This is my first attempt at a fanfiction, so I apologize if it isn't great. I welcome any criticism as I wish to improve myself. I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Chapter 1

It was a quiet summer night in Octo Valley, not a soul was stirring, except for two. One was an elderly Octarian DJ trapped in a snowglobe for stealing the Great Zapfish in an attempt to conquer Inkopolis, the other was a purple-haired Inkling boy who was assigned to make sure he doesn't come out.

"Come on…Come on…" The DJ thought to himself as he silently eyed the Inkling.

Struggling to keep his eyes open, the Inkling was tired from hours of guard duty and was slumped against the wall, on the verge of falling asleep.

"Ugh…Cap, Three, where are you? An Inkling should not be…huuuaaaaaaa…staying up this late…" He kept yawning as he wondered how Cuttlefish managed to stay up at times like this.

"Come ooooooooonnnnnn…" The DJ prayed the guy would finally fall asleep.

About 10 minutes later, his eyes finally shut. Snoring came soon after.

"Bingo!" The DJ silently cheered as he readied his escape.

A short while later…

"Heeeuuaaaaa…huh?" The Inkling awoke. "What the heck!?" The squid frantically looked around only to notice the globe had been shattered. "No, no, no! Beth is gonna kill me for this!"

He grabbed his Splattershot and raced to the nearest Kettle. "He couldn't have gotten far," he thought to himself trying to forget that the DJ could break out and kidnap both the captain and the Zapfish in a matter of minutes. He dove through the first kettle he saw, hoping to find that geezer.

3 days later…

Sarah had just gotten back to the plaza after a long day at Grizzco. She walked over the window to pick up her bonus.

"The heck is this?" she wondered, eyeing over what looked like a coffee shop uniform. "Eh, whatever. I'll keep it." She stuffed it in her bag.

She was about to get something from the Crust Bucket when something caught her eye. Someone was standing there in a kimono, face obscured by an umbrella.

"Okay, she's been there a while now. What's her deal?" She asked herself as the mysterious lady disappeared down a manhole when she got close.

"Hey, wait!" She yelled out before chasing her down the pipes.