A/N: Okay, so I finally got around to playing Baldi's Basics. I have yet to beat the game, though. Good thing the one hack mod was made. It really came in handy when designing a map, which I'll upload to the Baldi Wiki soon.

Anyway, with the map done, I am pleased to announce that the hiatus is over! The next chapter should be posted sooner than this one.

Baldi's ominous words rang in the ears of the three Mobians. The notebook untethered itself from the desk, and Sonic picked it up.


Everyone froze at the sound. They had to admit, they were nervous. Well, not so much Knuckles as Tails, but still. Sonic decided to take a look outside.


Sonic ducked back into the room. "Guys, you won't believe this, but the the front door has vanished!"

"What?!" Knuckles ran past Sonic and looked to the left. Indeed, there was a blank wall where the front door used to be.


He jerked around and saw Baldi right behind the door. "Let's move it!" he shouted as he ran.

"You two distract Baldi!" Sonic ordered. "I'll get all seven notebooks and be back before you can say Sonic's Schoolhouse!" And with that, he took off at breakneck speed.

Tails and Knuckles ran from Baldi, but kept an eye on him.

"Why don't we just stop and fight Baldi?" Knuckles reasoned.

"You can't fight me," Baldi droned as his slapping drew nearer. "One touch and you're vaporized!"

"...Well, that changes things," Tails said as they continued running.

They started to gain some distance between them and Baldi.

"There was something weird in that last room we were in," Tails stated.

"Everything in this place is weird!" Knuckles said. "But what were you thinking?"

"We still got that last notebook even though we got the third problem wrong."

"Yeah, that is weird..."

They reached a fork in the path.

"Which way?" Tails wondered.

"Wait," Knuckles said as he picked up a quarter that happened to be hovering there.

"A quarter?" Tails said as he looked at the coin. "This... This is Overlander currency!"

"I figured," Knuckles stated. Just then Baldi burst through the door. "Run!"

Without thinking twice, they made a right and sped down the hallway.

"This is one crazy place!" shouted Knuckles as they gained some ground.

Tails spun his namesakes to travel faster. "I know! I don;t know if Chaos Control is capable of this, but whatever happened, we need to find all seven notebooks and get out of here!"

"You bet!" said Knuckles.

They rounded the corner, only to find a small girl in front of them. She was wearing a red dress and holding a jump rope. Holding it out, she said in a distorted, masculine voice: "Let's play!"

"...What now?" Knuckles was confused.

Tails tried to reason with her. "Please, we need to get past so we can find the notebooks!"

But the girl ignored him. She touched Knuckles with the jump rope, which caused a jump rope to appear around Knuckles. The echidna tried to move, but to no avail.

"This isn't how I wanted to die!" he exclaimed.

"How is jump rope deadly?" the girl said. "All you need to do is jump five times successfully, and I'll let you go on your way, okay?"

"But Baldi's coming and he-"

"Never mind Mr. Baldi," she continued. "Ready?"

"Hold on, Knuckles; I'll be right back." Tails ran back the way they came and rounded the corner.

Normally Knuckles would have been displeased with Tails' suddenly leaving him, but he knew the fox had a plan. As he began jumping, he wondered what tails was doing. Maybe he was-

"Oops! You messed up!"


"'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.' That's what Mr. Baldi taught me in school."

Knuckles sighed and began jumping again. Fortunately the jumps were relatively easy and he was able to make five jumps in a row.

"You did it!" The girl cheered as she walked away with her jump rope. "Let's play again! Sometime sooooooon..."

Knuckles was already annoyed with the girl. Just then he heard the door open and Tails came rushing toward him. Baldi was right behind him.

"You got past her?" he asked.

"Yeah. Finally," Knuckles replied as they began moving again. "Where did you go?"

"I had a feeling there might be special items here in the schoolhouse that might be able to help us," Tails replied. He held up a candy bar. "Look what I found!"

"...A candy bar?" Knuckles was confused.

"Yeah! Perhaps this might be able to help us later."

"Yeah, later! We gotta keep moving! Baldi's right here!"

They sprinted down the hall. They soon came to a junction.

Tails pointed straight ahead. "You go that way, I'll go this way!" he said. "Baldi can't catch both of us at once this way!"


So Knuckles ran straight down the hallway while Tails made a right and passed by a vending machine in the hall. The ruler slapping eventually got further away.

Tails saw another School Faculty Only room and entered. He didn't get caught the last time he entered, despite the school rules warning him against this. He spied a Cassette Tape on one of the desks and picked it up.

"This is pretty old," he said to himself. "I wonder if it still works?"

He quickly left the room, and checked to see if the coast was clear. It was. He continued toward the right, and came to an intersection. To his right was the way he had come from. The the left, he saw a strange person: a tall being not wearing shoes.

"This place just keeps getting stranger..." he thought as he proceeded straight.

Then he saw a sight in the window to the left. Sonic had seen him and was banging on the window.

"Sonic! What happened?" Tails asked.

"Please! You gotta get me out of here!" Sonic cried. "This principal guy sent me to detention for running in the halls!"