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Chapter 1

"Do you think that this is the place?" Asked a police officer as he and the rest of the police force hid within the shadows of the trees.

"Of course, it is, how many laboratories in the mountains do you know?" replied another police officer in a sarcastic tone of voice.

"Silent you two, do you want Professor Jenze to find out he has uninvited guests?" Asked a senior police officer in an angry tone of voice, causing the first two officers to apologies to him.

To understand what is happening at this point, the police force and a handful of pro-heroes are outside a laboratory that is owned by a person called Jenze Ren, a former scientist that works for the government before being fired for doing illegal practices.

However, despite being fired by the government, there's been rumors that Professor Jenze has still been doing illegal practices and the police, with the help of the pro-heroes, have spent many years trying to find professor Jenze's laboratories. The break through with their search took the form of a pro-hero finding an android owned by Professor Jenze which a specialist team managed to scrape some information out of the android and found out that Professor Jenze has a laboratory within the mountains.

So, with the police force and a group of pro-heroes that the government believed to be suitable for the mission.

Hiding somewhere in the shadows, the pro-heroes are getting themselves ready.

"Right, does everyone know their roles?" asked Eclipso as she looked at the other heroes gathered who are Eraser Head, Captain smoke, Midnight, Endeavor and All Might.

"Yes, you, Endeavor and All Might will deal Professor Jenze whilst me, Midnight and Captain Smoke, along with the police, make sure nobody escapes." Eraser Head, also known as Shota Aziawa, replied as he put on his googles that he is well known for.

"Good. We'll move out when the police are ready." Eclipso said, nodding with a small smile under her amber/dark blue coloured helmet.

"Who exactly made you leader?" Endeavor asked with a disapproving look on his face whilst crossing his arms.

"Oh, come on now, Endeavor. You got to let the others have a chance at the lime-light." All Might say with his usual smile on his face. This caused the flame hero to scoff slightly.

"Says the number one hero." Endeavor muttered, however, everybody heard him.

"If you going to raise any objections, Endeavor, would it be possible to say them after the mission?" Captain Smoke asked, causing Endeavor to glare at him slightly, the flames on his beard and mustache brightening.

"...I'll remain silent..." Captain Smoke said in a nervous tone of voice. It was then that rustling can be heard in the bushes, causing the pro-heroes to look in the direction to see a police officer emerging out of the trees.

"We're prepared for the assault." The Police Officer said, causing the Pro-heroes to nod their heads.

"Time to get things started then?" All Might said as he stretched his arms slightly.

However, Eclipso frowned at him. She is one of the few people that knows about the injury that the number one hero received from his battle with All For One.

"Why did Gran Torin allow Toshinori on this mission? It's been like three months since Toshinori had his surgery. Is he able to fight?" Eclipso thought, referring to All Might's home-room teacher.

"Ready to move out when you feel like it, Officer." Midnight said, causing the police officer to nod his head.

Deep within the Laboratory, a man in his thirties with matching blue hair and eyes, that a snake-like, wearing a lab coat is sitting in front of computer.

"Hmmm. Everything looks okay. We should be moving onto the next phase of the project very soon." Professor Jenze thought as he stared at the graphs on the computer. It was then that the door to his office burst open, revealing a terrifying person also wearing a lab coat.

"Was it necessary to burst through the door without knocking, Unsten?" Professor Jenze asked, slightly angry.

"Th-they're h-here!" The now named Unsten said in a shaky tone of voice, causing the professor to raise an eye-brow.

"Who's here?" Professor Jenze asked, his anger residing slightly.

"Th-the police and heroes, s-six of them." Unsten replied, causing Professor Jenze to become surprise.

"How are they here!? This place was supposed to be undetectable!?" Professor Jenze asked, causing Unsten to shake his head slightly.

"D-don't know. But they're going to-!" Unsten began to say but stop when an explosion is heard throughout the laboratory.

