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Lostbelt information

Lostbelt ?: Shrouded World of Death and Salvation - Tartarus (2010)

Depth: EX

An irregular Lostbelt ruled by Minato Arisato, the Wild Card. The world has been reduced to a perpetual state of Dark Hour. Though normally everyone would have been turned to coffins, Minato usually turns them back to humans. Humans have been reduced to an apathetic state.

Minato Arisato

Class: ?

The Lostbelt King of Tartarus. A Wild Card and former field leader of a Team called SEES. He and his team worked to release the world from the Dark Hour. How it turned out like this is a mystery.

The members of SEES barring Minato are all dead. How they died is unknown.

Do not fight Minato unprepared. His class is unknown but there is a speculation that he is a threat on par with a Beast.

Manaka Saijou

The Master who is in charge of Tartarus. She is unaffiliated with Woodmine and is acting on her own. She participated in a Holy Grail War but was betrayed by her Servant, Arthur Pendragon. Despite that she was revived by the grail. Currently her Servant is the Beast of Revalation but it is weak at the moment.

She does however have six extra Servants. All of them corupted by the Grail. The servants are:

1. Lancer: Brynhildr

2. Archer: Arash

3. Assassin: Hassan-i-sabbah

4. Rider: Ozymandias

5. Caster: Paracelus

6. Berserker: Henry Jekkyl