Just some quick information before the story. I'm a Rocketshipper, that's a given. I grew up watching the Anime show in English DUB but have in my later years developed a love and preference to the SUB version. I find the English version censors too many things out and I like to see the show how its Japanese creators intended. Therefore, in my writings, I tend to use the Japanese versions of the names of not only the human characters, but the Pokémon as well. So, I'll be making a quick reference to avoid any confusion.

1) Kojiro (James) 2) Musashi (Jessie) 3) Nyasu (Meowth) 4) Rumika (Jessiebelle) 5) Sonansu (Wobuffet) 6) Kiteruguma (Bewear) 7) Hidoide (Mareanie) 8) Ruffresia (Vileplume) 9) Windie (Arcanine) 10) Gar-Chan (Growlie)

Another Random note before I begin, I could not find the Japanese version of Kojiro's family butler, so I stuck with the English version of: Hopkins. If anyone knows and would like let me know the name, feel free to comment. This is my 3rd story on this website and my other 2 stories are also Rocketshipping centered. I appreciate your comments and criticism! And now, without further ado, here's my new story!

Another Alolan lazy afternoon was dragging on, as the Rocket Trio sat inside their Kiteruguma (Bewear) donut truck. It was slow, in terms of business. They had not seen another customer in the past hour. Kojiro and Nyasu yawned loudly, staring out of the open window of their truck. It was another beautiful day with the perfect weather in Alola.

"Aww, what a waste," Kojiro sighed aloud, his hands propping up his head while his elbows rested on the counter. "We're wasting a perfectly good afternoon working when we can be enjoying the day!"

"It's not a waste, Meow!" growled Nyasu, rotating some donuts in their display trays. "You know this revenue we get from work goes to Headquarters and pleases our Sakaki!"

"Musashi," Kojiro whined. "We haven't done anything fun in a while. Can we go-" he stopped talking when he turned and noticed Musashi was no longer in her work uniform. She was in her civilian clothes. "Where are you going?" he demanded.

Musashi paused to look at him as she was smoothing out her shirt. "I have an event coming up that I have to practice for." she said. "I can't waste my time cooped up in here."

"Wait!" cried Kojiro. "What event?" Nyasu joined Kojiro in questioning Musashi.

"I was asked to entertain at the upcoming Pineapple Festival this weekend. I get to do a performance, which I haven't done since Kalos. I'm so excited!" Musashi's eyes had stars from excitement.

"Pineapple festival?" questioned Kojiro.

"Who in the right mind would ask you to do this?" Nyasu asked skeptically.

"Some guy who's in charge of booking entertainment at that Pokemon area we host at." Musashi answered, getting bored of the questions, edging to get out of the truck.

"Well, that's not fair!" Kojiro protested, standing up in an attempt to block Musashi. "You get to go and prepare for some performance, while Nyasu and I are stuck selling donuts on this boring afternoon!"

Musashi looked at Kojiro for a moment, thinking. "You mentioned wanting to do something fun?" She asked, leaned forward towards him.

Kojiro nodded, nervous about how Musashi was going to respond. She was either going to snap at him, or scold him.

"Why don't we take a break this weekend for the festival? Have some fun together and enjoy ourselves?" Musashi smiled sweetly at Kojiro. She stuck her tongue playfully, knowing he thought she was going to get angry.

Kojiro felt a tug at his heart from Musashi's smile. "You mean, just us? No Rocket Gang business?"

"Just us," Musashi confirmed, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at Kojiro, before turning to exit the truck. "And Nyasu, of course!" she called over her shoulder.

"Right, right!" Kojiro agreed, flushing upon meeting Nyasu's suspicious gaze. "That's what I meant!"

Musashi had walked over to a nearby park, with plenty of space to practice her upcoming performance. She frowned, thinking about how difficult it might be to get Mimikkyu to follow directions, compared to the other Pokemon she had. Even Sonansu listened better than Mimikkyu did. She sighed, then called out her Pokemon.