Saturn of the Amazons
A R/SM Xover
by: Tenachi

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This idea came to me while thinking about how far I can twist a Hotaru/Ranma fic. Well, let's just hope that this idea is successful in its mission.


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Chapter One

Far away from Earth, on the distant planet known as Pluto, where a powerful artifact lies, the last remaining survivor of the great reign of the Moon Kingdom, sighed. Despite the recent events, she knew that she must remain strong, lest the subsequent years will have a heavy toll on her sanity. Despite what many of the Moon Kingdom's citizens have thought of her, she was not the cold-hearted senshi of Pluto that the original Sailor Pluto had been, which was what they had believed that all of them would be. In fact, Setsuna, the current Pluto, was very kind-hearted, but was also strong-spirited as well. This was the only reason how she could face what has befallen her beloved kingdom. She had cried her heart out for weeks after that, but she had to recover herself for her own sake and the future's. The mantle of Sailor Pluto carries with it much power, but also much burden. She had spent several years before the fall of the Silver Millennium up to today to perfect a timeline that would resurrect the Moon Kingdom as a world which would be known as Crystal Tokyo, ruled by Neo Princess Serenity. Now, to set things in motion....

Today would be the day that she was foreseeing how each one of the other senshi would be reborn. Each of them should lead a perfectly normal life until the time comes for their reawakenings.

Her honored princess Serenity of the Moon would be reborn as Usagi Tsukino. She smiled lightly, the girl would grow up as normal as could be. Though, she was a little clumsy at times, she had a heart of pure gold. Setsuna watched as little Usagi play around happily with her friends without a care in the world. When she grows up, Usagi would take the mantle of Sailor Moon, and later become Princess Serenity. The sweet girl would make an excellent princess in the future.

The Venusian princess would be reborn as Minako Aino. The always cheerful girl would get to travel all around the world with her parents. She would be the first to reawaken sometime during a trip to London and she would be known as the popular 'Sailor V' before being officially Sailor Venus with the team. The Senshi of Love carries her title well, even if she couldn't get a boyfriend. It was amusing to see her multiple attempts; if she was so beautiful, then how hard could it be?

Mercury's princess would have one of the greatest minds of their generation, which comes to no surprise as she did also during the Silver Millennium. The shy Ami Mizuno seems to be in every way her previous life. The girl was so pretty and smart, a perfect combination for a girlfriend. Who wouldn't want her? If only if she hadn't inherited the impossible amount of shyness that was the cause of her not having any kind of relationships outside of books, then she would find out that she could be even happier than she could ever be alone.

Mars would continue in her spiritual training as a Shinto priestess as Rei Hino. From what she foresaw, Rei has as much, if not more than the Martian princess, potential to become a spiritual mage, if she would ever look into it. She would also be as fiery tempered as always. It also seems that she and the Moon princess share an uncommon relationship that many would not understand. Setsuna giggled at some of their antics.

The tomboyish princess of Jupiter would continue in her ways in her reincarnation as she would get into fights all of the time, but she could be sweet in her own ways when needed. It seems that the girl would become an excellent cook as well. Although Makoto Kino's parents would be killed in an inevitable plane crash while she was young, there is no helping it because that was one of the events that will lead her into becoming what she is.

But Saturn....

Setsuna felt a slight moistness around her eyes. This couldn't be right. According to the Time Gates, little Hotaru Tomoe would be incredibly weak because of an accident caused by her own father, by no fault of his. The poor girl would be bullied and made fun of just because she was 'different.' All because she can heal people. How anyone could find that as something to be made fun of is absolutely wrong. Later on, she would be invaded by a force named Mistress 9, a minion of the evil Pharaoh 90, because she tricked her father that she would be able help his daughter from being so frail. After a series of tragedies after another, she would come to live with the reincarnations of Uranus and Neptune and herself, but throughout her entire life, she still won't be fully happy.

_If._ If she would actually allow this to happen. If she had any say in this, then all of her hardships would never come to be. She vowed to herself that she would help Hotaru in any way she can. The timelines all require Hotaru to be weak in order to awaken her healing powers, so she cannot get rid of the accident. However, she could stop Mistress 9 early on then send Hotaru somewhere else so that no other demonic beings could control her. Yes, that would be the way. She would have the other Senshi become stronger to compensate for the loss of her firepower, but she'll manage. No child should endure what she will.

A slight tweak in the timelines some time after the explosion that made her 'cripple' had Hotaru and her father visit China. One visit to the still-developing Mistress 9, and a couple of explosions later has gotten her and the Witches Five killed and the dimension where Pharaoh 90 locked up. And now, her plans went into motion.