"The government must have asked someone with a flashy Quirk to help bring this place down." Professor Jenze thought before standing up and walking towards the door.

"W-where are you going?" Unsten asked, confused slightly.

"To greet our guests of course. It would be rude not to." Professor Jenze replied, smirking slightly before a thought entered his head.

"It would be best if we move our project to a safer location. Would you deal with that, Unsten." Professor Jenze said, causing Unsten to nod his head shaky. As Professor Jenze made his way to greet his "guests", some of his fellow scientists that decided to help him ran past, but he paid no mind to them.

"Hmmm. This will be a first time in a while that I will be using my Quirk for combat." Professor Jenze thought before turning a corner to see Eclipso, Endeavor and All Might fighting his guards.

"Oh? Just the three of you? I thought that the government would be wise to bring more than three Heroes." Professor Jenze commented, causing the battle between the three heroes and the guards to stop.

"So, the Professor himself decided to make his appearance?" Endeavor asked, a smirk appearing on his face.

"And I see that the government decided to ask the two strongest heroes for this mission and..." Professor Jenze began to say but stop when his eyes landed on Eclipso.

"...The name's Eclipso..." Eclipso said in a slightly depress tone of voice, knowing what is going on in Professor Jenze's mind.

"I've heard of you, but never seen any footage of you..." Professor Jenze said in a thoughtful tone of voice.

"Give up, Jenze Ren. Your time of doing illegal practices is over!" All Might exclaimed, but Professor Jenze remained calm.

"And what happens if you take me down? My fellow scientist will continue my work." Professor Jenze asked, a small grin appearing on his face.

"Hah! Do you think that we're the only ones? Eraser Head, Midnight and Captain Smoke are taking care of the rest." All Might explained with a smile on his face. Professor Jenze closed his eyes slightly before taking a deep sigh.

"Well then. I guess that I have just have to escape then." Professor Jenze said before suddenly his skin turned into that of a snake and fangs appeared out of mouth.

"I've read about your Quirk: Snake. It just gives your the abilities of a snake." Eclipso explained as she eyed Professor Jenze's snake form.

"You indeed did your homework, Eclipso. But my Quirk also gives me the agility of a snake." Professor Jenze replied in raspy tone of voice before suddenly dashing towards Exclipso.

The amber masked hero just had time to raise her arms to block one of Jenze's clawed hands. However, the impact did cause her to be sent flying.

"Eclipso!" All Might called, becoming worried slightly as he watch the female heroine get slammed into a wall.

"You should be more worried about yourself, All Might." Jenze said, smirking slightly as he took out a remote of some sort of out a pocket and press a button, causing robots to appear.

"All Might! Endeavor! You two deal with the robots whilst I take on Professor Jenze." Eclipso said as she got herself out of small dent on the wall that was created by the impact.

"Don't order me about, women." Endeavor said as he turned around to face the robots. However, a smirk is present on his face as the flames grew hotter around him.

"Texas Smash!" All Might exclaimed before throwing a punch, causing a massive wind pressure to rush pass the robots. However, the robots only skid before stopping, mostly unharmed expect for a few dents in the armor plating.

"Hmm? These robots are heavier than they look." All Might said with a interested expression on his face.

"Well then, let see how they can manage against my flames." Endeavor said before sending out a wave of fire towards the robots. Apart from the armor plating blackened, the robots look fine.

"...I guess that we need to put more effort in out attacks." Endeavor said, causing All Might to nod his head.

"It does look like it." All Might said before the two of them charged towards the robots.

"Let's dance, shall we?" Professor Jenze asked before lunging towards Eclipso. In response, the female heroine jumped out of the way before activating her Quirk, causing many small spears made out of light to materialize in the air before shooting towards Professor Jenze.

The snake-Quirk user hissed in pain as he examined his injuries.

"So, your Quirk is light based then?" Professor Jenze ask, causing Eclipso to smirk under her helmet.

