Saturn of the Amazons

A Ranma/Sailor Moon Xover

By: Tenachi


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Well, this is the second chapter of the Saturn of the Amazons. Due to popular demand, here comes...ah...the second chapter.

Keep in mind that this is an Alternate Universe. Some characters will undergo minor changes…um, let me rephrase that. Prepare for the worst. Lol.


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Chapter two

             Sounds of fighting littered the air around a large two-story house that closely resembled a mansion in some cases. It was late in the morning, and the proprietor of the house has yet to arrive for the meeting that was scheduled. So the people there have decided to make use of the spacious dojo in the back to pass by the time while waiting for Setsuna, which happens oftentimes.

             To them, sparring against each other is the best way to improve their skills. The Juuban prefecture had never been in better hands than the Sailor Senshi's. They were already formidable with their magical powers, but with the training that the Senshi of Pluto gave them, no evil forces have gained their way since they came in.

             Inside, they were paired up one on one. Minako Aino, the blond-haired senshi of Venus, was going hand-to-hand with Makoto Kino, the tall senshi of Jupiter with brown hair in a ponytail. Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaiou, senshi of Uranus and Neptune, respectively, were dancing around each other in an intricate pattern, both looking for any weaknesses in the other's defense. Ami Mizuno, the brilliant senshi of Mercury and Rei Hino, the fiery senshi of Mars are facing against Usagi Tsukino, their Moon Princess in a complex game of weaponry. Ami with projectiles, Rei with her bokken and Usagi with her staff. Since Setsuna's dojo was generously made with enough room to fit at least two full houses, there was no problem with each group being in another's way. However, that doesn't mean that the fighters themselves don't have problems.

             "Usagi, give me back my manga!" Rei lunged at the blonde, who was busy reading the very same manga aforementioned, with an overhead strike.

             Usagi absentmindedly countered with her staff to push the wooden blade to the side and lashed out with a high kick that caught Rei in the stomach, making her fall down, but flipped right side up at the last minute. From behind her, Ami leapt into the air and threw about a dozen blunt metal discs rapidly. The girl kept on reading the book while twirling her staff and sent all of them flying in different directions.

             One of them caught Minako on the arm, sending the punch that would decide who was going to win in her match, off the target. Thankfully, Makoto didn't take advantage of the situation. "Ow! Usagi! That hurt!" She shouted over to her.

             "Huh? Mina-chan, what is it?" Usagi put down her manga (well, not hers exactly) and looked over to her right at the other blond.

             "An opening!" Rei readied a side-slash and took off at high speeds at the temporarily defenseless girl. Unfortunately, the temporary opening wasn't there for long. Usagi pivoted on her left foot and clocked her upside the head with her weapon, causing the raven-haired girl to fall flat on her face. Ami knew that she would have no chance against her so she conceded and everyone else called off their matches accordingly.

             They all headed to the main house into the kitchen for something to drink and a quick snack. While they were eating, they talked about how each of them should improve on some aspects of their fighting form. Meanwhile, Rei was still grumbling about how she got beaten again. Of course, their favorite subject came up sometime in their conversation.

             "Anyone know where Setsuna is this time?" Ami started. It was kind of ironic, really. Setsuna had always pressed for them to be on time while she is the only one who has the most consecutive lateness than the rest combined. They made it into a game where each of them took  a deduction at where or what she was doing at the moment.

             "No clue, but my guess would be that she's with a guy." Everyone groaned.

             "Minako, aren't you tired of the same guess? Face it, Setsuna would never be with a guy." Makoto voiced everyone's thoughts.

             "What about a girl?" Minako replied ignorantly.

             "Certainly not, Mina-chan." A voice behind Usagi answered.

             "Ah!" Usagi immediately twisted her body, delivered twenty punches in a frenzy, and gave a final snap kick to the midsection. Of course, Setsuna dodged everything and tapped Usagi on her chest, locking all of her limbs in position.

             "Work on your control a bit, Usako, and don't bother me too much, I'm tired." She finished her sentence by walking to her beautiful lavishly decorated living room and proceeded to sit in her favorite overstuffed chair. The other girls watched as she reached into the cocktail cabinet, took out a glass and poured herself an import drink called 'Jack Daniels' mixed with some kind of mystery liquid that Setsuna puts in all of her drinks that supposedly augments its potency or something.