Comb would not cry. It is not like an Amazon to cry. She had just found out that she could not have children because of some unknown reason. Her village was very strict about this. They wouldn't blame it on the Amazon herself, but the male she married. Most likely her beloved husband would be killed if he weren't already in battle a couple days ago. So, to calm herself, she decided to take a walk outside the village before going to talk to her grandmother Ku lon.

All I ever wanted was a child to call my own. To hold in my arms while he or she is just a little baby. To watch him or her grow up into a wonderful child. And to pass on my healing arts to. *Sigh* If only that would be possible.

*Sniff* *Sob*

Comb became attentive at once. She could tell that someone was crying. It sounds like a little child. She turned around the corner of the village wall and found that it was indeed a child, a young foreign girl in fact. She was lying against the wall, sobbing her heart out. The woman moved over to the child. Hello, child, are you alright? The girl looked up at her questionably, and with just a little bit of fear. From what the Amazon could tell, she couldn't understand her.

"Who...who are you?" She asked timidly. She looked downright scared.

Comb blinked. It was a good thing that she kept up with her Japanese lessons with her grandmother, but she could tell that the little girl was afraid of her from her posture. So she repeated her question in Japanese as nicely as possible and brought out her innate calming aura. "Hello, child, are you alright?" The girl's face has gotten slightly less afraid.

" papa just got...killed." She cried the last part out and ran over to the older woman and crying onto her dress. Comb could only look down at the little girl and told herself, 'it seems that fate has decided to answer my pleas.' She gently guided the little foreigner back inside the village to her own home. And hopefully the young one's too soon.

Setsuna smiled slightly as she saw the proceedings. It made her guilty when she saw how Hotaru's father had been accidentally killed in the crossfire between the Musk and Amazons. Still, the man was part of the reason why Hotaru had such a miserable life, however, it just wasn't right. But the man would eventually be targeted by another evil force and Hotaru couldn't afford that amount of vulnerability because of her father's ambition to help her at all costs. Now, Comb, the Amazon village healer, would adopt Hotaru, and help her grow up as healthy as possible. And when the time comes for the need of her powers, she would awaken her; but only when they are in extreme need; by that time, the other senshi would be capable of handling any threats without her. This way, little Hotaru would be able to live as normal a life as possible for an Amazon.

Xian pu smiled to herself as she walked along the trail. Nature has always fascinated her, even while she was little. She has gathered all of the herbs that mother had asked for and she was on her way back home. She had always wondered what would her life would be like if she was never adopted into the tribe, not that she didn't love it with all of her heart. She knew that she was born in Japan, and that her father had died because of the Musk. She had heard some stories about the great cities of Japan, but she just couldn't see herself living outside of the village. While she was still young and newly adopted, many of the other Amazons disliked her because she was the 'outsider' great granddaughter of the Matriarch. Great grandmother kept her Amazons sisters from doing anything harmful to her, but in time, they learned to accept her and become friends with her. Mother had taught her almost everything she knew about Shiatsu points, medicine, and anything related to healing. And it all started with....

{} {} {} {} {}

Little Hotaru, or Xian pu as she was renamed, stood beside her adopted mother as she tended to the local male who had been injured during his training in Hidden Weapons. He had some minor wounds, but there was a large cut on his arm from a misplaced blade. It had stopped bleeding because of her new mother tending to it immediately. For some reason, she felt as if she could do something about it, but how could she when mother didn't teach her anything that could be useful? Although Ku lon allowed her to be adopted, she didn't want the outsider to learn any secret Amazon techniques so Comb was honor bound not to teach her anything. Still, Xian pu slowly walked up to the semiconscious boy and put her hands over his cut. Her mother was about to protest until she saw a glow from her daughter's hands that surrounded the cut and closed it up, and healed any other various bruises and smaller cuts on his right arm until she collapsed.

Comb quickly rushed to her daughter's side after seeing that Mu tsu would be alright. She would have to talk to grandmother about this.

{} {} {} {} {}

That Mu tsu was quite enamored with her the next day and the following days, weeks, and years after that. Although normally she was nice to males, because she, like her mother, didn't like how most other Amazons viewed men in a whole, Mu tsu really did push her limits of patience. Try and endure his lovestruckness after a few years and you would see what she means.

Great grandmother also had her trained in the battle aspects of Amazon culture. Though she didn't like it, she was secretly proud that she was the best of her generation. She was extremely skilled in almost any type of pole-arms, her specialty, but was marginally less able in hand-to-hand combat, but still a threat to be recognized. Because of this, she is nearly unbeatable to the almost everyone her age, and so she remained single at the age of 15 because of that little law they had. She had yet to learn any of the secret techniques, mostly because they were too advanced. Well, she didn't mind, she had the rest of her life with her wonderful adopted family to learn.

