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What if Sonny didn't go to the falls with Chad?

He hovered over her shoulder, his breath warming her neck the more he loomed about how amazing the falls was. She couldn't lie to herself and say it didn't sound like heaven, like the perfect opportunity to find some friends who wouldn't laugh at her sketch ideas. Maybe just one stop couldn't hurt - eat the perfect lobster they always get... No! She was a So Random cast-member through thick and thin, and wouldn't be tempted by the three-named Jerkthrob.
"I thought it was funny," loomed in her mind. It made her smile - did he really think she was funny? Tickles in her stomach was also pushing her to take his offer and head over to the The Falls with him just for a taste of what it would be like.
No! Snap out of it, Sonny!
"Sorry Chad, I think I'll stay in Chuckle City."
Chad's quirky smile dropped to a frown, and he looked around, aghast. He then placed his hand to his chest and then his upper lip, but nodded.

"i understand, I guess," he said with a choke in his voice, "I'm just not good enough for you, Munroe..."

Sonny's eyes widened, "No! That's not what I meant! I just don't think my friends will like-"

"Oh, no, I get it..." he retreated backwards out of the cafeteria, fake sobbing until he had turned the corner. "I understand, Sonny."

Sonny looked down to her hands, a bubble looming in her throat. What if she hurt his feelings? Had she really driven him to a state of crying? Even though he was a mega-jerk, Sonny's unfathomable happiness and sympathetic way of life made her concerned for him. The brunette girl could not stand the pressuring thought anymore; she stood up abruptly and ran after the three-named jerk-throb, thought she was very new to the studio still. It was only her third day, so she had no idea where she was running to - but it wasn't soon before she found herself lost in the maze of recording studios, swamped with fear about getting lost. It was always her fear, back in Wisconsin her mom tied her to the shopping cart with a leash around her wrist so she wouldn't get lost. Because while Sonny was naturally curious, she was horrible with directions and remembering where she was. After endless walking, she stopped and leaned against a blue stage-curtain, her head in her hands. She was lost, all because of Chad Dylan Cooper! Speaking of...

"Well, my plan failed," she heard, "Sonny didn't come over to the falls, but I probably made her feel bad with my last comments. Haha, yeah - catch you later."

Sonny's eyes darkened and became the size of saucers, peeking into the curtain that she was considering sobbing against. She was lost for nothing! She was crying for nothing! And Chad was laughing away at his phone, probably texting crude things about her opposed to speaking them, now.

"You jerk!" She blurted, pushing through the curtain, tears shaking her voice. "I went looking for you and this is how you treat me!"

"Woah," Chad turned, recoiling at her flooding tears. "You heard that?"

Was guilt in his voice? No, Sonny, pay no attention! Just like the bullies back home in Wisconsin, they don't mean their apologies. if you don't stick up for yourself, they will just keep doing it! She spat, "I ran all the way here looking for you and got lost! I was so worried I hurt your feelings, but you just wanted to use me!"

"Woah, where's this coming from?" Chad questioned in shock, "Come on, I'll take you back to So Random."

"I don't need your help," Sonny seethed, the remains of her tears fading into metaphorical steam at her angry, scalding face.

She used her wrists to wipe her tears, sucking in a cracking breath and turning around. With the brightest smile Chad has ever seen, she kindly asked one of his stage-directors to point her to the exit. He did so happily, and she left with a giddy wave and a skip in her walk. However, when she turned the corner, Chad saw her lose the skip and the smile and croak out a sob. And so he thought, what has he done?

"Knock knock," Chad lowly pushed on the door, taking note of Sonny's crossed arms and thick expression. "Came to apologize..."

Sonny didn't answer.

"I'm sorry, Sonny," he said, knowing that he never apologized.

Sonny stayed silent.

"I brought you flowers," he pushed yellow tulips to her face.

She cracked a small smile, but stayed silent - he was breaking her angry exterior.

"I love your hair..." Chad twirled a lock in his fingers, setting the flower vase on the table.

Her face flushed and she looked away, which resulted in him crossing his arms.

"Come on, this is the best it gets." he paused, but she only crossed her legs and shook her head in annoyance - like she was remembering yesterday. "I'm sorry, kay? I love your... hair! It's cute! And your outfit is cute! You're cute! You're always cute! Stupid cute!" he let out in one (almost) full breath, and she smiled shyly.

She stood up and sighed, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He coughed awkwardly, since he had never been hugged sincerely by someone before. What was he to do, pat her head? She was standing on her tippy-toes just to hug him, why would someone go through that offer.

"I guess I can forgive you," she squinted, craning her neck. "For now."

And somehow that was enough for him, somehow having that mile-long beam of sunlight in his life made him feel a lot better.

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