She Wasn't Here

(Warning for Misgendering and Mentions of Death)


A person woke up, without any memory except for somebody named Skull.

Who was Skull?

Why did they called this body Skull?

Was that their name?

They groped their chest and realised there's breasts. So, I'm female, they- she thought.

She liked the feeling.

But everyone says Skull was male, so he stood quietly and accepted it all.


What is happening? They blinked. Their hands were purple, purple.

Corpses were everywhere.

No, Skull didn't kill them. Skull was weakweakweak and was incapable of doing anything this pretty.

The purple flame was pretty, Skull didn't make them. They sighed softly and tried to get rid of the blood off her hands.


Skull was feeling feminine. She thought she can put on the dress and be pretty like Bianchi.

Nobody said anything, but Skull knew what's on their mind.



Why did they say that?

Skull can't find any reason. She was sure that she was female.

Why did they say she is a he?


A couple weeks later, they realised that Skull used to be a male.

So they claimed they're a male.

Everyone was relieved, but not them.


Reborn and Colonnello's cruel jokes made them lose faith in kindness.

Luce's faked kindness made them sneered in disgust.

The comrades' cold shoulders left them restless and uncomfortable.

So Skull decided to run for their life.


I don't belong here, she thought one day, in the cold NYC street.

It been weeks since she'd ran, yet there's no news from the Strongest Seven about the missing Cloud. Thinking she was only an unimportant fragment, she never look behind.

She wandered through many countries to find a place she belongs to, whilst the Arcobalenos were in a quest to find him.

Skull stepped fowards.


Finally, she found a country she said her home. Mine, her inner Cloud growled.

Russia, her home.

A huge massacre happened in the country later, which left men of illegal organisations to be found dead without a trace.


Skull grinned ear to ear at her masterpiece.


That was the first clue for Skull's disappearance, pure purple flame lingering around the crime scene.

See, Verde concluded, Our Cloud is there. He's not that far away.

They thought for a second, why did he run?

They all went to the place to look for their Cloud.


They got there, and saw nobody but a short lad with ordinary brown hair and wide eyes. Do you know him? they asked but he was just staring.

I know them, the young lad said, they're someone I know.

Tell us, the Mist urged.

He shook his head. No, no, you won't understand. He ran and never look back.

Neither of the Arcobalenos were fast enough to catch him.


She's free, and that's the only crap that mattered.

Him, they still said she is a he.

Skull hissed in anger. She won't come back and nobody can stop him.

Even the Strongest can't change the fact that Skull is Skull.

She's a free dove that won't come back to her cage.

Forever she'll be free.


The Arcobalenos felt a strong Cloud coming from behind and they thought it would be Skull.

They found the young lad back, staring at them again.

Where. Is. He, the possessive Sun threaten whilst pinning the much smaller figure.

He blinked back. Don't ask me, he pushed him, she wasn't here!


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