             Haruka flinched as the eldest senshi poured herself an entire cup full of the strong alcohol and took in the entire thing in one gulp. She had snuck into Setsuna's stash once and tried that particular drink. It knocked her out for an hour and she had only took a sip. Something's gotta be wrong with her if Setsuna is drinking that kind of stuff. "Hey, Setsuna-sensei, is something wrong?"

             She answered by pouring herself another shot and saying, "What makes you ask that?" Another gulp.

             "Your eyes are red, your breathing is slightly faster than normal, and you look like you have recently regurgitated." Ami quickly pointed out then replaced the last word for those who didn't know what it meant. "It means she threw up."

             Damn that girl and her uncanny observation skills, Setsuna thought. She sighed. "Before you can ask, I'm not sick or anything. I just saw something in the Time Gates."

             "Then what happened? There's nothing wrong in the future, is there?" Usagi asked from her frozen position.

             "Not that I know of." Of course she didn't know, her little Xian Pu is 'married', in a sense, to a frickin' chaos magnet.

             "Is something going to happen soon?"

             "Nope, it's going to be the same old things for a while."

             "Then what can you tell us?"

{ } { } { } { } { }

             Setsuna stared at the Time Gates for a long while. There's gotta be something wrong. What she had seen could not be possible, and that was saying a lot coming from her. The 'what' in question is of course, the most complete biography of the person named Ranma Saotome. She had spent quite a while making sure that the red head that she had first seen was in actuality, male by watching the previous hour prior to the meeting with Xian Pu after rechecking the beginning several times. So after that, she 'played' through his life from beginning to end --she had meant to do some quick checking with some 'fast forwarding', but this kid's life never seemed to be close to monotonous.

             She was furious when she saw what was on that seppuku contract and how Genma tricked chibi-Ranma to sign it. She had shed a tear when Ranma was taken from his mother to go on that godforsaken training trip. She was angry again at how Ranma was tricked into leaving his first real friend, Ukyo behind. Later on, she was a little upset at how a boy named Ryoga kept blaming him better keep an eye on that boy. She had heard of Jusenkyo before, but never took the chance to visit there because of all the chaotic energies so that part of his life wasn't so much of a surprise.

             At the Neko-ken, however….

             Only once before had she felt this much grief for one child. From her position, she had heard every scream, every cry for help, and every plea for the pain to stop. She had seen the scratches and bite marks caused by the starved cats, the bruises formed from the punches Genma gave him for crying like a girl, the tears that he made in the dark, where no one could see.

             Setsuna threw up by the end of the last session, which happened to be at least the tenth one of constant torture. In her entire life, there were a small number of people that she truly detested, being the kind of person that she is. In that list of few, there were some that she would really want dead, if they weren't already. Genma should consider himself honored to be on her own personal hit list.

             Of course, it came to her own surprise at how well Ranma turned out in the end: a decent, kind, and caring person underneath all of that garbage that his father had instilled into him and that was all that mattered to her now. At this point, if this boy could just change some of his more undesirable traits, she would give her own personal okay for a relationship with Xian Pu despite what he is and the risk she'd be taking for allowing it so.

             By a sudden spark of curiosity, she wondered what would Ranma be like in the near future --just a little peek wouldn't hurt them any. Besides, she had enough practice to hold any secrets from anyone. Well, a little fast-forward and here comes….

             Setsuna had to find a chair to sit down. It was easier said than done, but nevertheless, she found one and immediately slumped onto it. Her knees had become weak after seeing some of the things that Ranma would go through, and she was completely speechless. True, the senshi had gone through many things people would not call normal, and some of them did surprise her a little, though she would never admit that to anyone, but they never did this much.

             What she saw was an abbreviated version of the Nerima episode of Ranma's life. Abridged it may be, but there was plenty to tell. She had never seen anything so chaotic. She had to exert maximum control over the Time Gates to even get brief glimpses. Of course, she tried to check it a second time, to make sure that it was working correctly. And a couple more after that. All of the tries differed from the last significantly. One time had Ranma getting killed by a huge gang beat down by the Musk and Phoenix led by Herb and Saffron when they heard of his martial arts skills. Another had Ranma involved with all the girls in a district in Tokyo called Nerima in a citywide orgy. Yet another one had Ranma becoming a comical superhero. There never is a set future or history for this boy. Though the most recurring one is disturbing because it doesn't even involve Hotaru and 'Xian Pu' is replaced by a girl that looks like her friend named Avin Da, but the differences between those two are drastic. Setsuna never knew that this one person could have this many possibilities in their timelines and strongly effect those around him with said possibilties.