"Maybe." Eclipso replied, causing Professor Jenze to raise an eye-brow.

"What do you mean-!" Professor Jenze began to asked but got interrupted as Eclipso attacked him. However, the snake-Quirk user managed to dodge the kick to the face.

"Haven't I told you? I have the agility of a snake as well." Professor Jenze explained as he created some space between him and Eclipso.

"Yes, you did." Eclipso replied dryly before seeing Professor Jenze lunging towards her again. This time, Eclipso stayed where she is, making the professor confused, and slammed her foot into the ground.

Professor Jenze became surprise when a black wall suddenly appeared out of the ground and he ran straight into it.

Becoming disorientated, Professor Jenze stumbled away from the black wall. However, before he could regain his senses, Eclipso rushed out from behind the wall and throw a flurry of punches at Professor Jenze.

"Gah!" The snake-Quirk user exclaimed as Eclipso struck his stomach.

"So, your Quirk is a mutated one?" Jenze asked as he glance at the black wall and notice cracks on it, starting from the point of impact.

"Your correct, Professor. My Quirk allows me to control light which I used for offense moves whilst darkness I mainly used for defense." Eclipso explained, causing Professor Jenze to frown slightly.

"Light and darkness. A powerful combination when used correctly...?" Professor Jenze thought before noticing something.

"...Can Eclipso only use her light aspect when there's light in the room and the darkness aspect when there's shadows in the room?" Professor Jenze thought, seeing that the darkness wall is standing within shadow.

"If you not going to make a move, then I'll will." Eclipso said before charging towards Professor Jenze, her entire forearms encased in gauntlets made of light.

"I need to be careful." Professor Jenze thought as he dodge the first punch and prepare to throw one of his own.

With the other group of Pro-heroes, they are having a more easier time than Eclipso, Endeavor and All Might.

"That's make twenty I caught so far." Captain Smoke muttered as he used his mist-based Quirk to create chains, allowing him to tie a group of scientists together. He heard hurrying footsteps and the pirate-themed hero just had time to turn his to see one of Professor Jenze's guards charging towards him.

However, before the guard could harm Captain Smoke, a whip tied itself around the bodyguards waist before it slammed him into the ground, knocking him out.

"Thanks for the save, Midnight." Captain Smoke said, smiling slightly at the domitrix themed hero who was behind him.

"Thank me afterwards, we still have a job to do." Midnight explained, causing Captain Smoke to nod his head.

"Where's your lot of captives?" Captain Smoke asked, becoming curious.

"I've handed them to the police already, better to capture a few at a time then before handing them to the police rather than keeping every single one of them to the end, makes things easier. A few of them tried to attack me with their Quirks." Midnight explained, causing Captain Smoke to notice that parts of her white suit is missing.

"Yes, I see..." Captain Smoke muttered before hearing groaning from one of the captured scientists.

"Oh no, go back to sleep will you." Captain Smoke said as mist started to appear out of his body which formed into a fist. The mist-made fist punch the scientist, effectively knocking him out.

"Quirk user?" Midnight asked, causing Captain Smoke to shrug his shoulders.

"Don't know. But it better to be safe, right?" Captain Smoke asked, causing Midnight to sweat-drop slightly.

"Possibly..." Midnight replied in unsure tone of voice. It was then that footsteps can be heard, causing the two heroes to turn their heads to see Eraser Head coming from around a corner.

"There you two are. How's you two been doing on capturing the people that have been working for Professor Jenze?" Eraser Head asked as he stopped in front of them.

"We're been doing...fine?" Midnight replied, before she and Captain Smoke notice the group of knocked out people being dragged by Eraser Head with the aid of his scarf.

"Some have Quirks, my eyes are dry from over using my Quirk." Eraser Head explained before taking out some eye-drops and applied some.

Eraser Head then made a head count of all the knock out people. "I think that's everyone, we just need to hand them over to the police." Eraser Head said, causing Captain Smoke to sigh slightly.

