Popo and Nana were trying to get the Flappy Bird, who was avoiding the blue and pink parka wearing Ice Climbers while flapping his little bird body through the pixel bright green, orange, and blue colored platforms, with it beginning to snow as the Ice Climber duo used their icy power in an attempt at slowing him down. Needless to say, it very obviously did not work.

"Oh man! He's too quick for us!" Popo remarked as he wiped the sweat off his forehead while mashing through the ice ahead with his wooden mallet. "Are we ever gonna get him?"

"We better, or else I'm going to faint!" Nana exclaimed while continuing to fart as she spun around like a twirl. "Not only am I stinky from the sweat, but my farting is getting super smelly!"

And then both Popo and Nana got crushed by a huge amount of fallen birds who attempted but failed to do the simple action of flapping.