             She needed a drink. A strong one. She would think of what to do later.

{} {} {} {} {}

             Setsuna looked at the blond with odangos in her hair and replied, "Now that's…a secret." Everyone face-faulted powerfully at that line. The green-haired senshi tried to look innocent. "What did I say?"

             Tell me again, Xian Pu? Asked an exasperated voice.

             I was walking home when I got attacked by a pack of wolves and this girl saved me, so I gave her the Kiss of Marriage. Isn't she cute? Xian Pu told her mother in one breath. It was obvious that she was very happy with her 'catch'.

             And why is she unconscious now? Comb had to admit though, this redhead is rather beautiful.

             Xian Pu blinked and shrugged. I don't know. She fainted after I kissed her. She was so adorable when she did that, too!

             Someone walked through the door of the room, interrupting their conversation. It was a short figure, which greatly resembled something that was dried up, with white hair and a large staff. What's this I hear about a wife for my great granddaughter?

             Oh, great grandmother! Xian Pu was a bit surprise. She didn't know how her great grandmother Ku Lon would react to this.

             Let me have a look at her. Ku Lon walked over to the unconscious girl and examined her. Hmm, she's Japanese. Looks like a good fighter, her ki is strong. With a little help, she could be a lot stronger. With her by your side, you two could get a strong husband easily.

             Great grandmother! Xian Pu blushed on the thought of being in a threesome. Before she could say anything else, her airen abruptly sat up.

             "Man, I just had a crazy dream where I'm a girl and got kissed by some cute chick." She said to herself. The Amazons looked at her, wondering if she was hit on the head somehow. The girl is acting as if she wasn't a she. Ranma froze when she saw her surroundings. There was that cute girl, an older lady, and… "Ahh! A gargoyle!"


             "Xian Pu," Ku Lon switched over to Japanese so that Ranma could understand also. "Your wife has to learn how to respect her elders."

             Ranma heard how she was mentioned and yelled, "Hey! I'm a guy! I just turn into a girl because my baka oyagi got us cursed at this weird place."

             The other occupants looked at the obvious, to them, girl. "Well, Ranma, is it? You look and sound like a female to us." Comb pointed out, neglecting to mention what she knew about the curses around here.

             Ku Lon didn't, however. "Any chance that the name of the place be 'Jusenkyo'?"

             "Great grandmother? Isn't that the 'valley of cursed springs'?" Now that she thought about it, she did meet her near there. She never seen what exactly are the effects of a curse from there, but great grandmother did say something about water.

             "You know it! Tell me that there's a cure!" Ranma was by Ku Lon's side in a flash.


             "Also teach her some manners. It's rude to demand things from people you just met. And Ranma, I'm afraid to tell you that there is no full cure, but…." She was abruptly interrupted by a loud crash as the sidewall caved in.

             My darling Xian Pu! I have come bringing a gift of tea! A tall figure with long black hair yelled out while the others looked at him with a 'not this again' look and one 'what the hell is this about' kind of look. Somehow, he noticed that there was someone that he didn't recognize in the room. Hello, and you are, miss….

             Um, Mu Tsu, that's a potted plant. Xian Pu deadpanned.

             "Hey, what's going on? Why's that guy talking to a plant?" Ranma, despite the situation, stared blankly at the newcomer.

             Mu Tsu homed in on the voice and turned appropriately to face her. "Xian Pu? Is that you?" He ran the remaining distance between them. Unfortunately, since he didn't have his glasses on --which is an essential item for him to have because the lack of it would result with him being an inch from total blindness-- he didn't really see the chair near the bed and promptly tripped over it, causing the predictable splash from the hot tea that directed itself to the female Ranma's body. As soon as the hot liquid touched her skin, visible changes occurred. Her hair darkened from a vibrant red to a deep black. Her body grew several inches taller, lost the feminine curves, and the protrusions of her chest, and gained a muscular yet lean stature, and a very important part of a man.

             Mu Tsu blinked as he realized that the body that he was fell on was definitely not that of a female. Comb and her daughter stared blankly at the scene. And Ku Lon just looked on as if this was the most natural thing in the world.