"Missing almost finish." Captain Smoke said in a relived tone of voice.

"Don't relax yet, Captain Smoke. Eclipso, Endeavor and All Might are still dealing with Professor Jenze and they may need our help." Midnight explained, causing Captain Smoke to nod his head.

"I know, I know. Just saying." Captain Smoke said, causing Eraser Head to sigh. After a few minutes of dragging the captives, the three heroes managed to get them outside and are now being place on trucks.

"Good work, you three. You managed to capture them without doing too much harm." The senior police officer, who overlooking the operation, said to the three heroes.

"Well, we do specialize in capturing villains, that's mainly why we're been chosen for this job." Eraser Head said in a deadpan tone of voice.

"Yes, certainly." The senior police officer said, with a sheepish tone of voice.

"Anyway, our specialist team is now gathering information that Professor Jenze has been storing within this laboratory. It will be usual to see what he'd been up to for all these years." The senior police officer explained, causing the three heroes to nod their heads.

However, it was then that Midnight notice something out of the corner of her eyes within the trees, just near the entrance of the laboratory.

"What's that?" Midnight asked, looking at the place that caught her attention. This caused Eraser Head, Captain Smoke and the senior police office to become confused before turning their heads to where Midnight is looking at.

The two of them just had time to see something quickly darting away.

"Did Professor Jenze has a secret bodyguard! Quick, after them!" Midnight said, causing both Captain Smoke and Eraser Head to nod their heads before quickly chasing after the escapee.

"You stay here and wait for the other three with Professor Jenze." Midnight explained to the senior police officer, causing him to nod hid head before Midnight run after Captain Smoke and Eraser Head.

With the escapee, they are running through the trees and due the shadows, the escapee's features can't be seen.

"Finally! I'm free!" The escapee thought in a thrilled tone of "voice" as they ducked under a low hanging tree branch. The escapee stopped as they reach a clearing that is on an edge of a cliff to rest and the light of the moon showed their features which seemed to be dragonish-like with green scales, two horn's jutting outwards from either side of his head at the back and green eyes. The clothes that the escapee is wearing are slightly dirty.

"Who are those people in those outfits though, they're heroes but I can't remember their names." The escapee thought with a slight frown on his face.

However, the escapee started to hear hurrying footsteps, causing escapee's eyes to wide.

"I need to hide! I need to hide!" The escapee thought starting to feel fear. The escapee suddenly felt a strange sensation running throughout their body and when the escapee looked to examine themselves, they saw that their entire body has disappeared.

"...Did I unlock a new aspect of my Quirk?" The escapee thought as they notice that they could faintly see their body. However, the escapee suddenly felt a wave of pain as the hurrying footsteps got louder, and the escapee just had time to move into the shadow of a bolder to better hide themselves.

A few seconds later, Eraser Head and Captain Smoke burst into the clearing, closely followed by Midnight.

"Wow, they sure can run fast." Captain Smoke said, smiling slightly under his skull-like mask.

"Keep your guard up. They may be waiting for a sneak attack." Eraser Head said, glancing around.

"Do they think that I'm a villain?" The escapee thought becoming scared slightly.

"Hmmmm. If they have enough stamina to run this far...I wonder how much stamina they will have if I do a little...torture on them." Midnight wondered, licking her lips slightly.

"Midnight, can you please keep your thoughts in your head instead of saying them out loud?" Captain Smoke asked with a slightly disturbed look under his mask whilst Eraser Head sighed. The escapee suddenly became more scared.

It was then that more hurrying footsteps can be heard, causing the three heroes and the escapee to turn their heads to see the other three heroes arriving.

"We're got the message from the police office that you spotted someone escaping the scene." Endeavor said as he, Eclipso and All Might approach Midnight, Eraser Head and Captain Smoke.

"Thank you for coming he as fast as possible, we're have no idea what we could be up against." Eraser Head said, causing the flame hero to nod his head.

