OR I'LL CASTRATE YOU, YOU CREEP!" Tsubaki hissed, turning around to an empty street, but she knew someone was there. "You got till the count of five."


"Please don't castrate me!" A familiar high pitch voice squeaked from behind a tree.

Slowly coming from behind the tree, the first thing Tsubaki saw was a mop of dark green locks and then terrified tear-filled green eyes. With a frown, Tsubaki quickly recognized the trembling stalker as Deku.

"U-um…umm-m…hi…I," Deku began, shaking and stumbling uncontrollably. This quickly got on Tsubaki's nerves. It was clear this Deku character had no backbone or confidence in himself – he didn't even fight back when Bakugou bullied him. At least Tsubaki did that – and she was a girl!


Tsubaki rolled her eyes. "What a waste of time."

Turning back around, the orangette was about to walk away from the stumbling boy when she felt a hand gasp her shirt. Turning, she saw it was Deku – tears wiped from his face.

"Wait!" He said with a soft clear voice. When he had her attention, he then let go if her shirt and lowered his gaze to the ground. "I-I'm sorry for watching you…I-I just didn't know how to approach you…"

"Approach me?" Tsubaki wondered, thinking back to that day she met the boy. "But wasn't he trying to get away from me?"

Taking a deep breath, Deku then lifted his head to Tsubaki – the previous nervousness in his eyes nearly gone. "I…I want to thank you, Tsuchan!"

"Thank me?" Tsubaki thought shocked. No one had ever thanked her before.

"You're the first person to ever help me, and I'm really grateful for that. Also…I'm sorry if I made you upset that day. I was really sad when you ran away – I didn't mean to hurt you."

"He was sad…" Tsubaki repeated in her head. No one had ever been sad for her or even apologized to her before. No one had even spoke to her so kindly and genuinely to her before. He was responding to how she was treating him that day and not from the stigma that followed with her surname. Tsubaki heart dropped then.

She was wrong that day to run away from him.

"Please forgive me, Tsu—."

Deku stopped his sentence when saw Tsubaki's face. The orange haired girl's face was completely red with tears streaming down on her cheeks and running red nose. Wiping her eyes furiously, Deku watched as the orangette cried before coming to tears himself and wrapping his arms around her. To his surprise she didn't push away but hugged him back tightly.

Deku wouldn't realize till later how much his words meant to Tsubaki and how important it was that he had said them. She hadn't even realized how much she had needed to hear those words until they were said. To think that this crybaby, weakling had her in tears in his arms – it was almost unbelievable. Tsubaki didn't know how long she had stayed in Deku's arms crying – all she knew was that from that day forward she was never alone again.

"Wow, Tsuchan!" Izuku exclaimed with a bright grin. "Your quirk is so cool!"

"Ya think?" Tsubaki asked curiously, floating a small light orange bubble in her small hands. "I never really saw anything special about it."

Izuku nodded his head furiously with a broad smile. "Yup! Let me write you down in my Hero Analyst Journal!"

The green haired boy then ran to his desk and picked up a book on top, running back to his bed and joining Tsubaki on it. Tsubaki watched curiously as he doodled her upon a page and took notes about her. Feeling eyes on him, Izuku looked up from his journal and found Tsubaki staring at him in wonder. He smiled at her, causing the orangette to smile in return. It wasn't long afterwards that Midoriya Inko came to bring them their snacks.

Weeks had passed since that fateful evening Tsubaki had cried in front of Izuku, and two have been inseparable since. From day to night, they were always together – playing, laughing, and fanning over their role model – All Might. It was a friendship no one saw coming: the timid, polite Deku and the blunt, rambunctious Baka. It was a match up in heaven for Bakugou – he got to beat up the two people he disliked the most at the same time. The ash blonde continued his harassment of the two friends, and even though they both still got beat up and pushed around, it wasn't as bad as before. It was bearable to an extend until Tsubaki fought back.

"Tsuchan, why do you always gotta fight Kacchan back?" Izuku questioned, rubbing his bruised arm as Tsubaki and him walked to his house. The green haired boy was feeling defeated yet again while the orangette was still fuming from what happened – completely ignoring the bloody nose on her face.

"Because I refuse go down without a fight!" Tsubaki barked, clenching her fist. "I won't give him the satisfactory! That—that jerk!"

"Tsuchan…," Izuku said softly, taking note of the orangette's silent tears.

Tsubaki rarely cried, but today was different. During Bakugou's assault, he had said some pretty unkind words about Tsubaki's father. Tsubaki was always sensitive when it came to her father so hearing Bakugou today made her go off the deep end, which was why she had a bloody nose. Seeing her in tears again, Izuku couldn't help but run up to her and hug her from behind, crying tears himself.

"People like him…don't deserve a quirk," Tsubaki cried angerly. "Shouldn't even consider being a hero…I-I wish you had a quirk, Izuku…you deserve one…more than that bastard."

"Tsuchan," Izuku said, hugging her tighter.

"I also wish my quirk was stronger…so I could protect us…"

"But your quirk is strong, Tsuchan!" Izuku exclaimed, causing Tsubaki to face him. "I-It c-can be strong just like Kacchan's – you just need practice! But until then…please stop fighting Kacchan back, Tsuchan. I get really sad when you get hurt."

Hearing Izuku's words, Tsubaki thought carefully about them. She didn't like it when people pushed her or others around, but her fighting back with a weak quirk wasn't much help either – it honestly made things just worse. Izuku was right – she did need practice with her quirk. They said that practicing and training with one's quirk made it stronger and she was willing to try it, so she put people like Bakugou in their place. Bullies like him didn't deserve to be heroes which was why she was determined to surpass him and be one of the best. Sighing, the orangette decided to listen to her friend. Even though she might get her butt kicked now, it won't be for long.

"Fine…," Tsubaki finally agreed with a defeated frown. "But, if I do this, Izuku, then I want you to know…if you can't make it far as a hero being quirkless, then please…don't push yourself – let me be the hero for both of us. I don't want you to get hurt either…it makes me sad."

Izuku looked taken back at Tsubaki's words, but after molding them over in his head, he eventually agreed to them. Tsubaki knew he didn't want to, and as her friend she would encourage him no matter what, but she had to be realistic with him. It was dangerous to be a hero without a quirk – you could easily get killed, and Tsubaki didn't want that to happen to Izuku.

He was her best friend.

"Okay, Tsuchan…," Izuku said with a sad smile. "I promise."

Tsubaki nodded. "I promise too."

And so the promises were made.

Tsubaki kept her word and stopped fighting Bakugou back, spending as much of her free time with Izuku to make her quirk stronger. And eventually when the time come, and reality struck Izuku, he would keep his and allow Tsubaki to be the hero for the both of them. But until then, life carried on for the two friends – them changing with the seasons until finally their light blue kiddie sweaters changed to monotone Junior High uniforms.

"You ready, Tsuchan!" Green eyes beamed down at stormy gray ones.

"Ready!" They replied. "Third year of Junior High here we come – Deku and Baka."

Author's Note: Gotta stop making stories, but three is usually my max till I finish at least one. Enjoy!