Bonus Chapter

Flounder Heights…Sarah's POV

Been a few days…Money's low, rent is needed soon, and Grizzco's not open. I didn't think this apartment complex choice through. I sent out ads for a roommate to help pay the rent. That guest room could have some use after all. For now, I'm just sitting here, waiting for someone to call or show up at the door. I won't take just anyone though. I need to be able to tolerate the person so we don't end up killing each other.

I'm playing with my phone when I hear a sound come from my closet. I open it up to see it's from my Octoleet goggles. I put them on and hear Cass's voice. She's talking to someone. Wait, did she forget we hijacked her comms? Well, I guess she had too much going on to notice. It seems she just started a conversation.

"So, how's the head?" A male voice on the other side.

"Splat off." Cass blankly said. She must be talking to her squad.

"I mean, I can't believe you almost died just like that." He added. "And where were you when it happened, Sharp?"

"I can't believe you had Gracie patch you up." A female voice whined. "I'm much more qualified than her and I would've looooved to get inside your head."

"Babe," the male voice continued. "While I'm sure she'd appreciate the fix-up, I don't think she'd like you poking and prodding at her noggin as you pleased."

"You guys never let me have fun." She whined.

"Well, I'm sorry being unconscious and dying caused me to take whatever doctor I could!" Cass sarcastically replied.

"So how'd the date go, anyway?" The male voice asked.

"Eh, it was a nice meal, but we both figured it wouldn't go anywhere." Cass told him. "She says she still wants to be friends though."

So she follows up her flirting…

"With you? That'll last long, I'm sure." The male voice quipped.

"Hey, If I wanted sass, I'd-"

"That's enough you two." Another, more commanding voice stopped them. I'm guessing this was the Commander guy Cass served.

"S-sorry sir." Cass apologized. She seemed a bit scared.

"No need to apologize." The Commander calmly said. "Though your mission technically failed, we have a significant amount of information in regards to Cuttlefish's new recruits and can plan for that. Good work, Cassandra."

"Th-thanks?" Cass replied. "B-but we're still out of Zapfish…"

"There are other ways to obtain Zapfish." He continued. "In the meantime, we'll just keep watch on the Splatoon from a distance. Cassandra, you may have three days of leave to heal your injury."

"Th-thank you, Sir." I could hear Cass's footsteps leaving the room. "Now to get hammered…"

I took the goggles off and flipped the comms switch on the back off. This could be useful. I should get these to Marie.

That thought was cut off by a knocking on the door. I walked over and opened it.

Huh, it's an Octoling. My eyes widened.

He was kinda pale

He had grey eyes…or were they silver…?

He looked at me and smiled…Woah…

"Why, hello there." He took a slight bow. "I was looking for a place to stay and I saw your delightful ad."

"Uh…yeah." I said. "You got the rent share? I said up-front."

"Right here!" He pulled out the money right there. "All for you…"

"A-All right, you may come in." I told him. "But I need to make sure we can get along if we're both gonna stay here."

"Oh, I'm certain we'll get along just well." He assured me. "It's not like me to treat a lady wrong."

Wait, what'd he mean by that? I mean, that's good to know, but is he flirting or something? I mean, I wouldn't mind, but…

"W-well, come in then, make yourself at home." I told him. "Your room is on the left."

"Why, thank you very much." He let himself in.

I just let him in like that. I should've tested him first; some hazing at the very least. What's wrong with me?!

…Well…at least he's easy on the eyes…

…Oh Cod…