Hmm, I wonder what mother is cooking for dinner tonight. Ooh...I hope she'll let me help her this time. I.... Any further thoughts were stopped as she felt something coming at her at a fast rate. She dropped her basket and took out her staff from her back and got into a stance. She kept herself aware of her surroundings. Then suddenly, she twisted her staff just fast enough to knock away a bloodthirsty wolf. The animal went down, but she knew that if she didn't get away now, the rest of the pack would be after her. She may be the greatest of her generation, but even she knew that she was no match against an entire pack of experienced wolves. She tried to run, but a black and white blur bumped into her and sent her falling down, and she lost her grip on her staff, which flew several feet away. By now, the rest of the pack was already surrounding her and bearing their teeth at her. She tried to get back on her feet, but the fall twisted her ankle a bit. She bit back a cry as pain shot up her leg. The wolves had gotten tired of waiting and rushed at her, teeth and claws readied. Xian pu could not do anything against them now. She knew she was a goner. She closed her eyes and prepared herself for the horrendous pain that was going to come any time now. I'm sorry, mother. I'll be joining my father soon.

A second passed and all she heard were the yelps of the animals and their padded feet against the ground scurrying away from her. What happened? She slowly opened her eyes to lock on to a pair of the bluest eyes she has ever seen. A seemingly long moment of silence passed between the two until she decided to speak up.

A young pigtailed youth was furious. Not only did that baka oyagi brought them to a cursed training ground, but had gotten them cursed as well! Well, the baka got turned into a panda, which suited him just fine. But no...he _had_ to turn into a frickin' girl! A weak little girl! Oh...that panda's gonna pay. He's gonna pay a lot for this one. All he has to do is catch him first.

He, though currently a she, saw the baka bump into a girl. Normally he wouldn't have taken note of this, but he saw that she was being attacked by a pack of not-so-friendly wolves. The damn panda could wait; there is someone that he had to save. He broke off and performed a wide kick at the center of the pack, sending several of them back to knock the others out of the way. Apparently, they decided that they had enough and ran off. What a bunch of losers, even if they were just mindless beasts. He turned to the girl he had sort of saved. She had medium length black hair that reached her shoulders. She was dressed in a modest length purple skirt and blouse.

Seeing that she wasn't moving yet, he walked up to her. Just as he was about to speak, she opened her eyes and looked into his. He felt something swelling up inside of his chest as they continued staring at each other. Only one word crossed his mind. Kawaii.... Then she blinked as the other girl spoke up.

Thank you for saving me. What is your name? Xian pu saw that her savior was actually a girl about a year or two older than her. She took on a confused look, which Xian pu found to be absolutely cute on her. Then she realized that the other girl didn't understand her.

"Uh, what was that?" Ranma didn't know why the girl in front of him was affecting him so much. There was just something about her.

Xian pu gave a small gasp as she realized that the girl was speaking Japanese. Thank goodness her great grandmother and mother made her keep up with her heritage. She quickly focused herself into speaking her native language. "Hi, thank you for saving me. What is your name?" She saw how the other girl had a sheepish expression on now. And she also found herself drawn towards her. Though she isn't exactly into girls, she really didn't mind it. She still would like a man for herself when she was ready, but until then, this one would do.

"Well, it wasn't anything. My name is Ranma Saotome. What's yours?" He could feel his senses being tickled in such a way that would say that something big was going to happen soon, but he still ignored it anyway.

"My name is Xian pu." She gave Ranma a smile. 'Wild Horse' huh? What an interesting name. "And to show my thanks." Xian pu walked up carefully to her and put her hands on Ranma's cheeks. The other girl just kept looking at her with a confused expression. Before she could get any response in, Xian pu pressed her lips onto hers and darted her tongue inside her mouth, which Ranma responded with her eyes bugging out. Xian pu stopped the kiss suddenly and said, Wo ai ni, airen.

Setsuna blinked. Now, if she was just a normal person, this wasn't all that unusual, but for her, the guardian of the Time Gates and senshi of Pluto, it usually meant something. In this case, it really did. She was just watching over another day of Xian pu's life, with whom she had come to call as a 'daughter', when she was attack by wolves. By all rights, she should be dead, if she didn't activate her powers, but just before she could teleport down there and save her, another girl had appeared and saved her from the hungry wolves. She watched as her 'daughter' gave the newcomer the kiss of marriage because her laws stated that if an Amazon Healer would be saved by someone, they were to perform the kiss of marriage. She also watched as the redhead faint and Xian pu picking her up and heading home.

She got the Time Gates to find out who this was and started to lock onto her life and view it from the beginning. Well, she _has_ to know about this prospective, in her mind, wife of her daughter and whether is she a good person or not. Soon, she was given witness to the life of one, Ranma Saotome.

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