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Tomorrow Never Came

Saturday 31st October 1981

A sudden clap of thunder echoed through the stormy night, jolting an already restless Sirius Black awake from his unsettling dream.

The raven-haired twenty one year old found himself instantly trying to recall the vivid scenes which had left him with a sense of dread in the pit of his stomach, but it was no use. The dream had already slipped through his fingers.

His misty grey eyes darted around the familiar room until they landed on the sleeping figure who lay in the bed beside him. 'Good. She's still asleep.' Sirius thought to himself, relieved that the brewing storm hadn't awoken his girlfriend. Ren had been having enough trouble sleeping recently and she needed all the rest she could get. Without drawing his eyes from her, Sirius ran his fingers through his long, inky locks before letting out a bitter sigh.

It had been three weeks since Ren had lost their baby, and Sirius didn't think he had ever felt so many emotions pass through him all at once in such a short period of time. He felt grief for the baby that he and Ren would never get to meet. Guilt for not being able to protect his girlfriend. Relief that her injuries, while still tragic, were not as severe as the Healer at St Mungos said they could have been. But most of Sirius felt angry. Angry that something as horrible and soul destroying as this had happened to them. Angry that he hadn't been there. Angry that despite being within constant danger due to the bloody war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, it was a pathetic, worthless, Muggle nobody that had broken into their home and attacked Ren.

Sirius had been working a late shift at the Cleansweep Factory, wanting to earn some extra cash, and an hour before he was due to finish Remus' silver wolf Patronus had appeared before him and told him that someone had broken into their house and that Ren had been pushed down the stairs, which resulted in her losing the child from the impact.

It was heart-breaking. It was traumatic. But it was done. There wasn't anything that could be done to change what had happened (as much as Sirius wished beyond belief that there was, if only to stop Rens pain) and through the support of their family and friends Sirius knew they would get through it eventually.

Remus, Peter, James and Lily had all been amazing in comforting both him and Ren since the incident, but Sirius knew that Ren was sometimes finding it hard to be around them. She could see the pity in their eyes just as clearly as Sirius could and she couldn't stand it. She hated being tiptoed around. She hated being the victim, but everyone understood she was in a lot of pain. They could all see it whenever she saw baby Harry. The look of both loss and longing in her eyes. Sirius felt it too but he was determined not to distance himself from his Godson just to ease his own pain, and Sirius knew that Ren was too. He could tell that James and Lily were grateful for that.

The Potters.

In a flash of remembrance Sirius's mind flashed back to his dream. He didn't know how but he had a sinking feeling that the unsettling sense of alarm that he still hadn't managed to shake off had something to do with his best friends.

Sirius glanced at the alarm clock that sat atop the oaken bedside cabinet and the luminous red digits told him that it just after ten thirty. James would still be up. Nowadays his bespectacled best friend had as much trouble sleeping as he did, and besides it would hardly be the first unscheduled late night visit Sirius had paid the Potters.

Gently, so as not to wake the sleeping brunette beside him, he shrugged off the covers and slipped out of bed. However his caution was apparently all for naught, because the moment Sirius lifted his weight from the mattress Ren shifted and her deep sable eyes fluttered open. She twisted her head, causing her curls to tumble over her shoulder, and met Sirius' eye.

"You okay?" She asked, her voice gravelly from the sleep she hadn't quite woken up from. Sirius smiled warmly at her.

"Can't sleep," He murmured back. "I was…" Sirius couldn't help but trail off momentarily, taking in her tousled chocolate curls, creamy skin, pouty bow lips and mahogany eyes. Even now she still managed to take his breath away and leave him speechless. "... I was just going to go and see Prongs." He finished when he had managed to get a hold on himself once more. "Go back to sleep." He instructed, but instead of listening to her boyfriend Ren Gallagher slowly rolled over and slipped out of the bed.

"I'll see you out." She told him quietly, padding across the bedroom, pulling open the door and disappearing into the darkness of the landing. Sirius nodded to himself and began to change. He quickly slung on a t-shirt and jeans then followed after Ren. As he descended the stairs he saw that the kitchen light had been turned on so he headed in that direction.

Upon entering the heart of the house Sirius saw Ren, lower back leaning against the stove, waiting for the kettle to boil. Her arms were folded over her chest and her shoulders hunched forward. She glanced up and sent a small, unconvincing smile his way.

"Ren-" Sirius couldn't stop himself from saying, but she cut him off.

"-I'm fine." She insisted with a dismissive shake of her head, and Sirius sighed. There was no sense in arguing with her. Not now.

"Okay." Was all he could say back before pulling on his leather jacket and then retreating into the hallway so that he could put on his boots.

He perched himself on the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to lace up the battered old boots. As he did so he heard Ren approach him, her steps muffled by the long runner rug that covered the floorboards, but he didn't look up until her bare feet appeared beside his booted ones. She was staring down at him, her eyes filled with an apology that Sirius didn't really need. "Go to bed baby." He whispered, to which Ren simply nodded.

She crouched down beside him and pressed her lips to his in a sweet tender kiss which Sirius was all too happy to soak up. He brought a hand up to stroke her cheek softly, and when Ren eventually pulled away Sirius continued to caress her face. "I love you." He told her, staring deep into her eyes. They were glistening with what were most likely tears. Tears that he knew wouldn't fall until she was alone.

"I love you too." She replied, before rising to her feet. Sirius followed her lead and stood up, moving past her and approaching the front door.

"I'll be back in an hour or so. Promise me you won't wait up?" He requested, and Ren nodded.

"Okay." She said, but they both knew that she would wait for him regardless of the promise. She always did. "Send my love to James." She added as Sirius unlocked the door and pulled it open with a loud creak (he really needed to remember to put some oil on the hinges… or at least silencio it), flooding the hallway with the frigid October air.

"Will do." He said before quickly pecking her lips with his own. He then hurried down the steps to where his bike was parked and climbed aboard. Sirius started the engine and turned back to glance at Ren, who stood leaning against the doorframe. She flashed him a small wave, which he returned. He then turned back and steered the bike away from the curb, beginning to cruise down the road. The low rumble of the engine filled the otherwise silent street, and as he drove Sirius could feel Ren's gaze following him but he didn't look back. He would be back in her arms in just a few short hours.

He didn't need to worry.

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