             Ranma, realizing that he is back to being male, did what anyone would do in his position. He celebrated. "Yes, I'm a guy again!"

             Xian Pu could only stare in amazement at the sight of her previous very cute wife that changed into a very handsome guy. She brushed a clump of confetti that blocked her sight to continue gaping blankly at the vision only available in her dreams. It almost made her shiver in anticipation of what her position is entitled to.

             Mu Tsu looked up from his place on the bed and his glasses slid down from its position on his forehead. Then he saw some outsider guy with a pigtail celebrating something. Unfortunately, the male Amazon had a one-track mind. He's here to steal my Xian Pu away from me! I won't let him! You won't take away Xian Pu! I won't allow it! He jumped to his feet and readied himself. With a swish of his sleeves, a burst of chains shot out at the unsuspecting Ranma.

             "Oof!" Ranma had the wind knocked out of him and his entire body wrapped in chains. He glared at the blind boy in front of him. "What the heck do you think you're doing?!"

             I know that you're here to beat Xian Pu, but I won't let you! Mu Tsu shifted the chains to his left sleeve and flicked his right hand to reveal a broad sword.

             "Holy sh…."


             The limp form of Mu Tsu fell comically to the ground, with a frowning purple-eyed Amazon warrior hefting one her replacement staffs over her shoulder. "Stupid Mu Tsu. Ranma, are you okay?"

             Ranma stepped out of the chains, and looked at the boy who just tried to kill him with a weary look. "I'm fine, I guess. What's up with him?"

             "Nothing for you to be concerned about. However, the cure for your curse is only temporary."

             "Huh? What the hell do you mean, I'm a guy again." Before he even finished his sentence, a bucket-full of cold water was flung in his direction and splashed all over his body, triggering the change once more, only in reverse.

             Xian Pu tried to pull her wide eyes away from her airen's chest area. What is the matter with her? She isn't usually this attracted to females. By the goddesses, are those her nipples? The water really does wonders to her top. The girl's eyes started to glaze over slowly from thinking some certain things. Her sexually induced reveries were interrupted by someone screaming.

             "Ah! I'm a girl again! What the hell did you do to me, you old mummy!"


             "Ah, so that's how Jusenkyo curses work. Cold water triggers it, and hot water reverses it. That's interesting." Comb mused.

             "So that means that I still have to be a girl half the time?" He sat back down on the bed to ponder this new info.

             "Yes, it does, Ranma. And I suggest you to get used to it, there is absolutely no cure for it."

             "It's alright, Ranma! I'll help you get comfortable while you're here." Xian Pu sat next to him, though technically a her, blushing the whole while.

             "Hey, why am I here, anyway?" He noticed for the first time that he really didn't know why he's in their company.

             Ku Lon looked at Comb questionably. Comb, in turn, looked at Xian Pu expectantly. Xian Pu looked at Ranma, but then remembered that he probably didn't understand what she said earlier.

             "Oh! I guess you didn't realize a word I said before you passed out?" When the neo-girl nodded, the Amazon's blush only increased. "Well, you see…." She was too embarrassed to continue, so she compensated by gazing at her lap where she twiddled her thumbs and mumbled something unintelligible.

             "What she means to say is that you kids are married. Welcome to the family, son-in-law." Ku Lon smiled at the reaction she got from Ranma, namely, a repeat of what had happened earlier that day.

             Only a couple of miles away, a certain black and white animal was trudging back the way it ran from, which surprisingly was a long distance. It was slightly relieved at his 'son's decision to stop chasing him with the intent to maim, but now he lost the darn boy. But first, he had to go back to that Chinese guide and ask him how to cure him before he go find the boy and bring him back to Japan. His pledge with Tendo is getting a little overdue and China is not a place that he wants to stay in anymore.

             Many miles away in a certain district of a certain city in a certain country, a dark haired girl shuddered almost violently from her place above her, ahem, let's say friend in her room.

             "Something wrong, Akane-chan?" The girl asked worriedly. She hoped that her secret lover didn't catch a cold.

             "It's nothing, Yuka-chan. I just had a bad feeling that something bad is starting to come this way."

             "Is it really bad?"

             "Forget it, it's probably nothing to be worried about. Now, where was I?" Yuka giggled as her best friend resumed her ministrations.


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