"Did you have a good look at what this person looks like?" All Might asked whilst glancing around. "I'd only caught a small glance at the person, but they didn't resemble a normal human." Midnight replied, causing Eclipso to hum slightly.

"So, they may have a Quirk that caused their body to transform, not much to go on." Eclipso said, ready to use the shadow aspect of her Quirk if needed. With the escapee, they have excited expression on their face when their eyes fell on All Might.

"That's All Might! The number one hero!" The escapee thought before noticing small sparks on their body, causing them to become confuse.

"Huh? What's-!" The escapee began to thought but stop when he became visible again and it was just unfortunate that Captain Smoke is looking at the bolder that the escapee is standing in front of.

"I spotted them!" Captain Smoke exclaimed before using his Quirk to create smoky chains that wrapped around the escapee's body.

"Caught you, Villain." Captain said with a victorious smirk behind his smirk.

"Well done, Captain Smoke. they may be useful in gaining more information." Endeavor said, a smirk present on his face.

However, Eclipso has a frown on her face as she notices something.

"How old are you...Escapee?" Eclipso asked, saying the last part uncertainly. This caused the others to become confuse.

"What do you mean, Eclipso...Oh." Midnight asked before realizing that the escapee has a small body.

"N-nine." The escapee replied in a scared tone of voice, revealing that they are male.

This caused all the heroes to become shock.

"What is your connection with Professor Jenze?" Eraser Head asked, gaining the feeling that something isn't what they thought it is.

"A-a project that t-the professor has been w-working on." The escapee, causing the six heroes to become surprise slightly.

"Is that a Quirk that alters your body or a transformation Quirk you possess?" Eclipso asked as she examine the dragon-body and for some reason, the escapee's voice sounds familiar to her for some reason.

"A-a transformation Quirk...I think." The escapee replied, causing the heroes to glance at each other confusedly

"Can you undo your transformation...If you say it is?" All Might asked, trying to get the escapee to feel at ease. The escapee nodded his head before the dragon-like body started to disappear, revealing a nine-year-old boy with dark green hair.

Eclipso's eyes widen when she recognizes the boy.

"I-Izuku! Is that you?!" Eclipso asked in a shock tone of voice, causing everyone else to become confuse.

"Do you know the boy, Eclipso?" Eraser Head asked with a raised eye-brow, but Eclipso didn't reply as she started to approach the possible named Izuku.

"Hold on, Eclipso. You need to cautious." Captain Smoke said, but like with Eraser Head, Eclipso ignored him.

"H-how do you now my name?" The now named Izuke asked, becoming curious as his fear started to disappear. Eclipso removed her helmet, revealing hazel brown eyes and long, braided reddish hair.

"Don't you recognize me? I used to visit you when you were younger." The now un-masked Eclipso explained, causing Izuku to tilt his head to the side.

After a few seconds, Izuku's green eyes widen.














"Aunt Rin!?" Izuku asked in a shock tone of voice.

And there we have it, the first chapter and I hope that everyone is curious about Izuku's new Quirk...or is it. To make things clearer to all of you, Izuku's dragon-like form is basically the Teigu: Incursio from "Akame Ga Kill" in it's 1st form (but without the cloak and actually being flesh and scales) but doesn't have wings or a tail, just to let you all know. Anyway, I'd better give you a description of the two Pro-heroes.

Eclipso: a female hero wearing a tight-skin bodysuit which is amber in colour, parts being padded out for protection and wearing a helmet. Her Quirk is a mutated Quirk which allows her to control light and darkness, the effectiveness of the two aspects depends on the intensity of the light or darkness.

Captain Smoke: a male hero wearing clothes based of a pirate captain, the clothes being black in colour, along with a mask in the shape of a skull. His Quirk allows him to produce smoke which he can mold and solidified for different purposes.

Things will be hectic because I'll be away next week. So please be patient and see you all next time.